2016 East Lansing – Week 1 (Feb. 14)

Updated: February 18, 2016

On Sunday Night, All Sports Series returned to East Lansing, MI for a Valentine’s Day addition of Week 1!  The East Lansing Campus League features two divisions of Teams (Men’s and Co-Ed) vying for their respective Crowns later this Spring.. Week 1 showcased the full arsenal of what All Sports Series offers.. The Co-Ed League had All Sports Series’ first ever Indoor Soccer Game while the Men’s League featured Dodgeball, Floor Hockey and Hoops in Week 1! Want to make sure everyone has seen the full season Schedule.

For those playing in their first All Sports Series League, this is what you can expect from the weekly Power Rankings article.. Each week we’ll take a statistical look at the Teams in both divisions and Rank them 1-5 (Men’s) and 1-2 (Co-Ed) with the remaining UnRanked Teams listed alphabetically.. You can also count on a Link to the Weekly Highlight Video (<– Click right there!)   Also, if you have ever want to find any info on the League.. Go to Campus League > East Lansing.. Everything you’d need from Stats to Schedules to Standings etc. will be found there..

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This Week the Men’s League will go first with the Rankings, so if you are looking for Co-Ed scroll down just a bit! OK Let’s Rank ’em!


Men’s League Power Rankings

1. Team AEPi SR (Campus View Apartments Red) – Currently in 1st with 30 points

Coming at #1 for the first Power Rankings of 2016 is a cast of veterans led by Captain Jacob Serck.. Team AEPi SR.  They started 2016 off in a huge way by basically sweeping a Double Header.. They took 1st place in Dodgeball netting 15 points and followed up in the next hour with a Floor Hockey W against Team SNU JR/SR.  This group has as much experience as any in the field and should be able to maintain their spot at the top for some time.. Captain Serck set the tempo nicely for his group by going for a League Leading 8 Goals in Floor Hockey on Sunday Night.  This crew is searching for their first Crown and as of Sunday Night they may just be the favorites.. They’ll have some familiar foes in Week 2 Hoops, as they take on Team AEPi FR/SO.


2. Team Pike (Spare Time Entertainment) – Currently tied for 2nd with 15 points

Team Pike is also around for their 2nd go-around in All Sports Series in 2016.  This year, they are under new leadership, as Captain David Weatherford has taken the reigns.. Last year, they got out to an extremely fast start and headed into the Playoffs as one of the favorites. They couldn’t quite get to the Crown but they seem determined to do it this year.. They got a big Week 1 W in Hoops against Team SNU FR/SO and that was thanks in large part to Spencer Lingeman’s FORTY point outburst.  Big Night.  They’ll have a Double Header (and, thus, an opportunity to catch Team AEPi SR in the Standings)  in Week 2 of Dodgeball and a Floor Hockey matchup with #3…


3. Team Rijos (Campus View Apartments Blue) – Currently tied for 2nd with 15 points

Getting a W in their first East Lansing League action was Team Rijos who come in at #3 this week.  Their Captain Parker Rijos is no stranger to All Sports Series. He’s taken a Team to the Championship in the very deep 20-Team College/Prep Summer League held in Highland Park, IL.  He knows how to get his group through the rigors of All Sports Series and that experience will be vital. Junior Abballah had a great first night scoring 28 to lead his Team in scoring. They will also have a Double Header next week as they’ll play both Dodgeball and Floor Hockey (in a match-up with #2 Team Pike).


4. Team Neistein (Bell’s Greek Pizza) – Currently in 4th with 10 points

Team Neistein checks in at #4 for the first Men’s Power Rankings of the Season. Many will remember this group from last year playing under the “ATO” banner.. Captain Neistein is no stranger to leading a group through All Sports Series and his group will surely rely on that as the season wages on. They managed to grab 2nd in Dodgeball on Sunday Night in their first action of 2016 and nabbed 10 points in doing so. They will look to climb up a spot or two in both the Standings and Power Rankings next week when they take to the Hoops court against #5…


5. Team SNU JR/SR (Campus View Apartments White) – Currently in 5th with 6 points

Rounding out the Top 5 this week is a veteran group led by Mitchell Schwartz and Pat Beaudoin.. They took 3rd in Dodgeball and in doing so held onto a key 6 points in the Standings.. It may not seem like a huge deal after Week 1 but every point will matter when it comes time for the Playoffs. This group has a few guys who played in 2015 and they experienced a good amount of success. Let’s see if they can build on that and take earn Sigma Nu their first All Sports Series crown.


Rest of the Pack (Alphabetical Order

Team AEPi FR/SO (Schweitzer Title Gray),

Team Sigma Chi (Campus View Apartments Lime),

Team SNU FR/SO (Schweitzer Title Gold) – All Currently tied for 6th with 0 points

The SNU FR/SO are getting their first run as a unit in All Sports Series and with so much experience on the other Teams it may take them a couple of weeks to really get going.. The beauty of All Sports Series is that the season is much longer than other Leagues and they have plenty of time to gel as a unit before the Playoffs kick into gear in April.  They clearly have talent on the Team and will improve each week.. Matthew Kelley led all scorers in Hoops on Sunday Night with FORTY-ONE points! Amazing Debut.


Co-Ed Power Rankings

1. Team Linden/Grove (Schweitzer Title) – Currently in 1st with 15 points

A few things that no one will ever be able to take from them.. They won the first ever Co-Ed Game in East Lansing. They won the first ever Indoor Soccer Game in All Sports Series history.  They will always be the first Team to get to the #1 spot in the East Lansing Co-Ed League.. Now that all of those firsts are out of the way, we can look ahead for them.. They are Captained by Zach Neistein, an All Sports Series veteran at this point and showcased a ton of depth.. Mitchell Kontarev netted TEN Goals and Paul Hasson tallied 7 in the W.. It’ll be very interesting to see if they can apply the soccer talent they showed last Sunday Night to the Dodgeball court!


2. Team Hillel (Campus View Apartments) – Currently tied for 2nd with 0 points

Team Hillel took a L in their first match-up on Sunday Night but battled valiantly and showed that they will certainly be reckoned with as the East Lansing League wages on.  It was a high scoring affair on Sunday Night that saw Jacob Saroli, Greg Griffin and Tom Ward all get a hat-trick in their first Soccer Game.  Excited to see what else is in store for this Group moving forward!

Rest of the Pack (Alphabetical Order

Team (Ella Designs Jewelry)

Team (Spare Time Entertainment) 


That’s it for this Week! Have a great week and see you for Week 2 action on Sunday!