2016 Suburbs Adult – Week 4 (July 20)

Updated: July 21, 2016

Both Adult Leagues hit the lanes on Wednesday for the annual Bowling Night! It’s always one of the best evenings of the year and this Summer we were at Pinstripes in Northbrook.  There were some very impressive performances turned in throughout the night!  Julie Whitehead of Team Whitehead scored 162 in her second Game to become the top scorer on the female side.. Just narrowly edging out Sue Sternberg of Team Sternberg who had 155 and Sabrina of Team Gordon with 153!  On the Men’s side Josh Schwartz was hands down the best bowler in the Men’s League with games of 178 and 195!

Here’s a Link to the Weekly Highlight Video!

SCHEDULE NOTE — Make-ups for the Rainouts from last week will be posted soon!


Now a message from Alex and Sean of Twice as Fit (and Team Wolf):

Volleyball is a great sport that tests jumping ability, foot work, and upper body control. Having the ability to move around the court, track the ball, and work the ball can be helped by warming up the Hamstrings and Lat muscles.  The Hamstring muscles, the back of the thigh, help us move side to side effectively on the court, while the Lat muscle helps us control the ball with our arms in setting, spiking, and passing. Make sure to warm up prior to your match this week!

One more thing, before we get to the Rankings.. We have a TON of great sponsors for this Summer. If your Teams want to go out after the Games for a bite/drink.. We’ll have gift cards for our great partners: Biaggi’s, Beelow’s, Sushi Kushi Too, Tamales and BBQ Pit. Just let us know!


Power Rankings

1. Team Kahn (The Karyn Collection) – Men’s Division –  Currently in 1st with 61 points.

Team Kahn holds the top spot this week as they still have the most points of any Team in either Division through 4 weeks of competition and have yet to lose head to head this Season.. When taking their Top-7 Games, they finished with an average of 124 which was good enough for 3rd in the Men’s Division.. They missed 2nd by just 1 point to Team Hernandez.  Scott Midia was great on this night for them. They set their sights to Volleyball next week!


2. Team Wolf (Twice as Fit) – Men’s Division – Currently in 2nd with 38 points.

Team Wolf climbed up a spot this Week after winning the Men’s Division Bowling night and they got 18 points in the Standings as a results. Their Top-7 Games earned an average of 141 which destroyed the other groups in the Men’s Division.  Josh Schwartz, as mentioned at the top, did a ton to ensure his Team’s W on the night. Nick Rosa averaged 130 on the night as well. They look to keep the momentum up in Volleyball next week!


3. Team Whitehead (Beelow’s) – Co-Ed Division – Currently in 2nd with 58 points.

Team Whitehead was the big Winner of the night. Not only did they have the high average for the Co-Ed Division but their Top-7 average of 156 was the highest of any Team (including Men’s Teams) on Wednesday Night! The women on their Team were excellent as each one had at least one Game with 128+.  Just awesome!  Captain John also had the second best score of the night with 187.  They will turn their attention to Vball next week!


4. Team Erjavac (Dr. Jacob D.D.S.) – Co-Ed Division – Currently in 1st with 60 points.

We finally found something that they aren’t dominating the Co-Ed Division in.. They’ve been great all Summer but finished 4th in Bowling on Wednesday Night. No worries as they are still in 1st in the Standings and look to rebound in Volleyball next week!


Rest of the Pack (Alphabetical Order)

Team Gordon (Tamales) – Co-Ed Division – Currently in 4th with 6 points.

Team Gordon got their first points of the Summer in Bowling on Wednesday Night!  They finished 3rd in the Co-Ed Division and with that came 6 points!  This group should be solid at volleyball next week and are looking to make it two positive weeks in a row!


Team Hernandez (Sunset Foods) – Men’s Division – Currently in 4th with 12 points.

Team Hernandez is on the board after earning 2nd place in the Men’s Division in Bowling on Wednesday Night. They averaged 125 in their Top-7 Games and edged out Team Kahn by a point for 2nd. Matt Graber bowled multiple games in the 130s to help lead the way. The W is a nice momentum starter for them as they look to grab more points in Volleyball next Wednesday Night!


Team Lemick (Cy Fredrics) – Men’s Division – Currently in 3rd with 35 points.

Couldn’t add to their tally in bowling on Wednesday Night but they still had some nice Games.. Tom Brubeck averaged 130 on the night and Michael Raff had a Game in the 120s as well. They should be a solid bet for getting points in Volleyball next week!


Team Sternberg (SLA Insurance) – Co-Ed Division – Currently in 3rd with 32 points.

They earned 2nd place in the Co-Ed Division on Wednesday Night in a very impressive showing!  Tony went for 171 and 154 to help lead the way and as mentioned at the top Captain Sue went for 155 to become the 2nd highest scoring female on the night! This was a great bounce back week for them and they should hopefully keep it going!


That’s all of this Week. See everyone on Wednesday Night at the Rec Center for Volleyball!