2016 Chicago Summer Hoops – PLAYOFFS – Opening Rounds (Aug. 2)

Updated: August 5, 2016

On Tuesday Night we went from 16 to 12 to 8.. And those 8 Teams all have a legit chance at hoisting the Crown in the next couple of weeks.. Tuesday Night provided some very exciting moments including an OT thriller and another couple Games that came down to the final possessions.. Interestingly enough, when all was said and done, the higher seed went 8-0 on Tuesday Night. We have become very accustomed to seeing upsets, especially in early rounds of the Playoffs.. Makes for a star-studded Elite8 next Tuesday Night!


Here’s a Link to the Weekly Highlight Video! 

Here’s a Link to the Playoff Bracket!

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Playoff Review:


9. Team Halperin (Starr Limo) v. 16. Team Prizant (Farm Lake Barn)

Winner Faces 8. Team Purimetla (Sushi Kushi Too) later in the night

Team Halperin and Team Prizant battled it out fiercely in the final Game of the Regular Season.. Just a week later they were set to meet with their Playoff lives on the line.. The Winner would move on to face 8. Team Purimetla in the Round of 12 later in the night.. Team Halperin was without past-MVP Kyle Nelson in this one.. He has moved on to a job with the U. of Minnesota. Congrats!  So immediately, you’d think they would be down about their chances.. However, they banded together and played their best Team Game of the Summer.. They got up by as much as 20+ in the first half and rode that lead into the second half.. Team Prizant would make a run late but it was not enough.. 9. Team Halperin would advance to the Round of 12. More on them below…

For Team Prizant, they came into this one with a true belief that they could Win.. Their shots just didn’t fall in the first half and they had to big of a deficit to overcome late… They are a talented young bunch that has several more runs in them in the future.. They will only get better from here. While their seed was #16, they are a very talented crew that will learn how to win Games in time. They are one big away from really being a force. Thanks for playing!


10. Team Hoops4Health (iHotel) v. 15. Team Playner (Kelly Parker HC)

Winner Faces 7. Team Clark (Bell’s Greek Pizza) later in the night

Team Hoops4Health entered this one as the favorite.. They were one of several Teams knotted in the middle of the Standings.. They could have finished as high as #7 if not for tiebreakers.. So, Team Playner would have their work cut out for them.. H4H got an early lead and it seemed like they’d coast to an easy W.. Only Team Playner wouldn’t quit.. Brandon Shaw’s 24 helped lead a Team Playner comeback.. In the final minutes of the Game Team Hoops4Health still held the lead and did enough to seal their first post-season W. 10. Team Hoops4Health would advance to the Round of 12. Malik Fuller led them in scoring with 25.

For Team Playner, their season ends here but they definitely have some pieces to work with going forward. This group has been together for over a year now and they are finally getting the right combination together. The Group that has been playing for the past month can do some damage. They are one big away from being able to really start getting Ws together. We’ll likely see them in the Chicago Hoops League this Fall!


11. Team Wong (SLA Insurance Green) v. 14. Team Sider (VIP Limo)

Winner Faces 6. Team Lalez (cea Study Abroad) later in the night

These two clubs met all the way back in Week 1 of the Regular Season.. On the opening night of the League, Team Wong, put on a dominant display to show the League they weren’t here to mess around.. Fast Forward a couple of months, and these two Teams meet again with a spot in the Round of 12 on the line.. This Game started off similarly to Week 1.. Team Wong came out of the gates swinging and before long had built up a double digit lead.. Lane Barlow was his usual self, scoring 26 in this one. Terdarin Bryson had 18 as well.. Team Sider would fight hard in the second half to try and cut into the lead.. Captain Jon ended with 30 points in a Game that he tried to will his Team back into.. The comeback just wasn’t to be however and 11. Team Wong would advance to the Round of 12 and a match-up with perennial favorite Team Lalez.

For Team Sider, it’s no doubt a disappointing conclusion to the Summer.. They are always a welcomed member of the League and they can attest to how much the Chicago Hoops Leagues (both Winter and Summer) have grown both from a numbers and talent standpoint. They’ve helped build the Leagues to what they are today.. They will be back and ready to go this October! Thanks for playing!


12. Team Cohen (Crystal Lake CDJ) v. 13. Team Nemetz (Wedge)

Winner Faces 5. Team Dean (ALX Salon) later in the night

Another Rematch from the final Week of the Regular Season… Last Week, Team Nemetz came back from 20+ down to earn a W.. In doing so, they set-up a Rematch with a spot in the Round of 12 on the line.. Team Cohen, as they did a week earlier, was the aggressor early on.. They came out swinging on Offense. Justin Bowen had 29 and Pierre Alston had 22 in this one.. They controlled much of the Game but the lead was not ever truly safe.. Team Nemetz knew they could come back. It was just a week earlier they had done so, and with a much larger deficit.. and comeback they did.. With about 10 minutes to go Team Nemetz mounted their final push.. Jordan Liss hit a few key 3s. He’d finish with 35. Jake Norcia had 22 for them as well.. With just a couple minutes to go, Team Cohen still nursed a slight lead.. Free throws were going to be crucial here, and Team Cohen kept leaving the door open.. In the end, Team Nemetz just ran out of time and when the final buzzer sounded 12. Team Cohen would advance with a two point victory and move on to the Round of 12.

For Team Nemetz, they have to be proud of the way they finished the season.. They were a group that really didn’t know each other prior to the season starting and it took some time to gel.. They overcame some injuries to key members as well and really got it going late in the year.. They didn’t come away with a Playoff W, but they now all have some Hoops League Playoff experience to call upon in the future! Thanks for playing!


Round of 12

8. Team Purimetla (Sushi Kushi Too) v. 9. Team Halperin (Starr Limo)

8. Team Purimetla came into this one fresh as they awaited 9. Team Halperin to win in the Sweet16 just moments before tipping this one off.  These two groups ended the season with the same record and did not play, so it was easy for everyone to expect an even Game here.. It also needs to be mentioned that former League MVP, Kyle Nelson, was not in the building for Team Halperin in this one..  Still, they were coming off their first Playoff W as a unit and that momentum can really help.. Team Purimetla, was wise when the Game started, to really get the pace moving.. They were running with every chance that they got.. Team Halperin was gassed midway through the first half, which is no surprise with it being their second Game of the Night.. Soon, it was evident that 8. Team Purimetla would advance. They looked fantastic here and really couldn’t miss. Captain Pete had 23 and Sam Leewood had 20 of his own On to the Elite8 they go after their first All Sports Series Playoff W!

For Team Halperin, obviously a disappointing end to what had the makings of a special night.. Truth be told, two Games is extremely tough, especially in this format.. They should be proud that they closed out their first Playoff W earlier in the night. Those are not easy to come by. If Captain Joey and co. can stay together, they have a nice foundation for a group that can be really tough in the future. We hope to see them this Fall in the Chicago Hoops League. Thanks for playing!


7. Team Clark (Bell’s Greek Pizza) v. 10. Team Hoops4Health (iHotel) 

When the bracket came out, this was one of the more intriguing potential Round of 12 Games on the slate.. 10. Team Hoops4Health took care of business in their Sweet16 Game against Team Playner and earned their way into this match-up with Team Clark. Both of these clubs like to get up and down. They are both very athletic. They both finished the season with the same record as well.  This had all the makings of a really great Game.. Only it wasn’t.. Team Clark came out scorching behind Warren Milla’s 31 and Brandon Snowden’s 19.. They got up by a lot and fast.. The route was on.. 7. Team Clark would advance to the Round of 12 for a date with 2. Team Zahniser in next week’s Elite8.

For Team Hoops4Health, Tuesday Night was really a tale of two very different Games.. They played very well in their first Game against Team Playner but just seemed to run out of gas early on in their final Game against Team Clark..  They are a very talented bunch and with a different road they might have been able to make it significantly further.. This group was a team playing together for the first time and they did seemingly come together in the back half of the season. Many of them will take part in the Chicago Hoops League later this Fall. Thanks for playing!


6. Team Lalez (cea Study Abroad) v. 11. Team Wong (SLA Insurance Green)

Game of the Night.  Let’s back up a bit though.. 11. Team Wong had defeated 14. Team Sider soundly in the Sweet16 to earn a Round of 12 spot against the most successful franchise All Sports Series has ever known.. Team Lalez.. This Game was close throughout.. Team Wong seemingly hit several big shots during the course of the Game and into the second half.. Team Lalez always had an answer though and shot well from the free throw line too..  With a couple minutes left to play.. Team Wong found themselves with a 6 point lead.. Team Lalez would hit a 3 and turn the lead into a 3-pt Game.. A couple turnovers later, it was Dave Gerhsenzon with the ball in his hands, down 3 for Team Lalez, with about 10 seconds to go.. As we’ve seen time and time again over the years.. He drilled a huge 3-ball from the top of the key to tie it.  Team Wong, would get a nice look at the buzzer but it wouldn’t fall.. To Overtime we went.. In OT, Team Lalez utilized the momentum they found late and scored the first 6 points, and that was enough to win.. 6. Team Lalez would advance to the Elite8 and they’ll take on Defending Champs Team Darcy!

For Team Wong, no Team suffered more heartbreak on Tuesday Night than them.. They persevered in their second Game of the Night and navigated significant foul trouble through much of their Game with Team Lalez.. They just could n0t quite close the door.  They are a VERY good Team.  One that will be back in the Fall for the Chicago Hoops League. They are going to be a force in the future. They have their first playoff run under their belts now.. Expect good things.. Thanks for playing!


5. Team Dean (ALX Salon) v. 12. Team Cohen (Crystal Lake CDJ)

Team Dean has had a fantastic first run in the Chicago Summer Hoops League.  Their fast-pace has run many Teams right out of the gym and in doing so they landed the #5 seed.. Team Cohen entered the Round of 12 fresh off their W over Team Nemetz in a nail-biter.. Team Cohen’s talent is far greater than the #12 seed would show and this Game could really be an Elite8 match-up.. Something had to give here.. Both Teams were strong from the field to open the Game.. It was a close one up and through halftime.. As time ticked away, Team Dean got a lead but not an insurmountable one..  Justin Bowen hit big shots as he often does for Team Cohen and finished with 26. Courtney Griffin led with 21 inside for Team Dean.. Down the stretch Team Cohen trailed by a few and kept trying to overcome the lead but just couldn’t.. 5. Team Dean would advance with a 4 point victory and move on to the Elite8 to face 4. Team Reich!

For Team Cohen, a bittersweet end to the season for them.. They got some redemption on Team Nemetz to start the night and that definitely was something they were going after.. They came up just a touch short against one of the best Teams in the League, in Team Dean.  Captain Andy will have a squad in the Chicago Hoops League this fall and you have to hope he can bring most of this cast back.. At their best, they are right there with the league’s elite.. Thanks for playing!


Elite8 – NEXT WEEK

1. Team Maione (Alternative) v. 8. Team Purimetla (Sushi Kushi Too)


4. Team Reich (Tamales) v. 5. Team Dean (ALX Salon) 


3. Team Darcy (SLA Insurance Gold) v. 6. Team Lalez (cea Study Abroad)


2. Team Zahniser (Badger Bowl) v. 7. Team Clark (Bell’s Greek Pizza)


That’s it for this Week. Congrats to those moving on!