2016 Chicago Summer Hoops – Week 1 (June 14)

Updated: June 19, 2016

Welcome everyone to All Sports Series’ 7th Summer!  The Chicago Summer Hoops League is back this year for it’s second installment and the League has DOUBLED in size (and talent)!  Last Summer, 8 Teams were apart of the initial Summer Hoops League in Chicago and a year later, 16 Teams will compete for the Crown.  One of those 16 Teams are of course returning Champions, Team Darcy, whom started their quest for Back2Back Crowns with a huge Win on Tuesday Night. (more on that below).

Quickly, for those Playing in their first All Sports Series League.. Here’s what to expect from the weekly Power Rankings.. Each week we’ll take a statistical look at the Teams and Rank them 1-11 with the 5 UnRanked Teams listed alphabetically.. You can also count on a Link to the Weekly Highlight Video (<– Click right there!)   Also, if you have ever want to find any info on the League.. Go to Summer Leagues > Chicago Summer Hoops League.. Everything you’d need from Stats to Schedules to Standings etc. will be found there..

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OK Let’s Rank ‘Em!


Power Rankings

1. Team Darcy (SLA Insurance Gold) – 1-0

The #1 spot is reserved for the Defending Champs after Week 1.. Win or Lose. It’s just the way that it goes.. Nothing could be undone in one week to eject the Champs from atop their perch..  While some Champs have to be reminded that they have targets on their back every week, others relish in every opportunity to prove that they are still the best.. Team Darcy displayed the latter on Tuesday Night.  Last Season, they won the first ever Chicago Summer Hoops League and they have seemingly improved upon that roster.. They will be challenged far, Far, FAR more this Summer with twice as many Teams and truthfully a ton more talent.. They got their first taste of that on Tuesday Night when they took on All Sports Series’ original dynasty Team Lalez (aka Team Hakimian).. Albeit, Team Lalez was not at full-strength, but Team Darcy really took it to them for the entirety of the Game.. That group of Lalez/Hakimian have combined for 4 different All Sports Series Championship including the first two Chicago Hoops Leagues.. So yes, it was a statement Game for the Defending Champs!


2. Team Maione (Alternative Apparel) – 1-0

Would it even be a Chicago Hoops League without Team Maione?  Before we get further on the squad, a big Congrats need to go out to Captain Anthony who got engaged just days before the Season tipped off!  For those familiar with All Sports Series, Team Maione needs little introduction..  Many of them are past All Sports Series Champions (some multiple times over) and are always in the top tier of Teams competing for the Crown.  Last Summer, they fell in the Final4 to Team Darcy and followed that up with earning the #1 overall seed in the 20-Team gigantic Chicago Hoops League this past year.. They’ll be the first to admit that they have had a couple Playoff duds in recent seasons and are looking to get past that this Summer.. They seemingly have a new found chip on their shoulders and it may be exactly what they need. Welcome Back.


3. Team Lalez (cea Study Abroad) – 0-1

Similarly to Team Maione above, Team Lalez (aka Team Hakimian) needs little introduction to those who have played in All Sports Series before.  For the Rookies — we’ll bring you up to speed quickly — This is the most storied Franchise in All Sports Series history.. They make statements in the Playoffs.  For those new to All Sports Series.. This core won the very first All Sports Series back in the Summer of 2010, they made the Championship Game in the first Chicago Men’s League in 2011 and then followed up in 2012 with a Chicago Men’s League Crown. They were the first group to ever have 2 Championships.  They also have won both the 2013-14 and 2014-15 Chicago Hoops League Championships, becoming the first group to ever win back to back Men’s Leagues in Chicago (yes this was copy/pasted from last week’s Chicago Men’s League Power Rankings.. it’s a busy week!)  — This is their first run in the Chicago Summer Hoops League and while their full roster was not on display on Tuesday Night, you can count on them being among the League’s best throughout the Summer.


4. Team Reich (Tamales) – 1-0

Team Reich is the first of a few Rookie groups we’ll see in the Power Rankings and they come in with a top spot at #4!  It’s not often a group that is totally new to All Sports Series will have a debut like Team Reich had in Week 1. They went for 100+ and won by 40 points.  You know what?  They are good.  That much was clear in their first 44-minutes.  They had 6 guys in double figures on Tuesday including leading point man and a name to remember – Tremell Adams – who had 31 on Opening Night.  They should be pushed a bit further in Week 2 with Team Wong. Welcome to the League!


5. Team Cohen (Biaggi’s) – 1-0

Team Cohen is another name synonymous with All Sports Series and this version of Team Cohen may be Captain Andy and co’s best chance at a Crown yet..  They return many starters from their dangerous Chicago Hoops League Team — All Star Justin Bowen and Kyle Daniels form one of the best front-lines in the League and Jake Shlofrock is always waiting at the arc to make Teams pay..  They’ve also added All Sports Series vet Brian Harris who may just be the X-factor they’ve needed for some time.. This is a group that should only get better with time and that’s a scary thought.  They get the Defending Champs Team Darcy next week in the Live Clean Chicago Game of the Week!


6. Team Dean (ALX Salon) – 1-0

Team Dean is Captained by Tred Dean and co-anchered by LaVar Merrell who will make his debut in Week 2. Aside from them, they are surrounded by a host of All Sports Series Rookies.. that can play!  Team Dean looked excellent on Tuesday Night and they will only get better as they adjust to All Sports Series and the competition.. These guys went toe to toe with Team Hoops4Health in what was one of the Games of the Night.. They ended up pulling it out in OT!  Captain Tred put up 30 and Courtney Griffin went for 21.. They needed each and everyone of those.  In another Game of the Night nominee they will take on #2 Team Maione next week!


7. Team Clark (Bell’s Greek Pizza) – 0-1

Those who played in the 2015-16 Chicago Hoops League will know these guys as Team Malvin. Well Captain Mike is out of the Country so teammate and current Captain Rodney Clark has taken the reigns.. These guys went to the Elite8 in what was our best Chicago Hoops League ever this past Spring.  They went toe to toe with the League’s best countless times and in the 6 weeks off have gotten better. They’ve added size and more shooting believe it or not.. Warren Milla in his debut went for 20. Matt Merrigan had 31 in Week 1 as well. They ended up falling in OT to Team Maione but showed that they are going to be vying for the Crown at season’s end.. Watch out for Team Clark this Summer.


8. Team Wong (SLA Insurance Green) – 1-0

Coming in at #8 is Captain Jon Wong’s crew.  He, Brock Massie and Danny Leonte were apart of Team Free Agent along with certain members of Team Dean in the 2015-16 Chicago Hoops League where they too went to the Elite8 (out of 20 Teams).. For the Summer League, the groups have splintered and while some may have feared for a lack of talent to fill two rosters, both groups look excellent!  Team Wong got a big time W in their first night in the League. Lane Barlow went for 25 and quickly got the gym talking. Eric Kleespies and Noel Santiago each had 19 on their first night and Alexander Roberts added 17.   They hit the 94 mark on Tuesday Night.. Not too shabby for night one.. They will have a clash with #4 Team Reich in what should be a very high scoring affair.


9. Team Zahniser (Badger Bowl) – 1-0

These guys must be thinking.. We score over 100 points and we are ranked #9?!  A) It shows how deep the League really is.. B) Sorry.. Someone had to fall a bit..   Here’s the deal.. Captain Evan is an All Sports Series vet, along with Ian Shaffer are bringing forth a group of newcomers that have lots of experience playing together at Loyola. Calvin Kang had 32 in his debut and Connor Grotton had 26 of his own.  They are going to turn some heads this Summer and are playing a very fun brand of basketball.. They want to get up and down.   The tempo will certainly be pushed when they take on #7 Team Clark in Week 2!


10. Team Prizant (Farm Lake Barn) – 1-0

Final Team into the Rankings with a W this Week is Team Prizant. They, like Team Zahniser at #9, have a legit gripe to be higher in the Power Rankings.. They won a hard-fought and well-played Game on Tuesday Night, earning a 90-85 W over Team Nemetz.  This group is new to the Chicago Hoops League scene but not to All Sports Series.  They are among the youngest in the League but have a significant advantage in experience over several Teams when it comes to All Sports Series. Captain Jake and co. have competed in several (many, many) of our Leagues in the past handful of years and they aren’t going to waste anytime wracking up the Ws.  They’ve made a name for themselves playing in various College Leagues throughout the years and are ready to make a name for themselves with the big boys.. Michael Alfieri tied for the League lead on Tuesday Night with 33 points.  Going to be fun to see them go toe to toe with the final Team in the Rankings next Week, #11..


11. Team Hoops4Health (iHotel) – 0-1

Final Team into the Rankings is a group led by Brett Winer and Brendan Kolton.  They along with Danny Kostas have joined forces with a few of Team Goldin’s Chicago Hoops Leaguers — Brandon Lathon and Justin Cornelius — along with some All Sports Series Rooks.. They have one of the deeper squads in the League and despite their OT L to Team Dean in Week 1 they certainly impressed.   It may take them a few weeks for their entire to Team really gel but once they do.. They are going to be very dangerous!


Rest of the Pack (Alphabetical Order)

Team Halperin (Starr Limo) – 0-1

Captained by All Sports Series vet Joey Halperin this is a group of mostly Rookies to the League.. They met the tough Team Cohen in Week 1 and it won’t get much easier next week with #3 Team Lalez.. That being said, this group has a ton of potential and the rumor mill is churning that they may be making a big time Free Agent acquisition for next week..  More on that to come.. Captain Joey had 24 on night one.. Something they can certainly build upon..


Team Nemetz (Wedge) – 0-1

Team Nemetz is led by Captain Ari and he has assembled a talented bunch.. Like a few other Teams in the League they may need a few weeks to gel as many of them had just met for the first time on Tuesday Night.. He has All Sports Series vets Danny Dlugie, Phil Hayes, Jordan Liss and EJ Silver all aboard for the Team.. That is a LOT of outside shooting to have to account for from Defenses.  They dropped a close one in Week 1 to Team Prizant but have to be encouraged that they really turned it on in the second half.. Jordan Liss finished with 33 and EJ Silver had 19 in this one. Team Purimetla is up next for them.


Team Playner (Kelly Parker Home Collective) – 0-1

Team Playner is no stranger to All Sports Series. Some will know them as Team Gainski in the previous Chicago Hoops League.. They also played in last year’s Chicago Summer Hoops League.. So they are now entering their second full year in All Sports Series and hope to build on what they’ve learned from their first 12 months.. Captain Axel has now taken the lead and done a bit of recruiting to help bolster the squad.. They had the misfortune of matching up with the surprise Team Reich on Tuesday Night.. It’s safe to say most Teams will have trouble with them this season.. Reuben Wabomnor did have 17 on night one.


Team Purimetla (Sushi Kushi Too) – 0-1

Team Purimetla is captained by Pete Purimetla and they are entering their first All Sports League.  They took on Team Zahniser Week 1 and it was a tough matchup as Team Zahniser figures to be near the top all season long. Captain Pete’s crew is not short on talent by any means.. They had 4 guys in double figures on Tuesday Night including Sam Leewood with 19.  These guys are still rounding out the squad a bit and depth is obviously key with the length of Games.  They have a really strong foundation though and you can expect them to jump into the Rankings quickly!


Team Sider (VIP Limo) – 0-1

Important to note that the “Rest of the Pack” section is list Alphabetically.. Team Sider (aka Team Schwartz in the Chicago Hoops League) in no way shape or formed would be listed at the bottom of the Rankings.. This group is has been with the Chicago Hoops Leagues since the beginning and have been part of building the foundation here.  They play every Game tough and have taken the League’s best to the limit time and time again.. They made a couple off-season acquisitions since the big Chicago Hoops League wrapped up.. They’ve brought in PG Adam Katlin and sharp-shooting Brian Glick to hopefully help on the Offensive end.  They had a rough Week 1 but most of that can be attributed to missing two of their leading point men in Jason Vismantas and Austin Brown. They’ll be just fine!


That’s it for the Week 1 Power Rankings. See everyone on Tuesday Night!