2016 Suburbs College/Prep – CHAMPIONSHIP Wednesday (Aug. 3)

Updated: August 5, 2016

On Wednesday Night the College/Prep League Crowned it’s 7th Champion!  We need to lead with Congratulating 1. Team Wellek on truly earning the Championship in this their 5th Summer in All Sports Series.  They started as the youngest group in the League all the way back in 2012 and on Wednesday Night they finally grabbed that Crown they’d been hunting for so long! We’re going to review all of the Elite8, Final4 and Championship Games below.  Before we move any further, we just want to give a big Thank You to all the Players and Sponsors this Summer! It was another great season.

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Elite8 – Hoops

1. Team Wellek (Poopie Palz) v. 8. Team Kollada (Sushi Kushi Too)

As the Elite8 were solidified, this match-up really jumped off the page.. #1 Team Wellek has been at or near the top of the Standings all season long and went on to Win the Top-2 Game last week.. In doing so, they elected to take on #8 Team Kollada.. Aka the 2015 College/Prep Champs.  Something had to give.. Both Teams felt they deserved a spot in the Final4 but there’d be room for only one..

The Game was a defensive battle as both Teams really gave it their all on each possession. It remained close in the first half and after halftime.. Team Wellek then would go on a run as Tommy Sutker and Jack Gurvey scored on a few consecutive possessions to get them their first double digit lead of the Game. Herbie Marks would hit a few big 3s for the Defending Champs to try and keep it close but they would eventually run out of time. 1. Team Wellek would advance to the Final4!

For Team Kollada, they had another great season. Will they remember this one as fondly as last Summer? Of course not.. But it’s not easy to play with targets on your back week in and week out.. They managed to get to the Elite8 for the second straight year and this is nothing to sneeze at. Co-Captains Mike Kollada and John Phipps have assembled a force that will be back next Summer and hunting their second College/Prep Crown. No Team has ever gone Back2Back in the College/Prep League and very few hold two All Sports Series Crowns to their name.. Their story is just getting started and they look to add to it next Summer. Many of them will also take part in Campus Leagues throughout the year. Thanks for playing!


4. Team Zisook (First Bank of HP) v. 5. Team Gerszonovicz (Dr. Jacob D.D.S.)

Team Zisook was attempting to make their second consecutive Final4 while Team Gerszonovicz was looking to ride the late-season momentum they’d had into a big upset one of the best Hoops Teams in the League.. Team Zisook got ahead early but the lead was not a giant one. Team Gerszonovicz kept it within striking distance up to and through the halftime break.. As the second half wore on, much of the same continued.. It was no route, but 4. Team Zisook would advance to the Final4! Their Hoops depth was just too much to overcome and is a big reason why they are among the last four Teams playing once again in 2016.

For 5. Team Gerszonovicz, while they bowed out earlier than they hoped, they had a great run in their second Summer of All Sports Series. In July they really turned it on and showed why they are among the League’s best.. You have to wonder had they drawn a different Hoops opponent in the Elite8 if they would have been able to win the whole thing later in the night on Wednesday. They are among the best Footballers in the League.. One or two Hoopers away from this group being the favorites for the whole thing in 2017! Many of these guys will be playing in Champaign or Bloomington later this Fall. Thanks for playing!


2. Team Herz (StudentCity) v. 7. Team Kauss (TOW Caps)

When the Bracket came out.. It was clear what the Top-2 Teams would be playing for in last week’s Opening Round.. You see, the Winners of that Game would get to choose their side of the bracket for the Elite8.. A decision that really came down to avoiding #7 Team Kauss in Elite8 Hoops (assuming they made it that far).. Along with Team Zisook, Team Kauss has established themselves as the pre-eminent Hoopers in the League. No Team wants to see them on the hardwood.. Unluckily for Team Herz.. They fell to Team Wellek in the Top-2 Game and their consolation prize was having to take on #7 Team Kauss in the Elite8. Despite seeding, Kauss was the favorite and showed why early. They got to the 40 point mark in record time and coasted the rest of the way.. 7. Team Kauss would advance to their first Final4 and get some redemption on getting up ended a year ago by Team Kollada in the Elite8!

For Team Herz, what a great run.. Grabbing the #2 seed in a League this talented and deep speaks volumes to how good a squad they have assembled. Captain Eddie is one of the best in the League and understands how to a build a Championship level roster.. They will be back in 2017 and will be favorites for the entire thing once again.. Their only downfall was some bad luck in the bracket, and that usually has a way of coming full circle. Watch out for them next Summer. Thanks for playing!


3. Team Arenson (Spikeball) v. 6. Team Sutker (Camp Ojibwa)

When looking at the four Elite8 Games.. This one stood out as the one most likely to come down to the wire.. Both Teams have had tremendous seasons and are definitely strong Hoops Teams.  When the Game got underway there was a little bit of a feeling out process.. Neither Team was totally in rhythm.. Eventually they would get going but both Teams traded the lead multiple times in the first half.. Into the second half, Team Sutker at one point got up by 9 (36-27).. Team Arenson needed to make a run or their season would end.. With their backs against the wall.. That’s just what they did.. They would go on a 20-2 run from that point and eventually build a double digit lead of their own. They would ride that surge to the W. 3. Team Arenson would advance to the Final4!

For Team Sutker, in their second season, they were an Elite8 squad for the second straight summer.  That is a very hard thing to accomplish with the level of talent spread out in the College/Prep League.  They easily could lay claim to the best Football crew in the League.. This Team has a Crown in its future. Captain Teddy’s squad doesn’t even need to make any acquisitions.. With a bit more Playoff experience now under their belts and the right Playoff road, this group can win the whole thing in 2017. Thanks for playing!


Final4 – Softball

1. Team Wellek (Poopie Palz) v. 4. Team Zisook (First Bank of HP)

.. and then there were just four..  Both Green Teams earned their way to the Final4 with hard-fought Elite8 Hoops Ws.  This is a spot that Team Wellek has not been to before.. Although, they entered the #1 seed, you can’t really replicate the pressure of a Final4 or Championship Game.. Team Zisook, on the other hand, got to this stage a year ago.. They had Team Watts (since moved to the Chicago League) on the ropes and just couldn’t close the Game out.. It’s something they’ve thought about for a year…

As expected, this one was close from the first pitch to the last.. The Game flew by.. The Defense for both Teams were making tons of plays.. The score would get to 2-2 in the middle innings and wind up at 3-3 as we headed to the 7th. In that last frame, both Teams would strand runners and to extra innings we’d go.. In the Top of the 8, Team Zisook would manufacture some 2-out magic.. Luke Norica would hit a liner to right and Jacob Iden would be sent home on an apparent over-throw to 3rd.. Team Wellek rebounded wonderfully though after the over throw and thanks to a nice bounce was able to throw out Iden at home to keep the score locked at 3 as we headed to the Bottom of the 8th.  With the momentum on their side, Team Wellek loaded the bases and then Jack Gurvey stepped up to the plate with 1-out. He’d hammer a ball to right field and that was enough to drive in the Winning run.. 1. Team Wellek would advance to the Championship!

For Team Zisook, another season that ends in heartbreaking fashion.. The truth is they have been good enough in both of their All Sports Series campaigns to win the whole thing.. They’ve just come up a couple hits shorts two years in a row. This group is one of the Elite in the College/Prep League and it’s just a matter of time until they break through to the Championship and win it.  They will enter next Summer as a Team everyone fears (again).. Thanks for playing!


3. Team Arenson (Spikeball) v. 7. Team Kauss (TOW Caps)

As the other Final4 Game was finishing up.. This Game was just picking up.. More on that in a minute.. Both Teams were pumped to be in their first Final4 of the College/Prep League. Team Arenson grabbed an early lead in this one and were up by more than a handful of runs through the mid-point of the Game.. Team Kauss eventually would find a groove at the plate and cut the lead to 11-9 as we headed into the seventh and final inning.. Let’s just get this out of the way not.. The seventh inning was just nuts..  Team Kauss would get several hits to start the inning and actually would take a 12-11 lead.. Then, they’d get a 3run HR to further their lead to 15-11 before Team Arenson could get the 3rd out..  Team Arenson got 2 quick outs and their fate looked bleak.. But then, they got a couple base-runners on.. Before you know it, they hit a bomb to the outfield that gets past Team Kauss, and 3 Runs score!  With a runner on third they had gotten the Game to 15-14.. On the next pitch, there was a pop-up to third which Captain Jack Kauss would squeeze and 7. Team Kauss would advance to the Championship!

For Team Arenson, it was a crushing blow… They could taste victory and their spot in the Championship Game. Even in defeat they held their heads high and vowed to be back next Summer to claim what they got so close to on Wednesday Night.. The Crown.. Many of them will also take part in the Bloomington League this Fall at IU. Thanks for playing!


Championship – Flag Football

1. Team Wellek (Poopie Palz) v. 7. Team Kauss (TOW Caps)

Both Championship Contenders were riding a wave emotion.. They had both won two Games already during this Night and both had late Game heroics in the Final4 to make it to the Championship.. In a way this is a multi-year culmination for both Teams as well.. Team Wellek has been playing in the College/Prep League forever. They have paid their dues and are in the midst of a magical run as the #1 seed.. Team Kauss (as Team Nelson a year ago) had played in the Top-2 Game last season and were well on their way to what everyone thought would be a Championship trip before getting stunned in the Elite8.  This is something both Teams have been working for and only one would be able to come out on top..

The first snap of the Game, could not have gone much better for Team Wellek.. They would get around Team Kauss blockers and sack the QB in their own endzone for a Saftey.  From there, Team Wellek would get the ball and go on a commanding 10 minute drive where they picked up many key 3rd and 4th down conversions. QB Tommy Sutker was excellent in this Game (and with only one arm).  Their first two possessions would end in QB runs for TDs for Sutker.. Team Wellek would go into halftime with a commanding lead.. After the break it was much of the same.. Sutker would hit Zack Lieberman and Sam Meitus for scores and eventually take a 30-0 lead.. That was more than enough and 1. Team Wellek is your Champion!  More on them below.

For Team Kauss, they obviously ended the night with some disappointment but they should be proud of everything they accomplished.. Very few get to take part in a Championship Game.. They won a couple Playoff Softball Games this season.. Something they likely didn’t think would be a strong sport of theirs coming in.. They managed a comeback for the ages in the process.. They also took a big leap forward from a year ago. They still have a couple runs in the College/Prep League and if they can just grab a touch more depth to go along with their crazy Hoops skills they are the likely Team to beat a year from now.  Thanks for playing!

To the Champs Team Wellek.. First of all, get used to hearing that.   Congratulations on an unbelievable run to the Crown. This group had to Win 3 Games on the final night of the season in 3 different sports and took down three of the favorites in doing so.. They knocked off last season’s Champs, a Team who has made two straight Final4s and a group that was the top seed a year ago.. Not many are tested more than them. This group was well rounded and had great leadership from Nate Wellek and past Captain Jeremy Levin. Tommy Sutker played through the pain for the final two games of the season and they may not have won otherwise.. He was phenomenal at QB.  They made great off-season additions to add to their stellar core and were confident that they could do it.  This group has another summer coming and they will look to become the first bunch to ever go Back2Back in the College/Prep League. Congrats again to the Champs!


That’s it for the 2016 College/Prep League. Thanks for playing and see many of you on Campus this year!