2016 Chicago Summer Hoops – Week 5 (July 12)

Updated: July 14, 2016

Rivalry Week!  Tuesday Night provided some fierce action as several Teams took the court against their bitter foes.. Team Lalez and Team Maione have battled for years in the Hoops League, including the 2013-14 Chicago Hoops League Championship.. Members of Teams Dean and Wong played with one another in the last Chicago Hoops League but split before the Summer.. Same goes for Teams Hoops4Health and Cohen.. A lot more was at stake than a mere Regular Season line-up on Tuesday Night.  The Playoffs are also starting to come into focus as we head to the final couple of Weeks of the Regular Season. Here’s a Link to the Weekly Video Highlights

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OK Let’s Rank ‘Em!

Power Rankings

1. Team Zahniser (Badger Bowl) – 5-0

Final Undefeated Team, sitting at 5-0 and #1 in the Power Rankings.. Team Zahniser.  Frankly, they deserve it. To win 5 in a row, let alone from the jump, in a League with this much talent is an exceptionally challenging feat and they seem to only be getting stronger with time. They are now in the driver’s seat for the #1 seed come Playoff time. Two more Ws and they can close out a perfect regular season and head into the Playoffs as the favorites.  Even with a brief stumble, they now should have enough room between themselves and most teams where they should lock up a Top 4 seed and with that comes a BYE to the Elite8. They look to make it 6-0 against the improving Team Halperin next Week.


2. Team Darcy (SLA Insurance Gold) – 4-1

The Defending Champs rise back up to #2.  They have been relatively dominant, even with the giant targets on their backs, for the entirety of the season. Their lone blemish comes at the hands of Undefeated #1 Team Zahniser. Aside from that.. They are really blowing people out. Tuesday Night was just another example.  Doug Wollney had 31 and Tim Dunlavy had 18 as well in their 20 point W over Team Clark.  Looking ahead, if they can close out the last two Regular Season Games they will be looking at a Top-4 seed and a BYE to the Elite8. Which would put them just 3 Ws away from the Repeat. They have Team Nemetz in Week 6.


3. Team Maione (Alternative Apparel) – 4-1

You just never know what you will get when Team Maione and Team Lalez take the court against one another. They have battled dozens of times in All Sports Series and it’s a matchup of the two most storied Franchises we have.. Entering Tuesday Night, Team Maione came in at 4-0 and Team Lalez uncharacteristically had dropped 2 of their first 4 Games..  It seemed that Team Maione was the favorite coming in.. That all changed a few minutes into the Game when Team Lalez just couldn’t miss. They utilized that fast start and never looked back. Chris Wroblewski had 33 on Tuesday. Team Maione will be fine as they can now move through the rest of the season without the Undefeated pressure on their shoulders.. They look to rebound v. Team Sider in Week 6.


4. Team Reich (Tamales) – 4-1

Team Reich seems to love the drama. Aside from a couple blowout Ws they have been a part of multiple close finishes.. Tuesday Night fit that bill.. They took on Team Purimetla in a hotly contested Game.. Neither Team could pull away from the other and down the stretch it was still anyone’s Game.. They happened to just make one more play than Team Purimetla and that was all the difference as they picked up the 74-73 W in the closing moments.  They moved to 4-1 and with that solidified their spot as being in control of a Top-4 seed come Playoff time.. There are several 3-2 Teams just behind them but if they win their final 2 Games, they will nab a Top-4 spot and get a BYE to the Elite8.  One of those 3-2 Teams, #6 Team Hoops4Health will be their opponents in Week 6 in the Live Clean Chicago Game of the Week!


5. Team Lalez (cea Study Abroad) – 3-2

They needed this one. Ehh, they wanted this one.. This group rarely is in a position where they “need” a W.  But, entering this Game they found themselves coming off a Loss and were already at 2-2.. A Loss to 4-0 Rivals Team Maione would have put them under .500 a true rarity this late in the season… They aren’t often pushed into a corner.. Well, they played tremendously hard and came out of the gates swinging. They couldn’t miss early and rode that hot start all the way to a big-time W.  Team Prizant awaits in Week 6.


6. Team Hoops4Health (iHotel) – 3-2  and  7. Team Cohen (Biaggi’s) – 3-2

Safe to say, this was a W that Team Hoops4Health will remember..  Captain Brett Winer and Brendan Kolton were apart of Team Cohen in the 2015-16 Chicago Hoops League that ended in the Spring.  That squad saw somewhat of a “falling out” and Team Hoops4Health was born.. This was a Game that both Teams had circled in red marker (hypothetical red marker) and from the opening tip it was evident that more was at stake than a Week 5 W… Both Teams fought hard and at times got out of their Games because of the emotions involved.. In the end, Team Hoops4Health made a great 2nd half comeback and defeated Team Cohen to get to 3-2. Captain Brett had 22 in the W. Hopefully, both Teams can put it behind them now.. They have an important contest upcoming in Week 6 against #4 Team Reich.. A W puts them in position to potentially get a BYE to the Elite8 in the Playoffs.

Several members of Team Cohen are still playing under that banner in the Summer Hoops League so many of them were former teammates with a couple of Team Hoops4Health core.. This one was emotional from the jump and Team Cohen managed to build a nice lead mid-way through the second half but they allowed Hoops4Health to get back in it and eventually steal the Game late.  Justin Bowen finished with 30.   Team Cohen looks to bounce back next week against Team Purimetla who is sneaky good..


8. Team Dean (ALX Salon) – 3-2  and  9. Team Wong (SLA Insurance Green) – 2-3

Similar situation to the one outlined in the Hoops4Health/Cohen sections.. Team Dean and Team Wong are just coming off being one unit in the 2015-16 Chicago Hoops League. A League with 20 Teams and one that they made it to the Elite8 in.  They were a first year group who really gelled well.. After the season the group decided to splinter and as a result we were left with two very capable groups.. Team Dean and Team Wong.. This Game went back and forth as both groups badly wanted this one.. Team Dean was able to force OT late in Regulation but eventually it was Team Wong pulling out the W.  Team Dean still has a shot at a Top 4 seed and will take on Team Playner in Week 6.

For Team Wong, this one will certainly be their sweetest W of the Regular Season. Lane Barlow had 30 points.  These guys battled for 44 minutes and that wasn’t enough.. An extra couple of minutes were needed for them to earn the W over their old running mates.  Moreover, it also gets them back into the middle of the pack in terms of Playoff seeding.. There are a few heavy-hitters near the top of the Standings and Teams want to avoid them for as long as possible.. This W will go along way in helping their Playoff run.. Can they make it two in a row v. Team Clark on Tuesday?


10. Team Halperin (Starr Limo) 2-3

Team Halperin got a much needed W on Tuesday Night and they jump back into the Top 10 afterwards.. They took it to Team Nemetz and played their most complete Game of the Season thus far. Kyle Nelson had 31. Brett Miller had 16 to chip in as well. They are going to try and both climb back to the .500 mark next Tuesday Night AND do something no one has done yet.. Defeat 5-0 Team Zahniser.. It’s a tall order but this group is playing well above what the record indicates right now. Look out for that upset next Tuesday.


11. Team Sider (VIP Limo) – 2-3

Last Team into the Rankings is Team Sider this week. Well deserved for the All Sports Series vets who broke their brief skid on Tuesday Night against Team Prizant. Austin Brown led the way with 23 points on the night and Jeremy Feit made his Summer League debut with 19 as well. He adds another much needed scoring punch to these guys who always bring the intensity and defense.  Jason Vismantas was also reigning 3s early in the night and finished with 19 as well.  They go from one Highland Park group to the next as they will try to get back to .500 next week against Team Maione.


Rest of the Pack (Alphabetical Order)

Team Clark (Bell’s Greek Pizza) – 1-4

They ran into the Defending Champs this past Tuesday Night and had a rough go of it.. As many have.. Steve Mason had a nice Offensive night going for 19 points in the defeat. This is a very talented group that has experienced success in All Sports Series before.. They’ve also gone through a few rough patches.. They know how to get themselves out of it and there’s still time for them to right the ship. It can start as early as this coming week with Team Wong who is just a Game up on them in the Standings.


Team Nemetz (Wedge) – 1-4

They were just outmanned and undersized against Team Halperin on Tuesday Night. The injury bug has bitten them a little and playing a group has deep as Team Halperin with just 5 guys is a very tough task.. Jordan Liss continues to impress as he went for 33 on the night. They have Defending Champs Team Darcy next week and close the season against Team Cohen. They are in the teeth of their Schedule but they will tested come Playoff time..


Team Playner (Kelly Parker HC) – 1-4

A week after notching their first W of the season they couldn’t make it 2 in a row against the Undefeated Team Zahniser. Captain Axel did have 19 on the night though. There are a handful of Teams together in the Standings at 1-4.. The last couple of weeks will be crucial for their Playoff lives.. Advancing as a 12 seed is much different than advancing through as a 16.  They take on the tough Team Dean in Week 6.


Team Prizant (Farm Lake Barn) – 1-4

They hung tough with Team Sider on Tuesday Night but couldn’t come away with the Win.  Ben Mirman netted 21 points in the contest. This is a very talented bunch they are just the youngest group in the League and as a result they lack the consistency that some other Teams show for 44 minutes each week. They are going to keep improving. They have upset potential come Playoff time for sure.. Next week, they’ll take on the Dynasty Team Lalez.


Team Purimetla (Sushi Kushi Too) – 1-4

These guys suffered a heartbreaking L on Tuesday Night at the hands of #4 Team Reich. They battled them until the final ticks but just came up a point short. A tremendous feat when considering Team Reich rolls about 10-men deep every week and Team Purimetla’s bench is significantly shorter.. Tobias Dwumaah went for 28 and Captain Pete added 18 in the Loss. This group is better than 1-4 and they look to show that to everyone when taking on Team Cohen next week.


That’s it for Week 5. See everyone on Tuesday Night!