2016 Chicago Summer 16″ Softball – Week 5 (Aug. 14)

Updated: August 18, 2016

Another Sunday and another week of Softball Games with big scores posted throughout the day.  Teams Massel and Zimmerman continued their Undefeated campaigns and Team Karmin remained close to them.. Next Week, Teams Max and Emer will have their Double Header, so each Team will have 5 Games completed by the end of next Sunday afternoon.. We’re officially entering the #PlayoffPush!

Here’s the Link to the Weekly Highlight Video!

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OK Let’s Rank ‘Em!

Power Rankings

1. Team Zimmerman (Dr. Jacob D.D.S. Purple) – 4-0

They had a tough competitor in Team Holzman but still managed to get a convincing 9-4 W.  Ross Neuman once again dealt from the mound, and most of the 4 runs they gave up, were unearned.  South American sensation Ben Jensen had a nice day at the dish for these guys.  We are now over the halfway point in the Regular Season and they are zeroing in on the top seed.. Team Massel isn’t budging though and it’s going to be a race to the finish. They have Team Less next week!


2. Team Massel (StudentCity) – 4-0

Another 10-run W for Team Massel who are looking just dominant each week and that has @5thBaseAssassin very happy..  Their bats are among the best in the League and it has become apparent that there are no easy outs at any point of their line-up.  They can manufacture runs 1 through 10.  Their Defense has been solid as well.. Landon Massel continues to throw moon-balls and has opposing Teams off-balance.  They will be tested next Sunday afternoon with #5 Team Max who is currently flying under the radar but very dangerous..


3. Team Karmin (SLA Insurance) – 3-1

Team Karmin has made it 2 Ws in a row now and are nipping at the heels of the two Teams out in front of the Rankings/Standings.  They come ready to play each and every week and are extremely capable of beating the top Teams.. In a couple of weeks we’ll get to see them battle Team Zimmerman in a Game that will have a ton of Playoff implications.. In fact, if Team Karmin can win this coming Sunday and get to 4-1.. They’d have a shot of pushing Team Zimmerman out of the top couple of spots all together.. Team Karmin has to of course get past Team Holzman this coming Sunday first, which is not easy task..


4. Team Max (Theory) – 2-1

Following their victory over Team Less they are 2-1, with their only Loss coming at the hands of undefeated Team Zimmerman.   Geoff Perlman has been great on the mound and it’s helping their Defense keep Teams out of big innings.. Looking ahead to next Sunday they will have Team Emer AND Team Massel in a double dip.. They obviously want to make sure they get a split at the very least but these guys are good enough to take both and really shake up the Standings before we head into the final couple of weeks.  The Game with Team Massel has a ton of Playoff implications!


5. Team Holzman (Dr. Jacob D.D.S. Lime) – 2-2

They are 2-2 following the L to Team Zimmerman but those two Losses have come to the two Undefeated Teams in the League.. Safe to say, most would have suffered a similar feat.. They have a very big match-up with #3 Team Karmin this coming Sunday before the Schedule eases up a bit for the final weeks of the Season.. They are still in it for top seeds and if they play their best they will be near the top when the Playoffs begin.


6. Team Golembo (BBQ Pit) – 2-2

Team Golembo has made it two straight and climbed back up to the .500 mark on the season. They have more fun than any other Team in the League and that care-free attitude is carrying over to their play on the field. They are getting solid work from Ari Nemetz at the dish and with their host of lefties in the batting order they make sure that the opposing Team’s Defense needs to be solid at all 10 spots.. They get Team McLaughlin next week when they try to keep the momentum going..


7. Team Sternberg (Camp Ojibwa) – 1-3

Team Sternberg grasps on to the final spot in the Rankings.. It’s been a rough first month of the season for them but it’s really easy to see how a turnaround could quickly take place.. They are playing very “tense” softball out there right now and that can lead to mistakes. If they exhale for a bit, their talent is more than enough to start compiling Ws.  They have some Teams that are currently unranked coming up on their schedule and it could be a perfect time for them to right the ship!


Rest of the Pack (Alphabetical Order)

Team Emer (Live Clean Chicago) 0-3

Their bats finally came alive.  While, they didn’t Win.. They scored 9 runs and that was a welcomed sight for them.. They dropped the best Game of the day to Team Golembo 10-9. There are no moral Ws out here but it’s certainly something they can work off of.. They have a double header coming Sunday with Teams Sternberg and Max.  They have enough to get at least 1 W and potentially two if they really bring their A-Game on Sunday afternoon. They still have plenty of time to turn it around for the Playoffs.


Team Less (Alternative) – 0-4

Little by little they are improving. It’s not showing up in the Standings just yet but you can look at the margin of defeat and know they are getting closer with each passing week. Captain Sam Less took over Pitching duties on Sunday and filled in nicely. They played a tough Team Max squad but they were in it for the whole Game. This group has some Wins in them.. They are coming shortly.  #1 Team Zimmerman awaits next Sunday afternoon.


Team McLaughlin (Worth Sports) – 1-3

They played the tough Team Karmin on Sunday afternoon. Their schedule has been very difficult to start the season.. They have 3 losses and all of them come against Teams ranked in the Top 5 currently.. They defeated Team Less (as the only non-Top5 Team).. So some of their record can be pinned on that tough stretch.. It should ease up in the near future.. They will take on 2-2 Team Golembo in a big Game in the Standings.. A win for McLaughlin would mean they jump over Golembo in the Standings with the head to head tiebreaker as we head to the final couple weeks!


That’s it for this week. See everyone next Sunday!