2016 Chicago Summer Hoops – Week 4 (July 5)

Updated: July 7, 2016

Week 4 featured some close finishes and a couple surprising results.  It was also a night where some of the normal star power was out of town and it allowed for some other individuals to step up and show what they could do.  Both of our Undefeated Teams — Maione and Zahniser — made it to 4-0 as well! Here’s a Link to the Weekly Video Highlights

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OK Let’s Rank ‘Em!

Power Rankings

1. Team Maione (Alternative Apparel) – 4-0

These guys move to 4-0 after pulling away, and never looking back, against a strong Hoops4Health squad.  It was great ball movement and making that extra pass that helped earn this win.  The backcourt duo of Maione and Timson combined for 57 points on the night.  This Team is like a combination of the Spurs and Warriors – they’ve been playing together forever, they seem to always make the right basketball play, their IQ is through the roof, they have two of the most consistent shooters in the League, and they don’t play with a true post-up big.  It’s a lot of fun to watch.  A Rivalry is renewed next Tuesday Night as they battle Team Lalez in the Live Clean Chicago Game of the Week!


2. Team Zahniser (Badger Bowl) – 4-0

This Team was pushed to the limits Tuesday night by Team Nemetz (1-3), which proves how difficult each Win is to come by in this League.  In a Game that saw the lead sway back and forth in the final few minutes, Team Zahniser was able to convert on a key possession down the stretch and tie it up at 63.  After a missed shot from Team Nemetz, Calvin Kang (who had 24) brought the ball up for Captain Zahniser’s crew, did a shimmy-shake, and pulled up from about 26 feet away and knocked down the 3 for the W!  Team Zahniser joins Team Maione at 4-0 heading into Week 5. 


3. Team Darcy (SLA Insurance Gold) – 3-1

Their W on Tuesday was closer than the score indicates.  The first half was highly contested, but the Defending Champs were able to do what Champions do, and close out the game. They turned it into a no-doubter with about twelve minutes to go.  Tim Dunlavy had 24, and also received help from Dan Turner with 15 of his own.  They move to 3-1 on the season, and will be tested by the young, athletic Team Clark in Week 5.


4. Team Reich (Tamales) – 3-1

Tremell Adams was his usual self Tuesday night, going for 30 points, but it was the rest of the guys who stepped up their Game.  Marcus White had an immediate impact upon his entrance into the Game, cleaning up the defensive glass and providing his Teammates with plenty of second chances on the offensive end.  Andre Knox was the beneficiary of much of these second chances, as he scored 24.  This was another game that was a lot closer than the final score would indicate, though.  The game was within reach for Team Sider heading into the second half, but Adams and Co. proved to be too much.  They’ll play a rejuvenated Team Purimetla next week.


5.  Team Cohen (Crystal Lake CDJ) – 3-1

Captain Andy’s squad rounds out the Top 5 this week after their W. They did exactly what they should have done against a less-than-full-strength Team Lalez. Team Cohen is very good and they need to keep getting Wins when they should.  It was a competitive Game throughout, with free throws stretching the margin towards the end for Team Cohen, and forcing Team Lalez to hoist some desperation shots.  Justin Bowen was a beast in this one, going for 28, and doing it from everywhere on the floor.  When he plays like that, he puts himself in consideration for the MVP of the League.   All Sports Series vet Jake Shlofrock went for 16 in this one as well. Former Teammates – Team Hoops4Health is next up for them.


6. Team Dean (ALX Salon) – 3-1

Team Dean ran away from Team Clark Tuesday Night, literally.  The fast break was working for these guys and they ran every opportunity they had.  What made the Win more impressive was that they were without Courtney Griffin, who averages 32 points per game, and still scored 90 points!  There’s no doubt these guys can compete with the best – just look back at their Week 2 matchup with undefeated Team Maione.  Aregbesola dropped 19 in this one, and these guys move to 3-1 on the season. Rivals and former Teammates Team Wong await in Week 5!


7. Team Lalez (cea Study Abroad) – 2-2

It might be unfair to drop them a couple spots in the Rankings after this Loss because they were without cornerstones Captain Benny Lalez and Dave Gershenzon, but here they are at #7.  Brennan Keller did all he could to match the firepower of Team Cohen, scoring 24 in this one.  The typical style of play was there for these guys, but when you’re missing a 25 point-per-game scorer, and your floor captain, scoring becomes a lot more difficult.  They should be at full strength next week, and they’ll need to be, as they take on their undefeated Rival… Team Maione in the Live Clean Chicago Game of the Week!


8. Team Hoops4Health (iHotel) – 2-2

They stay at #8 in the Rankings even after a Loss.  As we know, if you play Team Maione, you’re entering the game as the underdog.  Malik Fuller had the Play of the Night for these guys, though.  Fuller attacked the rim after a missed shot, and tomahawked the ball through the hoop.  It was one of those plays that had everyone around the Game “oooooo-ing.”  Fuller had 33, but it wasn’t enough to get past Team Maione.  They play Rivals and former teammates Team Cohen next week.


9. Team Clark (Bell’s Greek Pizza) – 1-3

Captain Rodney’s crew fell a little short Tuesday night, literally.  With a guard ladened team, they lacked size and struggled to secure rebounds and allowed Team Dean too many possessions.  Team Clark has the athletes to match up with any Team in this League.  They welcomed back past Captain – Michael Malvin this week. A great addition for the rest of the year. If you don’t know who Warren Milla is, then you’re not paying close enough attention.  He’s a freak.  He’s averaging 33 points over the last two weeks, and makes the Game look easy.  He’ll be a matchup nightmare for Team Darcy next Week! 


10. Team Playner (Kelly Parker HC) – 1-3

Team Playner Wins!  Team Playner Wins!  This was long overdue for this group, who does nothing but show up and battle week in and week out.  They proved to the League that they can come up and bite you.  Even more importantly, they proved it to themselves.  What made this Win even more remarkable was that they did it without Axel Playner and Leo Shubert, who usually lead the offense.  On this Tuesday Night, it was Brandon Shaw and Sirr Raza, going for 26 and 13, respectively.  They’ll look to keep their winning ways against undefeated Team Zahniser next Tuesday Night.


11. Team Nemetz (Wedge) – 1-3

Welcome back to the Rankings, Team Nemetz!  If there is such a thing as a good Loss, Team Nemetz had it on Tuesday night.  They went toe-to-toe with the undefeated #2 Team Zahniser.  If it weren’t for the late-game heroics of Calvin Kang, this Team would be much higher up this list and sitting at 2-2.  Regardless, they picked up a lot of confidence from this one.  Jordan Liss led the way in this one with 31 points.  They play Team Halperin in Week 5.


Rest of the Pack (Alphabetical Order)

Team Halperin (Starr Limo) – 1-3

No shame in falling to the Defending Champs.  Team Halperin was coming off of their first W of the season, but faltered in this one.  Kyle Nelson had what he considered to be an “off night,” which for most would be a great Game, scored 24 points to lead the way for this group.  Unfortunately, there weren’t enough horses in the stable to keep up throughout this race.  This group will always compete, and will be eager to get back on track against Team Nemetz in Week 5.


Team Prizant (Farm Lake Barn) – 1-3

Team Prizant went up against a hungry Team Purimetla this Week.  It’s always tough when you’re playing against a desperate team, and Team Purimetla was desperate for their first Win.  It’s even tougher when you take away the Offense that Lorenzo Dillard would normally provide.  Team Prizant will be fine – they’re still getting their feet wet in the Chicago Hoops Leagues  and learning what it takes to Win.  Randall Pulfer had 20 for these guys, and could serve as the help Dillard needs when he returns.  


Team Purimetla (Sushi Kushi Too) – 1-3

They earned their first Win this week and are feeling good to erase that zero from their record.  They’ll be a tough squad moving forward – they’re learning to play together, they’re gaining confidence, and just like seeing the ball go through the hoop, all it takes is one Win to really start rolling.  Captain Pete took matters into his own hands and led the way for his group with 20 points. They get the #4 Team Reich crew in Week 5.


Team Sider (VIP Limo) – 1-3

Team Sider ran into the juggernaut that is Team Reich.  Team Sider has played a lot of All Sports Series Games throughout the years, and they can tell you just how good Team Reich is.  Having said that, this Game was within two possessions with ten minutes to go.  A stronger finish and these guys could have easily found themselves Ranked.  There is plenty of firepower on this Team, and when they move the ball they have shooters ready to let it fly.  Jason Vismantas and Austin Brown each scored 20, and these two look to remain hot next Week against Team Prizant.


Team Wong (SLA Insurance Green) – 1-3

This is a group of guys that won’t be judged by their opponents based on record.  Yes, they’re 1-3, but they’ve lost to some of the best talent in the League thus far, and they didn’t have their two leading scorers with them this Week.  I don’t care who the Team it is or what their record is – if you take the best Player from their Team off the court, they will struggle to win in an All Sports Series Game, regardless of the opponent.  Lane Barlow was a huge absence for these guys, and they felt it.  When he and Terdarin Bryson are back, this group will be the threat we all consider them to be.  They hope to be at full strength for a Rivalry Game with Team Dean next Tuesday.


That’s it for Week 4. See everyone on Tuesday Night!

-Holden and Jack!