2016 Chicago Summer Hoops – Week 6 – Playoff Scenarios (July 19)

Updated: July 21, 2016

After six Weeks of Summer Hoops League action we are down to one final set of Games before the Playoffs tip on Tuesday August 2.  Week 6 brought forth a ton of scoring and after several weeks in a row featuring a handful of close finishes, we had a week where there were many lopsided ones.. Team Zahniser stayed perfect and got to 6-0 on the season! We also had two 40+ point performances as Team Reich’s Tremell Adams finished with 47 and Andy Timson had 42 for Team Maione.  This Week’s Power Rankings is going to shift to a Playoff Scenarios piece.  

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Playoff Format

1. All 16 Teams make the Playoffs and will be seeded by overall record. Tiebreakers are below.

1a. The Playoffs will be a single-elimination tournament starting in Week 8 of the Season.

2. Seeds 1-4 get a BYE to the Elite8

2a. Seeds 5-8 get a BYE to the Round of 12

2b. Seeds 9-16 compete in the Sweet16


Playoff Scenarios

Going to go from top to bottom with the Current Standings and describe where Teams can potentially fall… Keeping in mind that there are big differences between finishing in 1-4 and then 5-8 compared to the Teams who finish in the Bottom half.. Top4 Teams get a BYE to the Elite8 and Seeds 5-8 get a BYE to the Round of 12 while the rest of the League need to slug it out in an additional Opening Round.

1. Team Zahniser (Badger Bowl) – 6-0

These guys have a relentless attack on Offense, but it’s their effort on defense that has kept them Undefeated.  Often, talented Teams are so confident in their Offense that they relax on D… not 6-0 Team Zahniser.  They take pride in stopping their opponent from scoring and they do it very well.  Another week, another win.  The math is simple for them.. Win in Week 7 and they are the #1 overall seed.. Granted a W in Week 7 may be hard to come by as they play 2x Chicago Hoops League Champs – Team Lalez.. Team Zahniser the only Team locked into a Top-4 seed right now and thus we know they will be apart of the Elite8 on Tuesday August 9.


t-2. Team Darcy (SLA Insurance Gold) – 5-1

t-2. Team Maione (Alternative Apparel) – 5-1

t-2. Team Reich (Tamales) – 5-1

There are three spots left in the Top-4 and these 3 Teams at 5-1 all control their own fate in terms of clinching one of those spots.. If they Win in Week 7 they will lock up a Top-4 bid.

Week 6 wasn’t an easy win for the Defending Champs Team Darcy, but they did what Champions do, and closed the game strongly.  It was a two possession game with about six minutes left when these guys went on a run and kept Team Nemetz at arm’s length.  They look strong heading towards the Playoffs.

Team Maione ran away with their Game from the tip.  These two teams know each other very well from their years in the Chicago Hoops League, and Team Maione was able to seamlessly apply pressure on offense and prevent anything easy on the defensive end.  These guys are three years removed from an All Sports Series championship – if you don’t think these guys are hungry for another one, think again.

Team Reich didn’t have their usual army of men in this one, but they did have Tremell Adams, who scores enough for an army all on his own.  This was our highest scoring game of the evening, which is exactly how this Team likes to play.  Though the final score was close, these guys had control of the entire Game.  They’re eager for the playoffs to get here.

So we know that for all three Teams, Wins mean Top4 seeds and BYEs to the Elite8.. All 3 Teams play squads under .500 next Week but crazier things have happened.. Should any of them Lose they open themselves up to potentially being jumped by Teams Dean or Lalez on the League’s final night.. What we do know is that all 3 squads have clinched Top-8 finishes which means they will avoid the Opening Round.


t-5. Team Dean (ALX Salon) – 4-2

t-5. Team Lalez (cea Study Abroad) – 4-2

Some teams just get it.  Team Lalez gets it.  It really doesn’t matter who shows up to play for them, or who they’re playing, you can bet on these guys to Win.  This time around it was, wait for it, David Gershenzon (again) doing his part to propel these guys to another Win against a feisty young team.  Captain Benny shot well in this one, too.

Stop me if you’ve read this before, but Courtney Griffin played really well Tuesday.  This man takes up so much real estate in the paint that if the ball is within his reach, there is zero chance anyone else is getting to it.  He’s immovable.  When Griffin wasn’t cleaning up the glass, Captain Tred was out running the fast break, and these guys proved to be a little too big and too fast for their opponent.  They’re clicking at the right time.

In terms of scenarios for both Teams.. Both are a currently a Game out of the Top-4.. With Wins on Tuesday Night and Losses from any of the Darcy, Maione, Reich group means they could still hop in to one of those spots and claim a BYE to the Elite8.  Wins also mean they will lock up Top-8 spots and, thus, miss the Opening Round.. Now if either Team Loses.. They open themselves up to be caught by either Teams Cohen or Hoops4Health in Week 7.. That means there’s a chance one of them could fall to #9 to start the Playoffs and that means they have to play in the Opening Round. Both Teams have tough matchups a head too.. Much intrigue surrounds these two crews next week!


t-7. Team Cohen (Crystal Lake CDJ) – 3-3

t-7. Team Hoops4Health (iHotel) – 3-3

Fitting we have those two Teams clumped together at the .500 mark with a week left to play..

Team Hoops4Health is one of our more athletic Teams in the league, but they ran into a powerhouse this week.  It isn’t often that a Team scores more than 100 points in 44 minutes of basketball and loses, but such was the case for these guys this week.  They were shorthanded, missing Captains Brett and Brendan, but still managed to keep this one competitive.  

Team Cohen battled on Tuesday.  We’ve said it before and it always holds true – take away the leading scorer from a given Team and, in this League, coming away with the win will be extraordinarily difficult to do.  Well, Justin Bowen played, but it was only in the second half.  He did all he could to bring Team Cohen back from their deficit, but it wasn’t enough, and these guys have now dropped a couple in a row.  No worries, though, because any team with Justin Bowen can win on any given Tuesday.

In terms of scenarios.. They are right on the cusp of getting into the Top8.  They will need Wins and then root for Losses by Teams Dean and Lalez. If that happens it’s very possible they will be able to get a BYE to the Round of 12 as a Top-8 seed. Should either Team Lose they will likely fall out of the Top-8 and have to play an extra Opening Round Game when the Playoffs start. You never want to put your Playoff lives on the line more than is necessary. Team Cohen gets Team Nemetz in Week 7 and Team Hoops4Health battles Team Wong.


t-9. Team Clark (Bell’s Greek Pizza) – 2-4

t-9. Team Halperin (Starr Limo) – 2-4

t-9. Team Purimetla (Sushi Kushi Too) – 2-4

t-9. Team Sider (VIP Limo) – 2-4

t-9. Team Wong (SLA Insurance Green) – 2-4

Total log-jam at 2-4..  Here’s the simple math.. If both Teams Cohen and Team Hoops4Health win in Week 7 then all of these Teams will finish somewhere in the #9-16 range and thus have to compete in the Opening Round.. Should one of those Teams lose however, it opens the door for one of these five 2-4 Teams to win and then grab a share of the 8 spot.. We’d then have to go to some tiebreakers to figure out who gets the nod.. Either way.. They will have to scoreboard watch and root…

Team Clark is hard to figure out.  Captain Rodney delivered the goods this week, and had plenty of help from Matt Merrigan.  They were without Warren Milla so they knew they needed to pick up some extra slack..  That’s exactly what happened.  These guys couldn’t miss from the outside and picked up a much needed win as we near the Playoffs.

Team Purimelta had a strong performance on Tuesday and earned their 2nd W.  Lead by Tobias Dwumaah and Lucas Kisielewski, they showed their size and athleticism and put a ton of pressure on the Team Cohen Defense.  It took a few Weeks for these guys to figure out their identity, but it seems they’ve found their groove a bit, and will be a dangerous Team moving forward. They will be better than their seed indicates. Scary for others.

Team Wong ran into a very hot Team Clark, and even a typical performance out of Lane Barlow wasn’t enough to get out in front in this one.  These guys never stopped clawing, though, as they managed to make it a two possession Game in the end.  These guys can go toe-to-toe with any team in this League, and they know it.

For Team Halperin, Kyle Nelson is an asset, one of the best we have in our All Sports Series network of players, but a team needs more than just Nelson if they’re going to steal a win from #1 Team Zahniser.  Nelson was getting double-teamed, and these guys didn’t have enough offensive options to keep up with their efficient opponent.  Team Zahniser is as tough as it gets as evidenced by their 6-0 record. Just need to move on to the next one.. They get 1-5 Team Prizant to finish the season.

Team Sider knew it wasn’t going to be easy when they saw Team Maione on their schedule, but I don’t think they imagined it going quite the way it did.  Team Maione was as hot as we’ve seen them in 2016 (which is a lot of Games dating back to the Chicago Hoops League) To be fair, these guys were missing key contributors on the offensive end, and if you’re going to compete with Maione, you need a lot of offense.  Fortunately for these guys, they’re veterans.  They’ll find a way to bounce back and continue to compete moving forward as the Playoffs draw near.


t-14. Team Nemetz (Wedge) – 1-5

t-14. Team Playner (Kelly Parker HC) – 1-5

t-14. Team Prizant (Farm Lake Barn) – 1-5 

The final 3 Teams in the Standings know that they will finish in the #9-16 seed range to begin the Playoffs.. However, there’s a big difference in Playoff journeys between starting at say #12 and #16.. They have a ton to play for in Week 7..

Captain Ari Nemetz actually had his best squad out there this week, but they were put to the test against the Defending Champs.  They had a plethora of sharp shooters waiting for their shot on the perimeter, and they hit a lot of them, but they didn’t have enough to stop Team Darcy from getting into the paint on the defensive end.  If this group of guys can consistently show, down the stretch, they’ll have serious potential as a Cinderella in the tournament.

Team Prizant is a feisty Rookie group (to the Summer Hoops League) and playing a team of crafty Champions.  Tempers flared in this one, and all the while these guys kept the Game very close through the start of the second half.  Captain Jake shot the ball well for these guys, but it wasn’t enough to stick with Team Lalez this time around.

Rough one for on Tuesday night for Team Playner.  Team Dean was hot out of the gate and really never slowed down.  It would have taken a perfect performance out of these guys, and they just didn’t have it.  Leo Schubert played well for these guys, and Captain Axel scored the ball as he usually does, but they struggled, as do most teams, to stop Courtney Griffin inside.


That’s it for the Playoff scenarios. See everyone for the Regular Season finale on Tuesday!

-Holden and Jack