2016 Suburbs Adult – Playoff Scenarios (Aug. 3)

Updated: August 5, 2016

Wednesday Night we got in our 6th set of Games and thanks to Mother Nature we will wrap-up the Regular Season next Week.  We saw a few Teams get much needed Ws on Wednesday Night and pull closer in the Standings as we head to the final Regular Season Games.  This week we’ll turn the Rankings into a Playoff Scenarios piece and discuss where Teams may fall and the implications that could arise based on next week’s action!

Here’s the Link to the Weekly Highlight Video!

Men’s Playoff Scenarios

1. Team Kahn (the Karyn Collection) – Currently in 1st with 94 points. 

They are locked in for the #1 spot for the 4th consecutive Summer. Their W on Wednesday Night over Team Wolf helped solidify that.. Captain Trevor led with 15 points on the night. That means whatever happens next Week in Flag Football that they will be one Win away when the Playoffs begin from the Championship.  They will compete against whoever lands in the #2 spot when the Playoffs begin in a non-Elimination Game and the Winner of that Game will go to the Championship!


2. Team Wolf (Twice as Fit) – Currently in 2nd with 50 points.

3. Team Lemick (Cy Fredrics) – Currently in 3rd with 35 points.

Going to go over both Team Wolf and Team Lemick together this Week.. Reason being, that next week they will meet in Flag Football with 25 points on the line.. Team Lemick currently trails by 15 points in the Standings.. So, the Winner of their Game next Week will grab the #2 seed in the Playoffs while the other Team will start in 3rd..

Here’s the difference.. The #2 seed will take on #1 Team Kahn in first week of the Playoffs. That will be a non-Elimination Game and the Winner goes to the Championship.. For the #3 seed.. They will have to face #4 Team Hernandez in the first Elimination Game of the Summer.. Huge implications next week!


4. Team Hernandez (Sunset Foods) – Currently in 4th with 33 points.

They got a big W on Wednesday Night which is huge for some momentum as the Playoffs draw near. Captain Eric had 19 in the W.  The way the Standings/Schedule play out.. They will be the #4 seed when the Playoffs begin.. This is what that means.. When the Playoffs begin, they will take on whoever loses the Wolf/Lemick Flag Football Game next week.. That means they will take part in the first Elimination Game of the Summer!


Co-Ed Playoff Scenarios

1. Team Whitehead (Beelow’s) – Currently in 1st with 90 points.

2. Team Erjavac (Dr. Jacob D.D.S.) – Currently in 2nd with 78 points.

Taking the Top-2 Teams together for sake of scenarios.. Team Whitehead’s pursuit of first place was finally realize on Wednesday Night following their W over Team Sternberg in Softball.  With the Win, they jumped Team Erjavac by 12 points as we head into the League’s final week.. As luck would have it, the two of these Teams will play in the Regular Season finale.. The sport will be Kickball and first place in the Regular Season will be on the line!  Here’s the thing.. Both Teams have locked up the Top 2 spots as we enter the Playoffs.. That means they will actually play again when the Playoffs begin in a Non-Elimination Game, with the Winner heading to the Championship Game.. These squads need to get used to each other.. It’s going to be an interesting couple of weeks!


3. Team Sternberg (SLA Insurance) – Currently in 3rd with 32 points.

4. Team Gordon (Tamales) – Currently in 4th with 26 points.

Based on what we just broke down above, the scenarios here are fairly obvious.. Teams Sternberg and Gordon will face off in the Regular Season finale next week. It will be Kickball.  Based on the Standings, they will actually play each other again when the Playoffs begin.. That will be the first Elimination Game of the Summer!  These Teams will be very familiar with each other a few weeks from now.. It’s anyone’s guess who will move on!


That’s it for this Week. See everyone at Sunset Park next Wednesday!