2016 Chicago Summer Hoops – Playoff Preview (July 26)

Updated: July 30, 2016

The Regular Season finale provided some surprise results and with those came a ton of playoff seeding implications.  We saw 2x Chicago Hoops League Champs Team Lalez defeat previously unbeaten Team Zahniser to ensure each Team would head to the playoffs with at least one blemish on their record.  We saw a couple of below .500 teams, Clark and Purimetla, defeat two top squads in Reich and Darcy respectively.. That Clark v. Reich Game featured the best scoring duel of the Summer as Tremell Adams went for 56 and Matt Merrigan went for 44 in the W.  Andy Timson and Courtney Griffin both went for 40+ in Week 7 as well… So a lot to sort through.. Below you will find a Link to the Bracket and Video in addition to a list of tiebreakers that were utilized to determine who got what seeds.. Lots of Math involved to sort through those 3-4 Teams in the middle of the pack!  Then we’ll Preview the week that is coming.. What everyone has been waiting for.. The Playoffs!

Here’s a Link to the Weekly Highlight Video! 

Here’s a Link to the Playoff Bracket!

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Tiebreaker Rules:

1. Head to Head.
1a. Head to Head record will also be used for Multi-Team Ties.. Utilizing the combined Head to Head Records of Involved Teams.
2. If still tied, total Strength of Schedule will be used. That is done using the combined record of the Opponents for the Teams in the tie.  The Team with the more difficult set of opponents gets the higher seed.
2a. EX) If two Teams are 4-3..  If Team A’s opponents went a combined 25-22 and Team B’s opponents went a combined 14-33, then Team A gets higher seed.
3. If still tied, Strength of Schedule in WINS only will be used. This is done by adding up the victories for Opponents for the Teams in the Tie, but only using the Opponents who those Teams defeated.  The team with the higher number will get higher seed.
3a. EX) If two Teams are 4-3 and their opponents combined Win-Loss record both equaled 25-22.. We will look at who each Team defeated in their 4 Wins.. So, if Team A defeated Teams who combined for 16 Wins and Team B defeated Teams who combined for 7 Wins, then Team A gets higher seed.
4. If still tied, Strength of Schedule based on overall playoff seeds for Opponents who the Teams defeated.  This is done by adding up the Opponents’ seeds for the Teams in the Tie.
4a. EX) If two Teams are 4-3, and other strength of schedule tiebreakers are tied, we will use this. If Team A played defeated Opponents with a combined 25 for playoff seed and Team B defeated Opponents combined for 22 seeds, then Team B had a harder schedule (lower is more difficult as the 1 seed is best team etc.) and Team B gets higher seed.


Playoff Preview: 

Sweet16 and Round of 12 on Tuesday August 2

9. Team Halperin (Starr Limo) v. 16. Team Prizant (Farm Lake Barn)

Winner Faces 8. Team Purimetla (Sushi Kushi Too) later in the night

An instant rematch from Week 7 when Team Halperin earned a hard-fought W over Team Prizant.  It is certainly difficult to beat the same 2x in All Sports Series as Teams often learn more when they are on the losing side but #9 Team Halperin has looked stellar down the stretch.. You have to wonder about Team Prizant’s x-factor.. Lorenzo Dillard. When he is in the building they are a much, much different Team than when he is not. If he makes a Playoff appearance it will truly be anyone’s ball-game.. Both Teams have what it takes here to win multiple Games in the Playoffs.

#8 Team Purimetla awaits the Winner of this one and will take on whoever that is, later in the evening on Tuesday Night. Captain Pete and co. have been really turned it on in the second half of the season and climbed from near the bottom of the Standings all the way up to the top half to begin the Playoffs. It was back in Week 3 when they really found their stride.. They lost to 2x Chicago Hoops League Champs Team Lalez in OT on that night, but they knew they could compete with everyone after that.  Since then, their only loss was to Team Reich by a score of 74-73.. This includes defeating Defending Champs Team Darcy handedly this past Tuesday Night. They are a better Team than their record indicates and they are ready for a true run at this thing.


10. Team Hoops4Health (iHotel) v. 15. Team Playner (Kelly Parker HC)

Winner Faces 7. Team Clark (Bell’s Greek Pizza) later in the night

At their best, Team Hoops4Health, has looked dominant. When they are not at their best, they are very beatable.. As evidenced, they found themselves in the thick of the 3-4 teams stuck in the middle of the pack. Team Playner enters their second run in the Summer Hoops Playoffs.  If Team Playner has the best version of their roster and they play well.. They can not just one Game but two this coming Tuesday Night. Will it be easy? No. But certainly doable.  The Winner will take on #7 Team Clark for a spot in the Elite8. It’s a place where Team Hoops4Health certainly thinks they belong…

Team Clark finished the Regular Season on absolute high note. They defeated #4 Team Reich in the highest scoring Game of the Year and Matt Merrigan showed why he is one of the best scoring guards in the League.. He went for 44 in the W.  Playing as Team Malvin in the Chicago Hoops League earlier this Spring they followed a similar path.. They got hot late, came into the Playoffs with a middle seed and then continued rolling all the way to the Elite8 (out of 20 Teams). This is a group that knows how to get Ws when their lives are at stake.. They will be at their best on Tuesday Night.


11. Team Wong (SLA Insurance Green) v. 14. Team Sider (VIP Limo)

Winner Faces 6. Team Lalez (cea Study Abroad) later in the night

This should be the Game of the “Sweet16” round. Both Teams at their best can do a TON of damage in the Playoffs but only one can move on. Team Wong climbed into a tie with the other 3-4 Teams near the end of Week 7 by defeating Team Hoops4Health.  They feature one of the best scorers in the League, Lane Barlow, and if he gets going.. It may be it for Team Sider.. However, Team Sider has been through the Playoff rigors of All Sports Series many, many times.. That’s not something that most of Team Wong can say.. Experience is a huge advantage come Playoff time.. Especially when composure will play such a key part late in the Game.. Whoever does it make it out of this fierce contest with their Playoff lives still breathing will have to take on 2x Chicago Hoops League Champs #6 Team Lalez later in the evening.

We aren’t used to seeing Team Lalez start with #6 seed as they normally finish at or near the top of the Standings. However, there is more to this story.. They were one of four Teams to finish at 5-2, just a Game Back of 1st.. Their Week 1 Loss, which they were just off and looked nothing like themselves, really bit them here.. That L to Team Darcy was enough to send them to the back of the line in terms of tiebreakers with the other 5-2s.. As a result, they enter the Playoffs at #6 and that is where they will look to grab their first Summer Hoops League crown from.. No matter their opponent in the Round of 12, we should be in store for a great Game..


12. Team Cohen (Crystal Lake CDJ) v. 13. Team Nemetz (Wedge)

Winner Faces 5. Team Dean (ALX Salon) later in the night

Another Playoff Rematch from the final week of the Regular Season.. That Game saw Team Nemetz come from behind and score a big-time W which allowed them to leapfrog a couple of Teams to the #13 spot.. As for Team Cohen, they have had a few Games that could/should have been Wins this season not go their way.. If just a couple possessions went differently they could have easily been 5-2 and have a top-6 or 7 seed.. Not too hard to think they could even be 6-1 and sitting with a BYE to the Elite8 right now.. However, they are now sitting as the #12 seed and need to make-up for last week in order to continue on with their season. They are going to be an angry bunch looking for revenge..

The Winner here will face the high-powered Offense of #5 Team Dean.  This group has been so impressive this Summer and in doing so earned a Top-5 seed. They missed out on a Top-4 BYE by the slimmest of margins in strength of schedule.. You get the feeling that these guys are just happy to play with each other and the extra Game won’t bother them a bit.. Should Team Cohen right the ship it is actually a very interesting matchup in the Round of 12.  Team Cohen possesses size inside that few in the League do and it’s something Team Dean has utilized to their advantage with Courtney Griffin all season long.. Will that finally be neutralized?  Only one of these three Teams can move on and face Team Reich in the Elite8 on August 9.


Top-4 Seeds get a BYE to the Elite8 on Tuesday August 9.

1. Team Maione (Alternative) – 6-1 

Faces Winner of 8. Purimetla v. 9. Halperin/16. Prizant

Aside from their Week 5 Loss to old nemesis Team Lalez, #1 Team Maione has been perfect all Summer Long.  They find themselves in a familiar spot as they will be entering the Playoffs as the #1 overall seed.. It was just a few months back when they entered the Chicago Hoops League Playoffs as the #1 seed before having a frustrating playoff run end earlier than expected.. They are going to be eager to get that taste out of their mouths. They really have been excellent of late.. Andy Timson has been a huge reason why. We are used to seeing Chris Wroblewski and Brad Deutsch fill up the Stat sheet but Timson adds another gigantic scoring threat for an already well-rounded and dangerous Team.  Their strength of schedule was a bit tougher than Team Zahniser so they got the nod there.  We’ll see them on Aug. 9.


2. Team Zahniser (Badger Bowl) – 6-1

Faces Winner of 7. Clark v. 10. Hoops4Health/15. Playner

Team Zahniser will undoubtedly be a bit disappointed with dropping their final Game of the Regular Season just because they are a great Team and they expect to Win every time they step out on the court.. Similar to Team Maione above,  their lone Loss will come at the hands of 2x Chicago Hoops Champs, Team Lalez. No shame in that..  They did fall to #2 in the Standings after the Loss as they and Team Maione both tied atop the Standings and they lost the strength of schedule tiebreaker.. Either way, we know that they are going to be a part of the Elite8 on August 9. So they can rest up and get ready for their run at the Crown.


3. Team Darcy (SLA Insurance Gold) – 5-2

Faces Winner of 6. Team Lalez v. 11. Wong/14. Sider

The Defending Champs will start out with the exact same seed they found themselves in exactly one year ago. They are primed for another run at this thing, although the road will certainly be tougher this time around.. They dropped their final Regular Season Game to the charging #8 Team Purimetla squad, so they will have two weeks so let that fester a bit..  They could be staring at an Elite8 Rematch with 2x Chicago Hoops League Champs Team Lalez in the Elite8 who they crushed in Week 1..  That W also helped them secure the #3 seed as their was a log-jam at 5-2 with four Teams vying for the #3 and #4 spots.. That Darcy/Lalez Game was actually the only head to head battle between them and/or Reich/Dean who also were tied at 5-2.. As a result, Team Lalez dropped to #6 and Team Darcy edged out the other two based on being 1-0 in Head to Head  (and had them on strength of schedule as well).  Can they repeat? It’s one of the major storylines we’ll be tracking when the Playoffs begin.


4. Team Reich (Tamales) – 5-2

Faces Winner of 5. Dean v. 12. Cohen/13. Nemetz

The final Team earning a BYE to the Elite8 is Team Reich. These Rookies have really impressed everyone with their fast pace and Offensive prowess all Summer long.. They, like #2 Zahniser and #3 Darcy, lost their final Game of the Regular Season and as a result will have a couple of weeks to think about it.. As mentioned above, they were among the 4 Teams tied at 5-2 and due to strength of schedule edged out Team Dean for #4.  If #5 Team Dean takes care of business in the Round of 12, then we can be in-store for what could be the highest scoring Game in All Sports Series history in the Elite8. Both Reich and Dean get up and down in seconds.. It’ll be a very similar pace to what we saw this past week with Clark v. Reich.. Should be a very fun one to watch and a difficult one for the scorekeeper…