2016 Suburbs College/Prep – PLAYOFFS (July 27)

Updated: July 30, 2016

and then there were just 8.. Well 9.. More on that in a second..  We had an intense opening night to the Playoffs on Wednesday and when the dust settled it was the higher seed moving on in just about every battle. While that may sound obvious.. It’s VERY rare to see it go chalk in All Sports Series and especially in the College/Prep League where we’ve seen multiple double digit seeds get to the Championship Game.  We saw #1 Team Wellek defeat #2 Team Herz in the Top-2 Game and as a result they get to pick their side of the Bracket for the rest Elite8.. There were a host of Elimination Softball and Football Games as well.. We’ll get to all of the action below!

Just a reminder, the Elite8 Hoops round, the Final4 Softball and Championship Flag Football all will take place next Wednesday Night!


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Sweet16 Review

3. Team Arenson (Spikeball) v. 14. Team Gordon (Gordon Bros. Steel)

#3 Team Arenson had one of the best Regular Seasons of any Team in the League this Summer. That is backed up by their #3 seed of course but if you dig deeper, you see that they had wins against #2 Herz and #4 Wellek and their only head to head Loss was with #1 Wellek all the way back in Week 1.  They have been tested and passed those tests more often than not. Standing in the way of their first College/Prep Elite8 is #14 Team Gordon who last year advanced to the Elite8 round themselves.  Team Gordon has also experienced a good amount of Softball success in year’s past so it seemed while the seeds may scream blowout, that we would be in store for a nice matchup.. Well, #3 Team Arenson didn’t want to let any drama fill the air on Wednesday Night and took care of business.. The Arenson brothers were fantastic at the plate and helped lead their Team to the decisive W..  They will head to the Elite8 Hoops Round next Week.

For Team Gordon, they just couldn’t get enough outs on Wednesday Night to advance past the tough #3 Team Arenson squad. It was another successful Summer though for Captain Eric and co. as they notched a couple Hoops Ws along the way.  We will certainly see Team Gordon back in one form or another in All Sports Series down the road.


4. Team Zisook (First Bank of HP) v. 13. Team Randall Pulfer (Once Upon a Bagel)

Team Zisook has been a favorite all Summer long. They are group that made it to the Final4 a year ago and got just a few plays way from the Championship Game. They stumbled in the final week and fell out of Top-2 contention and into the #4 seed but found themselves still more than ready to storm back to the League’s final night… Everything that was just said about Team Zisook was expected to be said about Team Randall Pulfer this season but it just wasn’t meant to be.. They had struggled a bit and found themselves with a very tough matchup in the Sweet16. Team Zisook is one of the better Football Teams around AND they’d be without Captain Randall on this night.. Luke Norcia made it a personal mission to ensure Team Zisook’s ticket to the Elite8 as he picked off not one but two passes and took them back to the house. This was all Team Zisook needed to secure the very tightly contested Game.. They’ll move on to the Elite8 for the second straight season.

For Team Randall Pulfer, it’ll be looked at as a season of “what could have been?”  They had all the makings of a Championship Team but just couldn’t make it work. Many of them had significant success in All Sports Series Leagues and many play throughout the school year in our various Campus Leagues. They will not have to wait long for a rebound. Thanks for playing!


5. Team Gerszonovicz (Dr. Jacob D.D.S.) v. 12. Team Fialkow (Baker Boys)

Coming into Wednesday Night this matchup had all the makings of being the Game of the Night and we mentioned as such last week in the Playoff Preview. Both Teams were capable of winning the whole thing and both have excelled in Flag Football in the past.. Well, they didn’t disappoint!  The first score of the Game, as in all great Football Games, was a Safety by Team Fialkow to grab a 2-0 lead.. Later, Captain Jonah would hit Alex Merritt for a TD and it would be 9-0 for the #12 seed… With their backs up against the wall, Team Gerszonovicz needed to make some plays or they’d be heading home.. That’s exactly what they did.. Matt Lowy would hit Adam Humerick not once but twice in the endzone to grab a 12-9 lead for #5 Gerszonovicz and that is how the Game would finish!  It was thrilling from start to finish and Team Gerszonovicz would move on to the Elite8!

For Team Fialkow, this group has been a staple in the College/Prep League for many years. They ended their season a bit sooner than they hoped but they still had a great run and will be back next Summer even stronger. For now, many of these guys will be playing in All Sports Series on campus.. Especially in the Champaign League this Fall. Thanks for playing!


6. Team Sutker (Camp Ojibwa) v. 11. Team Baum (ALX Salon)

A rematch from Week 1 that was fairly lopsided… Team Sutker ran away with that Flag Football Game back in June and as fate would have it, Team Baum would be faced with that challenge once again and this time with their Playoff lives on the line… This Playoff Game was much of the same from their Week 1 battle.. QB Cole Greenberg showed once again why he is the most electric Flag Football Player in the College/Prep League and his targets Hallvard Lundevall and Tommy Rudman weren’t half bad either..  They were just too much for Team Baum and they’ll move on to their second straight Elite8!

For Team Baum, it was a very solid Rookie campaign. Sometimes, match-ups can be killer and for year 1, Flag Football v. Team Sutker was certainly that. They leave their first Summer in All Sports Series with some real success however.. They crushed #2 seed Team Herz in Hoops back in June and got first in their VBall Group as well. They have the foundation for a future Championship squad.. They will be back and better in 2017! Thanks for playing!


7. Team Kauss (TOW Caps) v. 10. Team Sanchez (Sarkis Cafe)

Many were scoreboard watching this Game.. As everyone is well aware of Team Kauss’ basketball prowess. It would factor in to the Top-2 selection below, who won this Game, more on that in a bit..  This Game had all the makings of a tough contest.. Team Sanchez has been solid in softball before and Team Kauss, would admit that they’d rather play other sports than softball.. Well, that’s why we lace ’em up folks.. Team Kauss came out of the gates swinging.. and swinging some more.. Before you knew it they had built up a very large lead and this one was done early.  Team Kauss was going back to the Elite8 for the second straight Summer. A round that they were upset in, a year ago.. Can they get over the hump this Summer?

For Team Sanchez, they had a bunch of highlights this Summer even though it ends a bit earlier than they had hoped. You will certainly see Captain Joey and co. in future All Sports Series Leagues as they will be transitioning into our Chicago Leagues as soon as this Fall or Spring. Thanks for playing!


8. Team Kollada (Sushi Kushi Too) v. 9. Team Sledd (Sunset Foods) – POSTPONED

In an All Sports Series first, we don’t have a Winner to report on here.. yet… Defending Champs Team Kollada leads the Game 5-3 after the 5th inning, which is where we had to stop (for now) due to the lightning/storm sirens blaring before the final innings of the Game.  One of these Groups will find themselves in the Elite8 come Wednesday Night.


Top-2 Game

1. Team Wellek (Poopie Palz) v. 2. Team Herz (StudentCity)

The only “non-Elimination” Game of the Night is our Top-2 Game. Just because no one was to be eliminated doesn’t mean that the stakes were not high.. The Winner here would get to select their side of the Bracket for the Elite8.. A choice that would be between #7 Team Kauss or the Winner of the #8 Kollada v. #9 Sledd match-up.. That is a very large decision.  The Game itself was obviously between our two strongest Teams coming into the Playoffs. #1 Wellek and #2 Herz.  They will not see each other again unless both can find their way to the Championship Game.. This was a high scoring affair with both Teams having showing they can manufacture runs. The real difference here was Team Wellek had just a massive second inning where they scored 11 runs.. They were able to use that to control most of the Game and eventually earned the 15-10 W.

Team Wellek would earn the right to choose their side of the Bracket!