2016 Suburbs Adult – Championship Wednesday (Aug. 24)

Updated: August 28, 2016

NEW CHAMPIONS! NEW CHAMPIONS! We will get into all of the action from Championship Night below but first we need to congratulate some Teams who grabbed Crowns on Wednesday!  First, a huge congratulations goes out to Team Whitehead who needed two victories on Wednesday Night to claim the first ever Adult Co-Ed League Crown!  Then, for the 3rd time in 4 seasons, Team Kahn hoisted the Adult Men’s League Crown! Congrats goes out to Captain Trevor and co.!

Here’s the Link to the Weekly Highlight Video!

Co-Ed Playoff Review

SEMIS: 1. Team Whitehead (Beelow’s) v. 3. Team Sternberg (SLA Insurance)

These two squads would meet with a spot in the Championship against Team Erjavac on the line! Team Sternberg qualified last Wednesday with a thrilling W in walk-off fashion to send 4. Team Gordon home in the Opening Round of the Playoffs.. 1. Team Whitehead faced-off with Team Erjavac last week and came up on the losing end of a tough battle.. Team Sternberg certainly entered with the momentum between these two Teams.. That was quickly taken away though as Team Whitehead was not messing around early in this Game.. They put up 13 in the first inning and that was all they would need (and then some) to advance. 1. Team Whitehead would advance to the Championship!

For Team Sternberg, it was pleasure to have them in the first installment of the Co-Ed League. They were such a fun group and competed in the best way.  Thank you again for playing!


CHAMPIONSHIP: 2. Team Erjavac (Dr. Jacob D.D.S.) v. 1. Team Whitehead (Beelow’s)

The stage was then set for the Rematch from the week prior.. Would Team Whitehead exact Revenge and grab the Crown or would Team Erjavac take care of business for the second straight Week?  Early on, it was clear that Team Whitehead was going to ride the wave of momentum they were on from the Semi-Final Game.. They started up very fast and grabbed a big time lead and never looked back! 1. Team Whitehead would Win the first ever Adult Co-Ed League Championship! More on them below..

For 2. Team Erjavac, led by Co-Captains Ryan and Eric Hernandez.. They add another runners-up to their mantle.. This group has been to plenty of Championship Game throughout the years (previously in the Adult Men’s League) but they are yet to breakthrough and grab that first Crown.. They will leave disappointed but should look back on this first run very fondly. They were a great Team and got so close to the Crown.  They were great to have in the League and will enter next year’s Co-Ed League among favorites to take the whole thing! Thanks for playing!

To the Champs, congrats again! Captain John and co. had a great summer. They entered the Playoffs as the #1 seed due to great teamwork and depth.. They also faced some adversity as they fell in the opening round of the Playoffs but showed the heart of a Champion on the League’s final night to fight to the Crown! Thanks for playing and see you next Summer for the Repeat!


Men’s Playoff Review

SEMIS: 2. Team Lemick (Cy Fredrics) v. 3. Team Wolf (Twice as Fit)

These two squads have met countless times throughout the years and have developed quite the Rivalry.. They have matched up in the Playoffs on numerous occasions.. Last year, at this very stage, these two squads met (on the softball diamond) and Team Wolf won en route to knocking off Team Kahn (sound familiar?) and claiming their second Crown in Franchise history.. Fast forward a year and here we are again.. Only this time on the Basketball court.. Team Lemick took an early lead and would eventually earn a double digit lead.. Team Wolf would battle back however as we have seen them do many times throughout the years.. It was tight late and Team Wolf just made more plays in the closing moments.. 3. Team Wolf would advance to the Championship Game!

For Team Lemick, they lost in heartbreaking fashion.. 1 point separated them from their first trip to the Championship Game. They had a very successful season though and they truly earned that second overall seed. Captain Jordan and co. are a staple of the Men’s League and they will be among the favorites to take the Crown in 2017. Thanks for playing!


CHAMPIONSHIP: 1. Team Kahn (The Karyn Collection) v. 3. Team Wolf (Twice as Fit)

When the dust settled from that intense Semi-Final battle, we were left with a familiar setting.. Teams Wolf and Kahn in the Championship Game.. This is the 5th year of the Adult Men’s League..  Both of these Franchises hold two Crowns.. Team Wolf in 2011 and 2015.. Team Kahn in 2013 and 2014.  In many ways this was a necessary Legacy Game. Who would be the first to 3 Crowns?  Could Team Wolf go Back2Back or would Team Kahn make it 3 in the last 4 Summers?

As the Game got going, Team Wolf was clearly exhausted, and rightfully so after their slugfest with Team Lemick just minutes before.. Whereas last Summer, Team Wolf utilized the momentum of winning a playoff Game coming into the Championship, this Summer was the exact opposite.. They were just gassed.. Team Kahn built up an early lead by halftime and it was enough to pull away and get the W. Team Kahn Wins the Adult Men’s League Championship! More on them in a bit..

For Team Wolf, they wouldn’t go down without a fight.. That resilience was the key ingredient in them winning the whole thing last Summer and way back in 2011 as well. They are a founding father to this League and will be among the top threats to the Crown year in and year out for as long as they continue in All Sports Series. Captain Dan and co. are always a pleasure to have out there on Wednesday Nights. Thank you again for playing! See you next June 🙂

For Team Kahn, 3 Crowns in 4 years puts them in a League of their own when looking at other All Sports Series franchises. They have finished in 1st place in 4 straight Regular Seasons as well. Aside from last year’s Championship Game, they have been virtually unbeatable since 2012. That is a LONG time on top.  These guys have earned every ounce of their success and will no doubt be back to try and claim their second Back2Back in 2017. Thanks for playing and Congrats again to the Champs!

That’s it for 2016! Thanks again to all the Players!