2016 Suburbs Adult – PLAYOFFS (Aug. 17)

Updated: August 18, 2016

Next week, we Crown Champions!

Here’s the Link to the Weekly Highlight Video!


Co-Ed Playoff Preview

Game 1 – Non-Elimination Game 

1. Team Whitehead (Beelow’s) v. 2. Team Erjavac (Dr. Jacob D.D.S.)

Stakes were high in this one.. The Winner of this Game would move on to the Championship Game next Week while the Team that lost would have to play the Winner of the Sternberg/Gordon Game to try and claw their way to the Championship..  Team Erjavac got off to an early lead behind a 4-run 1st inning and they rode that lead the entire Game.. Team Whitehead would fight back but they could never quite recover.. 2. Team Erjavac advances to the Championship! Team Whitehead will now have to take on 3. Team Sternberg (yes, spoiler alert) and the Winner of that Game will play 2. Team Erjavac for the Crown!


Game 2 – Elimination Game

3. Team Sternberg (SLA Insurance) v. 4. Team Gordon (Tamales)

Doesn’t get any bigger than this.. The Winners’ season continues on and the Losers go home for the Summer.. Team Gordon struck first and took a 3-0 lead in the early stages of the Game.. Team Sternberg would chip away at the lead and they would actually tie the Game before the final inning.  Team Gordon couldn’t drive in a go-ahead run in the top half and in the bottom of the inning Team Sternberg would score their 4th and deciding run! 3. Team Sternberg advances to next week’s Semi-Final matchup!  They’ll take on 1. Team Whitehead and the Winner of that Game will compete with 2. Team Erjavac for the Championship!

For Team Gordon, it was their best Game of the Season. They have to leave encouraged with their improvement throughout the Summer. They had fun each week and have a strong core as we look ahead to next year. Hopefully see you in 2017 and thanks for playing!


Men’s Playoff Review

Game 1 – Non-Elimination Game 

1. Team Kahn (The Karyn Collection) v. 2. Team Lemick (Cy Fredrics)

The stage was set here in the nightcap.. One of these Teams would move on to the Championship Game and the other would have to battle it out with the Winner of the Wolf/Hernandez Elimination Game (Team Wolf would win that) in order to earn their spot in the Championship. So a Rematch is certainly possible next week.. Team Lemick would score the first couple runs of the Game but Team Kahn would answer back in a big way and before long took a commanding lead.. 1. Team Kahn would advance to the Championship for the 4th straight Season!  Incredible… Team Lemick will now have to take on Team Wolf in the Semi-Finals (Hoops) and the Winner of that Game will get a shot at Team Kahn for the Crown next Week!


Game 2 – Elimination Game

3. Team Wolf (Twice as Fit) v. 4. Team Hernandez (Sunset Foods)

One of these Teams would move on and the other would go home.. We’ve seen this match-up numerous times throughout the years and even in Championship Games.  The Championship Game in 2012, where Team Wolf won their first of two Adult League Crowns.. Team Hernandez is still searching for that Crown.. This was a 0-0 Game through the early stages.. Eventually Team Wolf would break through to get a 5-1 lead. They’d take that lead all the way and 3. Team Wolf would advance to next week’s Semi-Final where they will take on 2. Team Lemick to earn a spot in the Championship Game where 1. Team Kahn awaits.

For Team Hernandez, they leave this Summer without the Crown they so desperately are looking for.. However, they still had some great success this Season and Captain Eric will surely make some improvements to the squad before next season.. They are going to be in the hunt for as long as they play.. Many of these guys did qualify for the Co-Ed Championship next week and so maybe a Crown is not too far away after all. Thanks again for playing!


That’s it for this Week. Get Ready for next week’s Championship Wednesday!