2016 Suburbs Adult – Week 3 (July 6)

Updated: July 7, 2016

In what seemed like a long-shot on Wednesday morning, we were able to get all of our Games in on Wednesday Night! The Co-Ed League had a Double Header to make-up for their Week 1 rainouts.. A Kickball/Softball double dip!  Then in the nightcap, the Men’s League took to the Softball diamonds for the second straight week.. Lots in store for this Week’s Power Rankings!  Here’s a Link to the Weekly Highlight Video!


One more thing, before we get to the Rankings.. We have a TON of great sponsors for this Summer. If your Teams want to go out after the Games for a bite/drink.. We’ll have gift cards for our great partners: Biaggi’s, Beelow’s, Sushi Kushi Too, Tamales and BBQ Pit. Just let us know!


Power Rankings

1. Team Kahn (the Karyn Collection) – Men’s Division – Currently in 1st with 55 points.

Three Ws in a row to start the Season and the latest is definitely the sweetest of the bunch as they got a tiny slice of Redemption from last Summer’s Championship Game against Team Wolf.  Team Kahn had been waiting about 11 months to get back on the diamond and avenge their Championship Loss. That’s exactly what they did on Wednesday Night as they won 11-0 against the Defending Champs and ended the Rematch early.  Very impressive for the past 2x Champs. They get Team Hernandez in Flag Football next Wednesday Night.


2. Team Erjavac (Dr. Jacob D.D.S.) – Co-Ed Division – Currently in 1st with 60 points.

Off to a 3-0 start to the season after their Double Header sweep of Kickball against Team Gordon and Softball against Team Sternberg.  They are the likely favorites sitting at 3-0 as the Summer progresses.  They’ve now defeated each Team in the Co-Ed League.. They are on the radar as the Team with targets on their backs! They will certainly be pushed next Wednesday Night when they compete with Team Whitehead in Kickball!


3. Team Wolf (Twice as Fit) – Men’s Division – Currently in 3rd with 20 points.

The Defending Men’s League Champs take a stumble down the Rankings a bit this week.. They didn’t have their best on Wednesday Night and when you are playing against Team Kahn, that’s a recipe for disaster. We see this often times in All Sports Series.. The Rematch Game from past Championships will often go the way of the Runner-Up.. It just means so much more to them.. That’s exactly what happened this past week.. Next Wednesday the Champs look to rebound in Flag Football against another Rival – Team Lemick.


4. Team Whitehead (Beelow’s) – Co-Ed Division – Currently in 2nd with 40 points.

Team Whitehead dropped their Week 1 contest to Team Erjavac but bounced back in a big way on Wednesday Night as they swept their Double Header! Captain John was back in action and helped lead his Team to the W in Kickball over Team Sternberg and Softball over Team Gordon.  Team Whitehead emerged on Wednesday Night as the prime contender to Team Erjavac.. Who as luck would have it.. Will be Team Whitehead’s opponent on Wednesday Night as we turn back to Kickball!


Rest of the Pack (Alphabetical Order)

Team Gordon (Tamales) – Co-Ed Division – Currently in 4th with 0 points.

Team Gordon left Wednesday Night searching for their first W.. They competed with Team Erjavac in Kickball and Team Whitehead in Softball to finish the night. While they are hoping to get one in the W column soon, they are having a fun time out there and the end of the day that is the goal! They will get a chance to snap their skid next Wednesday Night when they take on Team Sternberg in Kickball!


Team Hernandez (Sunset Foods) – Men’s Division – Currently in 4th with 0 points.

Team Hernandez has been through it all in All Sports Series. They’ve been to 3 Championship Games in the Men’s League. They are no slouches. The roster has been renovated some and they just need some time to gel a bit more.  They are going to be just fine as the Summer wages on. They get old Rivals Team Kahn in Flag Football on Wednesday Night!


Team Lemick (Cy Fredrics) – Men’s Division – Currently in 2nd with 35 points.

Team Lemick would have been the #5 Ranked Team this week for the record. They got a key W against Team Hernandez on Wednesday in Softball. Rookie Steve Caringello had a great night at the plate to help secure the W. They welcome back Captain Jordan from a two week hiatus next week just in time for Flag Football. This group has seen success in Football over the years.. Especially Jon Gluskin. They have a date with Defending Champs Team Wolf.. A W next Week will get them back in the Rankings for sure.


Team Sternberg (SLA Insurance) – Co-Ed Division – Currently in 3rd with 20 points.

Just another reminder that this section is listed Alphabetically.. Team Sternberg’s Win in Week 1 is still more than a few Teams can say all season long so far!  They had a rough schedule on Wednesday Night as they faced the hungry Team Whitehead in Kickball and then Team Erjavac in Softball.  Looking ahead, they will have a rematch with Week 1 foe, Team Gordon in Kickball next Wednesday Night!


That’s all of this Week. See everyone on Wednesday Night at Danny Cunniff Park!