2016 Chicago Summer Hoops – CHAMPIONSHIP Tuesday (Aug. 16)

Updated: August 18, 2016

The Champs are here!  Need to start with a gigantic Congratulations to 1. Team Maione who took home the 2016 Summer Hoops League Crown on Tuesday Night!  We had a couple classic encounters on the League’s final night and when all the dust settled it was Team Maione standing tall.   We’re going to Review the Final4 and Championship Games below to see just how they did it..

Here’s a Link to the Weekly Highlight Video! 

Here’s a Link to the final Playoff Bracket!

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Playoff Review:


1. Team Maione (Alternative Apparel) v. 4. Team Reich (Tamales)

These two Teams locked horns back in Week 3 in a Game that had a Playoff-like atmosphere.. It was clear by then that Team Reich was going to be a top-tier squad, despite being Rookies to All Sports Series, and everyone was well aware of Team Maione’s resume too.. On that night Team Maione got a 99-92 W in a Game that left us hoping we’d see a rematch come Playoff time.. Both Teams were excellent in the Regular Season and earned Top-4 seeds.. When the Bracket came out, it seemed these two would be on a collision course for the Final4 and that’s exactly what we got.

Contrary to their first match-up which was a high-octane Offensive affair, this Game about getting stops.. Neither Team would reach the 60pt mark in this one.. Well below their season averages.. Have to give a nod to both groups fighting hard on every possession on the defensive end.  Team Maione was the first Team to build up a lead.. Josh Berman hit a few corner 3s and would have a much larger role on Offense than he is accustomed too.. He’d finish with 25. Team Maione was short-handed on this night, including missing All Star Chris Wroblewski.  Team Reich would eventually even the score with halfway gone in the first and from there the lead would sea-saw for the entire Game.. Andre Knox had 16 points for Team Reich to lead them in scoring here.  As the final minutes came closer, Team Maione would grab a slight lead.. Free Throws were essential and they hit a few key ones down the stretch.. They had missed a few in the second half that allowed Team Reich to stay neck and neck.. But when they really needed them, they made those clutch shots.. 1. Team Maione would advance to the Championship Game by a score of 59-55.

For 4. Team Reich, they had an incredible Rookie season.. They earned a BYE to the Elite8 thanks in large part to a dominant Regular Season. They ousted a championship contender in Team Dean in the Elite8 and fell just a couple points short of the eventual Champions.. Not much to beat yourself up about with those results. They are a very, very good Team and if they are in the Chicago Hoops League come this October, they will instantly inject themselves in the top tier of that League as well. Thanks for playing!


3. Team Darcy (SLA Insurance Gold) v. 7. Team Clark (Bell’s Greek Pizza)

While Team Maione was punching their ticket to the Championship Game, this contest was far from over.. More on that in a bit.. Team Darcy came into the Final4 as Defending Champs and hoping to do what very few Teams in All Sports Series can do.. Repeat.  The League took a big step up in talent from last Summer to this year and it would be an amazing feat for them to go Back2Back.. Enter Team Clark.. If you look at the rest of the Teams in the Final4, Team Clark stands out as they were the lone upset in the Elite8 round when they ousted 2. Team Zahniser to make it this far.. We’ve seen them have Playoff heroics before and it’s no surprise to see them do it once again.. They were without Brandon Snowden and Warren Milla though on this night, so they’d have to look elsewhere for scoring..

Team Clark started the Game on fire.. Steve Mason (finished with 32) and Matt Merrigan (finished with 33) were feeling it early and launching from 3. They would build a double digit lead before halftime.. Coming out of the break, Team Darcy knew they’d need to shake-off the first half and come out swinging in the second.. That meant getting Tim Dunlavy the ball.. He’d finish with 42 on this night.. In a matter of minutes they erased the double digit deficit and it was a completely different ball game.  With about 16 minutes to go, both Teams knew it was now or never.. Captain Rodney Clark had a nice second half and finished with 19.. Doug Wollney would score 28 for Darcy.. In the second half, Dan Turner would go down, from Team Darcy, with a bad finger injury.. That left Team Darcy’s bench short.. Something that would come into play later.. As the final seconds ticked away in Regulation, the score was tied.. OVERTIME.. After, 2 more minutes, there was still nothing that could break these Teams.. OVERTIME 2… Even with another OT session, the score remained tied.. OVERTIME 3.. Both Teams were exhausted and with Team Maione looking on, it was going to come down to 1 play.. Team Darcy had pulled ahead in the final seconds.. However, Team Clark would have the ball down 2 with an opportunity to tie it.. Instead, Matt Merrigan hoisted a Game-Winning 3-Ball from the right-wing. Splash!  7. Team Clark would advance  in 3OT to get to the Championship!  More on them below.

For 3. Team Darcy, what more can you say about these guys.. It took 3 Overtimes to dethrone them.. They showed the heart of a champion on multiple occasions.. Not only on this night but throughout the season.. They will have some disappointment, as all great Teams do, after a season ends.. However, they should be genuinely proud of their second campaign in the Summer Hoops League.  We will see them again and they’ll look to regain the Crown! Thanks for playing!



1. Team Maione (Alternative Apparel) v. 7. Team Clark (Bell’s Greek Pizza)

Simply put. Both of these Teams were gassed before this Game even began.. Both fought like crazy to win in the Final4 and especially Team Clark who had to play 3 Overtime sessions.. It was going to be as much about depth and endurance than anything in the Championship Game.

Team Clark was able to use the momentum from the Merrigan Game-Winner to come out and get an early lead.. However, that surge would subside about 10 minutes into the Game and with it their early lead.. Team Maione would grab hold of the lead behind more 3s from Josh Berman and solid D on the perimeter from Captain Anthony, Andy Timson and Bradley Deutsch. Team Clark was settling for 3s and their legs were just not under them anymore. Jason Battle was clearing the glass for Team Maione and with outlet passes they were off to the races.. It was evident by half time that Team Maione was going to take this one.. 1. Team Maione are your 2016 Summer Hoops League Champions!  More on them in a bit..

For Team Clark, its safe to say that when they were 0-2 and 1-4 to start the season, that no one would have pegged them to play in the Championship Game.  They have a TON to be proud of and it was another giant step forward for this emerging Franchise. They had one of those special moments in the Playoffs that will be remembered for some time.. The 3OT Winner will go down as the shot of the season and while they didn’t come home with the Crown they are knocking on that door.. They will take part in the Summer Hoops League once again this October and welcome back a few key components into the fold.. They are going to be among the favorites to win the whole thing.. Congrats on a great run and thanks for playing!

Now for the Champs Team Maione.. They have been one of the most successful Teams in the history of All Sports Series.. They have a couple Crowns to their name and they have many Regular Season titles as well.. However, they had been in a bit of a Playoff slump in the past couple of years.. Their last Championship came in the Summer of 2013 in the Chicago Men’s League.  They have had many playoff heartbreaks since then and on Tuesday Night they finally got the weight off their shoulders and ascended to the top of the mountain once again! This group will now where the Summer League belt into the Chicago Hoops League this October and set out to win two Hoops Leagues in a row. Congrats again and thanks for playing!


That’s it for the Summer Hoops League! Thanks for playing everyone and see you soon!