2016 East Lansing – Week 2 (Feb. 21)

Updated: February 25, 2016

Just like that we have two weeks in the books out in East Lansing!  Week 2 provided each Team with a new avenue to showcase their skills and also allowed some Teams to start really separate themselves from the pack as early favorites.. More on that in just a bit.. Here’s a Link to the Weekly Highlight Video!  

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Co-Ed is up first this week!


Co-Ed Power Rankings

1. Team Linden/Grove (Schweitzer Title) – Currently in 1st with 30 points

Team Linden/Grove is rolling!  They got another big W and this it was on the Dodgeball Court.  Captain Zach seems like he has a true Championship contender here and as the weeks wage on we’ll see just how dominant they can be! Co-Ed has a Double Header this coming week as they will take to the Hoops court for the first time and then get back to Dodgeball for the final time as well. Great work!


2. Team Hillel (Campus View Apartments) – Currently in 2nd with 9 points

Team Hillel came oh so close to gaining their first W of the Season on Sunday Night as they took Team Linden/Grove to the wire in Dodgeball. It was a competitive match with both Teams showing real potential throughout.. They did manage to get their first points of the season toward the Standings and now can look toward catching #1 Team Linden/Grove.. As mentioned above, Co-Ed has a Hoops/Dodgeball Double Header this coming Sunday Night for Week 3! Good Luck!


Rest of the Pack (Alphabetical Order)

Team (Ella Designs Jewelry)

Team (Spare Time Entertainment)


Men’s Power Rankings

1. Team AEPi SR (Campus View Apartments Red) – Currently in 1st with 45 points

The AEPi SR squad is running roughshod over the Men’s League through two weeks.. Through Week 2, they have gotten Ws in three sports: Dodgeball, Floor Hockey and most recently Hoops.  This latest W comes at the expense of their little bros. the AEPi FR/SO crew..  Camp Ojibwa’s own Ryan Grosinger went for 35 points on Sunday Night to set the tempo and help ensure another W for the #1 Team in East Lansing.  They look to continue their dominance next week in Floor Hockey against Team SNU FR/SO.


2. Team Pike (Spare Time Entertainment) – Currently in 2nd with 30 points

They left Sunday Night still back just 15 points in the Standings of #1 Team AEPi SR.. They got a big Floor Hockey W in Week 2 against Team SNU FR/SO and looked very good doing so.. Charlie Ryder earned a Touchdown and the extra point with SEVEN Goals and teammate Eric McClean had SIX of his own. They were an absolute force on Offense and got themselves a nice W in the process. They get Team Neistein next week as they get right back on the Floor Hockey court.


3. Team SNU JR/SR (Campus View Apartments White) – Currently in 3rd with 21 points

Picking up their first true W of the season was the JR/SR squad from Sigma Nu. They got a nice Hoops victory over Team Neistein on Sunday Night and it was enough to leap up all the way into the #3 spot following Week 2.   Tom Ward continued to be a standout as we scored 17 points in this one. Mitchell Schwartz also chipped in 11 points in the W. They along with the rest of the Men’s League will have Floor Hockey in Week 3 and they’ll look to continue leaping up the Power Rankings.


4. Team Neistein (Bell’s Greek Pizza) – Currently in 5th with 10 points

Team Neistein battled with Team SNU JR/SR in what was a very evenly matched Hoops contest on Sunday night. Unfortunately, they came up just a bit short.. They did manage to hold on to the #4 spot though as it was a night where the Top Teams got Ws and no one really made a move at the bottom of the Standings.. Benjamin Weinstock had 24 and Captain Neistein had 23 in the Loss.. This is a group that has several Ws still in store for them and they look to make a real splash in Week 3 when they take on #2 Team Pike in Hockey.


5. Team Rijos (Campus View Apartments Blue) – Currently in 4th with 15 points

Rest of the Pack (Alphabetical Order)

Team AEPi FR/SO (Schweitzer Title Gray) – Currently tied for 6th with 0 points

The young guns from AEPi had a tough test in Week 2 as they had to go toe to toe with their own Seniors.. #1 AEPi SR is looking like the ultimate favorites for the Men’s League early and it’s no shame to drop one to them.. The FR/SO crew are going to get better with time as experience plays a huge part in All Sports Series. Captain Alex netted 11 points on Sunday Night.. As they look ahead to Week 3 They will take on Team Rijos in Floor Hockey.  Both Teams will want that one desperately.


Team Sigma Chi (Campus View Apartments Lime) – Currently tied for 6th with 0 points

Team SNU FR/SO (Schweitzer Title Gold) – Currently tied for 6th with 0 points

The FR/SO of Sigma Nu ran into a buzzsaw that was the Team Pike Offense in Floor Hockey on Sunday Night. Not much they or anyone else could have done really.. Sometimes, the Schedule is your biggest enemy.. Still, they had moments to shine, including Matthew Kelley’s 4 Goal Game.. They will once again take to the Floor Hockey court on Sunday Night and this time they will take on #1 AEPi SR. Can they pull the shocker!?


That’s it for this week. Have a great weekend and get ready for Week 3!