2016 Chicago Summer Hoops – Week 3 (June 28)

Updated: June 30, 2016

Four Teams entered Week 3 undefeated.. Those 4 Teams competed against one another in two Games on Tuesday Night and now we are left with just two unbeatens.. Team Maione and Team Zahniser are the only Teams to reach 3-0.  It shows just how many good Teams there are in the Summer Hoops League.  The talent is really spread out and it seems as if there are a dozen Teams who can grab the Crown at season’s end.. Here’s a Link to the Weekly Video Highlights

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OK Let’s Rank ‘Em!

Power Rankings

1. Team Maione (Alternative Apparel) – 3-0

What can you say about these guys?  There just really, really good.  It’s refreshing to see a group of guys that grew up together experience so much success.  Once again Tuesday night, they were outnumbered, outsized, and walked away with a win.  Through 3 Weeks they are one of just two squads at 3-0 and have gotten there against very impressive competition. They deserve to be Ranked #1 at this point. Chris Wroblewski had a steady 26 in this one, as is usually the case, and Andy Timson is proving to be quite the running mate, adding 25 of his own after netting 27 in Week 2.  These guys will be challenged again next week, as they face off with the extremely athletic Hoops4Health squad.


2. Team Zahniser (Badger Bowl) – 3-0

There are 16 Teams in the Summer Hoops League.  Each Team has played three Games.  We only have two teams that remain unbeaten.  That’s all you need to know about the competition and parody in our second summer campaign.  Captain Evan has a serious Championship contender here.  This League is full of talent – every team can score… but, so far, it’s a lot more difficult against these guys.  Team Zahniser is second in the league, allowing just 66 points per game.  Offensively, Calvin Kang led the way for these guys, pouring in 29 points.  He had help from Connor Grotton, who added 18 himself.  Can they get to 4-0 against Team Nemetz?


3. Team Darcy (SLA Insurance Gold) – 2-1

This league could very well shake up to be a war of attrition.  Defending Champs Team Darcy experienced that first hand as they dropped their first game of the season to Team Zahniser, who are no slouches themselves. Captain Darcy and crew just didn’t have it Tuesday and, quite frankly, they deserve a chance to exhale.. They’ve been on a crazy run dating back to last Summer and now can just play ball again without this heavy win streak weighing them down.  Tim Dunlavy led the way in a losing effort with 20 points. They look to rebound next week against the improved Team Halperin.


4. Team Lalez (cea Study Abroad) – 2-1

They have a gripe this week and we’ll explain why in a second.. In our only Overtime Game of the Night, Team Lalez, who will be the first to say they didn’t play their best game, found a way to Win.  As said often times in All Sports Series, veteran Teams with guys who have played together understand how to handle the pressure situations a little differently than new teams – they just do.  These guys actually Won and took a step down in the Power Rankings.. A true rarity.. Here’s why.. In Week 1 they fell to Defending Champs Team Darcy. Both sit at 2-1. So, Team Darcy needs to stay ahead of them, for now.. Then, Team Zahniser who is 3-0 just convincingly defeated the Defending Champs Team Darcy on Tuesday Night.. Team Zahniser needed to be ahead of Team Darcy.. There you have the dip..  Surprise, surprise!  David Gershenzon led the team in scoring with 29 points, and crafty Dennis Mckinney also had 16.  A heated game with Team Cohen awaits them.


5. Team Reich (Tamales) – 2-1

Team Reich got their first taste of one of the established All Sports Series’ powerhouses on Tuesday night.  They fell short in this one, but it was a very close Game throughout. No moral victories out here but they showed a ton.. Is anyone going to stop Tremell Adams?  Yes, that’s a challenge to everyone who considers themselves an elite defender in the League.  Until proven otherwise, it’s safe to assume he can score whenever he feels like, from wherever he feels like.  He’s averaging 32 points per Game, and nearly hit the 40 mark this Week.  Team Reich will look to rebound against another veteran team, Team Sider, in Week 4.


6. Team Dean (ALX Salon) – 2-1

Team Dean is 2-1 through their first three Games and leads the League in Points Per Game.  This makes sense if you know who Courtney Griffin is, who casually dropped 40 on Tuesday Night.  This Team runs through Griffin, but there’s an arsenal of weapons around him and they are all ready to contribute.  Wole Aregbesola also had 23 in this one, and these guys will be eager to play Team Clark in Week 4. That will be an uptempo slugfest!


7. Team Cohen (Biaggi’s) – 2-1

Led by Justin Bowen’s 34 points, Team Cohen got itself back over the .500 mark in Week 3.  This was a back and forth affair for all 44 minutes, in large part due to a man named Lorenzo Dillard – more on him in the recap for Team Prizant.  Timely shooting and clutch conversions ultimately won the game for Team Cohen.  Bowen matched threes with Dillard over the span of six huge possessions late in the second half, and Dennis Hawkins, along with Brian Harris, each converted And-1s in the final few minutes of a very close game.  These guys are coming together and quickly.


8. Team Hoops4Health (iHotel) – 2-1

This squad is coming off of two very lopsided affairs, with an average margin of victory of 32 Points over the last two Weeks.  Led by Aaron Oglesby’s 24, this Team stormed out of the gates and never looked back.  If you watch these guys play it’s easy to see that they’re skilled and can score.  It’s on the Defensive side, though, that they’re really making their mark.  The addition of Brandon Lathon is a sure reason as to why.  He’s an elite defender in the League and sets the expectations for the rest of the squad.  They’ll get to take on undefeated Team Maione next Week in what could be the Live Clean Chicago Game of the Week!


9. Team Wong (SLA Insurance Green) – 1-2

Captain Jon has a very athletic group, and even though their record wouldn’t indicate it, they’re actually leading the League in Points Against Per Game.  Their Losses have come in overtime to #5 Team Reich, and this past Week to a Wheaties-fed, Kyle Nelson led squad. Kyle Nelson is a past MVP of the Chicago Hoops League..  Lane Barlow, who went for his season average of 27, is one of the best individual talents in the League.  When these guys learn how to play around him, and really start to gel, they’ll be even more dangerous than they already are.  Watch for a bounce back Game against Team Playner next week.


10. Team Clark (Bell’s Greek Pizza) – 1-2

Earning their first W of the summer Season, led by the very bouncy Warren Milla, made this one look easy.  Milla had 37, and he did it from behind the arc and with a handful of dunks, too.  Sharp-shooter Matt Merrigan poured in 31 of his own to help make the case for these guys as one of the best backcourts in the League.  Captain Clark has put together a talented bunch and they’re only going to get better.  They look to get to .500 next week against the tough Team Dean.


11. Team Halperin (Starr Limo) – 1-2

Teams that have participated in All Sports Series Leagues in the past are very familiar with the name Kyle Nelson, who earned MVP honors in our gigantic winter League in 2015-16.  Safe to assume most Teams were pleased to have not seen him in the gym Week 1, only to have that pleasure turn to disappointment when they saw him arrive in Week 2.  He’s the kind of Player that makes everybody around him better, and you can see that happen when you watch Team Halperin play.  Yes, Nelson led the way with 29 points.  However, it was Captain Joey and Josh Weis that both scored more than their season average, 14 and 11 respectively, that sealed the deal for this squad.  Any team with Nelson is dangerous, and this team is no different.  Watch for them to make a statement against defending champs Team Darcy in Week 4.


Rest of the Pack (Alphabetical Order)

Team Nemetz (Wedge) – 1-2

Captain Nemetz and crew ran into, what seems to be, an unstoppable force in Courtney Griffin of Team Dean.  Yet, they showed resilience and kept the Game within reach.. They just weren’t able to make one final run to over take the lead.  Scoring points isn’t an issue for this team, though, as they rank 3rd in the League in that category.  It’s the defense – ranked at the bottom – that they need to sure up.  Once these guys figure out that side of the ball, they’ll start picking up the Ws more consistently.  Liss, McNichols, Silver, and Sterns all scored in double figures for the squad.


Team Playner (Kelly Parker HC) – 0-3

The wins will start coming. It takes a lot more than talent to win games in these Leagues.  It takes a certain collective character, and resilience is part of that character.  There is no question that Team Playner is resilient.  Week in and week out, they show up and compete as hard as anybody.  They haven’t quite figured out the recipe for success, but they’re definitely on their way.  Once they piece this puzzle together, they’ll already have the character necessary to win.   Axel Playner led his crew with 24 points, and Leo Schubert, behind an array of moves in the post, added 14 of his own.  They’ll be eager to take the court and notch their first Win of the season next week against Team Wong.


Team Prizant (Farm Lake Barn) – 1-2

Lorenzo Dillard is an absolute beast. This Summer, it seems that each week we’ve had at least one new standout performer.  Well, Week 3 belonged to Dillard.  He dropped 45 on Tuesday Night, which made up for 62% of his Team’s points.  He was double-teamed, even triple-teamed… and it didn’t matter.  Scoring from all over the court, Dillard refused to let his team go quietly.  In the end, they came up a bit short and dropped a tough one.  Needless to say, Team Prizant improved from last week to this week, and will continue to improve as we progress this summer.


Team Purimetla (Sushi Kushi Too) – 0-3

It’s been a slow start for these guys, as is often the case for Teams new to the League.  It usually takes a handful of Games, if not an entire season, to truly figure out what it takes to be successful in an All Sports Series league.  These guys are on their way, though.  They’ve had a difficult schedule to start the Season and played two-time Winter League Champions, Team Lalez, into Overtime on Tuesday Night.  Captain Pete proved to be a handful, putting up 18 points Tuesday night, and Sam Leewood also had 15. They should feel encouraged on how Tuesday Night went and stay positive.  These guys will go for their first win next week against Team Prizant.


Team Sider (VIP Limo) – 1-2

This is a tough Team to figure out.  Week in and week out they’re good enough to beat most any team.  The question is: which Team Sider will show up?  They’re playing fine Defense, as they usually do, but are struggling Offensively right now.  This is a unit that has been playing together for a long, long time, and we are confident they’ll be able to right ship and turn this around.  Jason Vismantas led the way with 18 points for this crew, with Captain Sider pitching in with 16 of his own.  They’ll be eager to get back on track next week against formidable Rookies #5 Team Reich.


That’s it for Week 3. Have a great 4th and see everyone on Tuesday Night!

-Holden and Jack