2016 Chicago Men’s – Week 6 – Playoff Scenarios (July 18)

Updated: July 21, 2016

We are just about there gentlemen.. The best part of the year is almost upon us.. Just one week of the Regular Season remains and stands between us and the Playoffs!  That final week is of course a gigantic one as the Volleyball Tourney provides the most points possible to any one Team throughout the Season! The Standings are incredibly close right now and the VBall Tourney will impact a ton.. Need to give a quick shoutout to the last remaining unbeaten.. Team Kornblatt is now 6-0 and in their 7th Summer it seems like some magic may be in the air.. More to come on that below. Also, have to mention this at the top.. Justin Bowen put up SIXTY-ONE Points on Monday Night for Team Cohen! 61! This Week’s Power Rankings is going to shift to a Playoff Scenarios piece.  

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Playoff Format:

1. 16 of the 18 Teams will make the single-elimination Playoffs and be seeded based on points accrued during the regular season.

2. The Sweet16 and Elite8 Rounds of the Playoffs will be a combination of Hoops and Floor Hockey in Week 8 of All Sports Series.

2a. In the Sweet 16, 5 of 8 Games, will be Hoops Games and the remaining 3 Games will be Floor Hockey. Teams will get to choose their Sport in order based on Seed until no more choices remain.

2b. In the Elite8, 3 of 4 Games, will be Hoops Games and the remaining Game will be Floor Hockey. Teams will get to choose their Sport in order based on Seed until no more choices remain.

3. The Final4 and Championship will be a combination of 16″ Softball and Flag Football in week 9 of All Sports Series.


Volleyball Scoring:

1. There are six 3-Team Groups (total of 18 Teams). Each Group will have 1 Winner and there will be 3 Wild Card Teams that advance for a total of 9 Teams advancing to the Knockout Rounds

2. Teams that win their Group receive 7 pts. Wild card teams will receive 3 pts.

3. Teams that make the final four will receive an additional 3 pts.

4. First place will receive an additional 20 pts. Second will receive an additional 10 pts. Third place will receive an additional 5 pts.

5. The maximum a team can get then is 30 pts for winning its group and winning the entire tournament.


Playoff Scenarios

Going to go from top to bottom with the Current Standings and describe where Teams can potentially fall…


1. Team Kornblatt (Camp Ojibwa) – Currently in 1st with 104 points.

Starting at the top with the only 6-0 Team in the League, Team Kornblatt. They have been excellent so far this Summer. No other way to put it.  They are going to enter the Playoffs with the best seed they’ve had in years and are primed to make a true run at the Crown.  Here’s the deal as they enter the final week.. They have a nice lead over everyone else.. In all likelihood they are looking at a Top 2 or 3 seed.. They could finish as low as #4 if Teams Hakimian, Sternberg and Valvassori finish VBall in the Top 3.. Team Kornblatt and Team Valvassori are actually in the same group.. If Team Kornblatt can win that group, and tack on another 7 points they would virtually lock up a Top 2 seed as well.. If they can get to the Championship Game of the VBall Tourney, they will lock up the #1 seed no matter what. Every seed is important with the choice of Hoops/Hockey looming in the Sweet 16 and Elite8.


t-2. Team Hakimian (Hakimian Imports) – Currently tied for 2nd with 91 points.

t-2. Team Sternberg (Biaggi’s) – Currently tied for 2nd with 91 points.

Both Teams have eyes on the Crown.. Team Hakimian is trying to grab their 3rd Men’s “All Sports” Crown and Team Sternberg is trying to get back to the Championship Game and avenge what happened a year ago.. With 30 points out there for a Team to get there’s a bunch of potential scenarios in play.. Especially with everyone so tightly packed.. However, at most only 3 Teams can get 15 points or more next Monday Night.. As a result we know that these guys can really only be jumped by a maximum of 2 Teams on Monday Night and that is if they receive 0 points themselves.. If one of these Teams win the VBall Tourney they will likely be the #1 overall seed in the Playoffs.  Their potential seeds are 1-5 and each every one has importance especially with both of these Teams eyeing Hoops in the early rounds.


4. Team Valvassori (StudentCity) – Currently in 4th with 78 points.

A couple Ws in a row have vaulted them into the Top 4 as we head into the League’s final week.. They are still within striking distance of 1st place in the Regular season if they can win the VBall Tourney.. They would also need Team Kornblatt to not get out of Group Play.. Something they can help with as they both play in the same Group on Monday Night.  They trail by just 13 points over Teams Hakimian and Sternberg for 2nd so they can also leap them..  It’s possible that a number of Teams could leap them on this night.. About 4 could pass them and up to 6 could tie them.. Their seeds range from 1-9.  Huge swing obviously.


t-5. Team Kaplan (Wrigley View Rooftop) – Currently tied for 5th with 71 points.

t-5. Team Liss (Sandusky Cabinets) – Currently tied for 5th with 71 points.

t-5. Team Shlofrock (ShopHouse) – Currently tied for 5th with 71 points.

Total log-jam at a tie for 5th with three championship-caliber squads.  Volleyball is going to be gigantic in all of their playoff journeys.. All three find themselves in different groups entering Monday so there will be a lot of scoreboard watching to do.. Here’s the potential swing in seeds for these Teams. As we’ve mentioned, 30 points are on the table for the Winner of the Tourney.. So, one of these Teams can leap as high as the #2 seed should Teams ahead of them not grab points on Monday Night.   It’s possible for 2nd place to grab 20 points on Monday Night so they could potentially enter a tie for 2nd that way too.. There are 4 Teams behind them within leaping distance.. With Team Fallows in 11th and only 13 points back.. So their range is from #2-11.. That is a gigantic swing considering the decision the top seeds get to make in the early rounds between Hoops/Hockey.  All three of these groups would likely want to find themselves playing Hoops.


8. Team Palmer (Chicago Trolley) – Currently in 8th with 65 points.

Team Palmer got a nice W on Monday Night in Flag Football to grab some momentum heading into the final week.. They are within 30 points of everyone besides the #1 crew Team Kornblatt.. So, if things go totally their way, they can hop as high as #2 to start the Playoffs.  There are 4 Teams below them that could potentially jump them as we head into the final week.. Teams McNichols, Zimmerman, Fallows and Watts are all within 30 points with the first three being within 7 points.. That 7 point total is key because if Team Palmer can’t make it out of group play and any one of those 3 win their group, they could leap Team Palmer. So, like most of the Teams they have a very large group of scenarios.. Potential finish #2-12.


t-9. Team McNichols (Fontanini Foods) – Currently tied for 9th with 59 points.

t-9. Team Zimmerman (STATE) – Currently tied for 9th with 59 points.

11. Team Fallows (Al’s Beef) – Currently in 11th with 58 points.

Going to include Team Fallows along with Team McNichols and Defending Champs Team Zimmerman as just a point separates all three here..  The highest these three teams can climb is the #4 seed and that is if they Win the Vball Tourney and Team Valvassori (current #4) doesn’t get to the final4 of the Tourney).. So #4 is their peak.. There are two Teams who could catch them from behind as well.. Team Watts and Team Apuli are within the 30 point range that is available on Monday Night.. So these Teams can finish anywhere from #4-13 entering the Playoffs.. Imagine a world where the Defending Champs enter as unlucky #13.. More like unlucky for the #4 seed in the Sweet16.


12. Team Watts (SLA Insurance) – Currently in 12th with 39 points.

Team Watts completed the Hoops sweep on Monday Night, finishing the Regular Season at 3-0 in basketball.. However, they have gone 0-3 in the other sports.. Where they finish in the Standings will have a great effect on many Teams later in the Summer.. If they can manage to climb the Standings a bit by earning some VBall Points on Monday then they could luck their way into a Sweet16 Hoops Game.. You have to figure top seeds will elect to play them in Hockey if given that opportunity.. With 30 points on the table they could potentially climb as high as #8 on Monday Night if everything went their way.. They could also be passed by as many as 3 Teams if everything goes wrong for them. Possible seeds 8-15.


13. Team Apuli (Chipotle) – Currently in 13th with 33 points.

With 33 points they are safe and sound in the Playoffs.  They earned a big W on Monday Night to snap their skid.. With 30 points they can climb as high up as #9 when the Playoffs begin.. They’d have to win the whole thing on Monday Night and then get some help.. But it’s possible.  If things go the other way it is possible that they fall down into a tie for 15th (and 16th) the final spots in the Playoffs. So from 9-16 is a real crazy swing.. Much to play for on Monday Night.


14. Team Rubin (Dr. Jacob D.D.S.) – Currently in 14th with 20 points.

This is where things start to get interesting.. Technically, Team Rubin has not yet clinched a playoff berth.. There’s one doomsday scenario and even then, it’s not certain that they wouldn’t make it.. We’d have to wait and see how tiebreakers shake down.. Here’s that scenario.. If Team 1 of the 4 Teams currently below them in them Standings (Cohen, Hagari, Bohrer and SpringCM) win the VBall Tourney.. That would push Team Rubin down to #15.. Then, if two of those remaining Teams can work up to 20 points in the Standings as well.. We’ll have some crazy tiebreakers to work out.. Teams Cohen and Hagari are just 7 points back so if they were to win their group, and Team Rubin goes pointless.. That means they’d reach a tie.. Again, unlikely but possible.. Looking at the optimistic approach.. If they win the whole thing on Monday Night they can get as high up as #12.. So possible seeds are #12-OUT


t-15. Team Cohen (Crystal Lake CDJ) – Currently tied for 15th with 13 points.

t-15. Team Hagari (Pork & Mindy’s) – Currently tied for 15th with 13 points.

t-17. Team Bohrer (Danley’s Garage) – Currently tied for 17th with 0 points.

t-17. Team SpringCM (Sunset Foods) – Currently tied for 17th with 0 points.

Taking the last 4 Teams together here..  The last two Teams gripping a Playoff berth are Teams Cohen and Hagari who are knotted at 13 points each.  They are both within 30 points of 12th, so that is their ceiling in terms of seeds.. What they likely care more about, is just getting into the dance.. Here’s the deal.. They need to pay attention not only to each other on this night but also Teams Bohrer and SpringCM.  Teams Bohrer and SpringCM sit just 13 points back of Cohen and Hagari.. To get more than 13 points on in VBall you need to make it to the finish in the Top-3 of the Tourney.  So, it’s possible that both could do so.. Meaning none of these 4 Teams are truly safe.. IF Teams Cohen or Hagari win their Group than they would add 7 points, bringing them to 20 and it would take a Top-2 finish from Bohrer and SpringCM + tiebreakers for them to miss the Playoffs.. Cohen and Hagari are certainly in the driver’s seat here.. However, for Teams Bohrer and SpringCM.. They are still alive.. If they can win the Tourney or even get 2nd or 3rd, there’s a chance that they get into the Playoffs and in one night re-write the story of their entire season.. Yes, we’re saying there’s a chance…


That’s it for this week. See everyone for the Regular Season finale!