2016 Suburbs College/Prep – Week 5 (July 6)

Updated: July 7, 2016

We are through 5 sets of Games now in the College/Prep League — although some Teams have played just 4 times due to the Rain outs, and will have Double Headers soon — and as a result, the Playoff seeding is starting to come into focus.  Things have been hectic at the top of the Standings with Teams leapfrogging each other week after week.  As evidenced by the fact that we will have our third #1 Team this Season in the Rankings below! Here’s a Link to the Weekly Highlight Video!  

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OK Let’s Rank ‘Em!

Power Rankings

1. Team Zisook (First Bank of HP) – Currently in 1st with 80 points.

All the way up to #1 this week, and for very good reason, is Team Zisook. They are used to being at or near the top as they have been dominant in both the 2015 and 2016 Regular Seasons.  This past Wednesday Night, they swept a Double Header of Football v. Team Reece Pulfer and then for the Game of the Week.. They also defeated former #1 Team Kauss on the Hoops court in what we can only hope is a Playoff Preview.  David Sachs led the way with 20 in Hoops and Jacob Iden helped with 3 TDs on the gridiron.  They have an HP/DF showdown with Team Baum in Hoops next Week.. They’ll need that W to keep hold of a Top-2 spot!


2. Team Herz (StudentCity) – Currently in 2nd with 77 points.

Team Herz continues its rise.. They come in at #2 this Week.. Their highest Ranking ever in the College/Prep League. They destroyed Team Sanchez in Flag Football on Wednesday Night and slid into the 2nd spot in the Standings as well.  Brody Nash and Carlos Pineda connected for Touchdowns on 3 occasions.  They have an extremely important Hoops Game with #5 Team Arenson next Wednesday Night!


3. Team Wellek (Poopie Palz) – Currently in 3rd with 71 points.

Team Wellek is rolling right now and as a result they climb all the way up to the #3 spot in the Rankings. They also actually control their own destiny when it comes to the #1 overall seed in the Playoffs. Because of their looming double header, they actually have more points possible than both Teams Zisook and Herz who are currently 1 and 2 in the Standings. So, if Team Wellek can run the table over the next couple of weeks, they will be in the Top-2 Game and be the #1 overall seed.  Tommy Sutker was his usual great self on Wednesday Night.. Accounting for 5 TDs.. His favorite target Jeremy Levin hauled in two of them!  Hoops clash with #6 Team Sutker looms!


4. Team Kauss (TOW Caps) – Currently in 4th with 59 points.

Had a battle with #1 Team Zisook and their effort was cut short early when Ryan Bender went down with an injury in the opening part of the Game.. They still fought hard and hung tough but it was too much to overcome. Steve Vogrich had 23 in this one and Jack Wonham had 19.  They have another big Game looming with Defending Champs Team Kollada on the Softball diamond.


5. Team Arenson (Spikeball) – Currently in 7th with 52 points.

Team Arenson is on fire right now.  They just completed a 20-0 W over Team Maentz in Flag Football. Captain Josh Arenson had 2 TD throws including one to his Brother Daniel. They’ve also moved up to 7th in the Standings with the W. Next Wednesday, they have a huge showdown with #2 Team Herz in what should be the cea Study Abroad Game of the Week!


6. Team Sutker (Camp Ojibwa) – Currently in 5th with 56 points.

In a season of impressive Ws for Team Sutker.. This latest may be the most impressive.. They easily got past Team Randall Pulfer on Wednesday Night on the gridiron by a score of 21-0. Cole Greenberg showed again why he is one of the most electric Players in the League as he moved the Offense all night. They have a gigantic night ahead of them next Wednesday as they will take on Team Maentz in Softball and follow that up with a nightcap of Hoops against #3 Team Wellek!


7. Team Fialkow (Baker Boys) – Currently in 6th with 55 points.

Team Fialkow took a slight step backwards this Week as they dropped a Hoops contest with Defending Champs Team Kollada.  Josh Newlander did have 17 in the Game.  They are still in great shape as we head into the final couple of weeks of the Regular Season. With a couple more Ws they can find themselves with a top seed when the Playoffs begin. They have the quickly rising Team Sledd in a big Softball matchup next Wednesday Night.


8. Team Sledd (Sunset Foods) – Currently in 10th with 37 points.

From out of the Rankings all the way up to #8 this Week is Team Sledd! They swept a giant Double Header on Wednesday Night. First, they got a Hoops W over Team Gerszonovicz and then took their talents to the Flag Football field and defeated Defending Champs Team Kollada in the final moments of that one. Captain Sledd took one to the house. They leapfrogged 6 Teams on this night in the Standings as they climbed out of the basement. HUGE night.  They will now take on #7 Team Fialkow in Softball next week as they try to keep the momentum alive.


9. Team Gerszonovicz (Dr. Jacob D.D.S.) – Currently in 8th with 50 points.

They fell to #8 Team Sledd on Wednesday Night in Hoops. Seth Gilford did all he could, contributing 21 points in the Loss.  Again, they too are in fine shape in the Standings but a couple of important Games loom.. They have Team Reece Pulfer who are still looking for their first true W of the Season next Wednesday Night in Softball. Team Gerszonovicz could really use those 30 points to try and catch up to the top Teams in the Standings.


10. Team Kollada (Sushi Kushi Too) – Currently in 13th with 27 points.

The Defending Champs had a double dip on Wednesday Night.  They began the evening with a W on the Hoops Court over #7 Team Fialkow. Co-Captain John Phipps had 21 in the W.  Sam Kuznetsky had 15 as well. They then had a date with Team Sledd in Flag Football. It was a Defensive battle until the Games final moments when Team Sledd finally got scored on a short pass and long run.. It’s been a season of heart-wrenching defeats for the Defending Champs but the thing about being the Defending Champs is, they have been there before.. These guys could come in as the last seed in the Playoffs (they won’t) and still be favorited throughout the second season.  We aren’t worried about them one bit.


11. Team Gordon (Gordon Bros.) – Currently in 12th with 30 points.

Team Gordon moved to 2-0 on the Hoops Court this Wednesday Night with a thrilling W against Team Reece Pulfer in the closing moments. They sank a few clutch free throws to close it out.  Captain Eric had 18 points in this one to help secure the W.  They are back to their comfort zone of Hoops once again next Wednesday Night when they take on Team Sanchez.. Another Hoops W would pull them right into the middle of the pack of the Standings.


Rest of the Pack (Alphabetical Order)

Team Baum (ALX Salon) – Currently in 11th with 33 points.

Moral Ws don’t really help you in All Sports Series but Team Baum has to be encouraged from their second flag football Game of the season.. Especially given how the first went.. They weren’t able to defeat the powerhouse #3 Team Wellek but they kept it close throughout the Game and they now should have some confidence that they can move the ball and score. Captain Jordan tossed 4 TDs on Wednesday Night.  They have a huge showdown looming with HP Rivals and #1 Team Zisook in Hoops next Wednesday Night!


Team Maentz (Biaggi’s) – Currently tied for 15th with 6 points.

Want to give a feel better soon to Jack Hedstrom who got banged up in Flag Football on Wednesday. They didn’t come away with a W but they have a double header to look forward to next Wednesday Night. They will have Team Sutker in Softball first and then move on to play Team Randall Pulfer in Hoops.  All Sports Series is very much about matchups and momentum.. If Team Maentz can get hot next week, a couple Wins will really change their Playoff seeding!


Team Randall Pulfer (Once Upon a Bagel) – Currently tied for 14th with 18 points.

It has been an uncharacteristic season thus far for Team Randall Pulfer. They entered as one of the favorites and while the talent is still there, they are just not producing the way we are accustomed to seeing them.. That being said, their best Playoff runs have come from seeds in the middle of the pack.. They turn it on come Playoff time so don’t sleep on them! They have Team Maentz in Hoops next Wednesday Night in one that they need to right the ship..


Team Reece Pulfer (Testing Timers) – Currently tied for 15th with 6 points.

Team Reece Pulfer had a tough Double Header on Wednesday Night. They ran into juggernaut #1 Team Zisook in Flag Football first and then had to battle Team Gordon who is very feisty on the Hoops court.. They didn’t come away with Wins but they are improving. They fought til the end in Hoops and one more made shot could have been the difference..  Captain Reece had 25 in that one. They have Team Gerszonovicz in Softball next Wednesday Night.


Team Sanchez (Sarkis Cafe) – Currently in 9th with 49 points.

Just a reminder, this part is alphabetical.. Team Sanchez would have been #12 this week if we Ranked that many. They ran into #2 Team Herz in Flag Football on Wednesday Night and didn’t get their desired result. They are still in fine shape in the Standings though. They have a big battle with Team Gordon in Hoops on Wednesday Night as they try to turn it around in these next couple of weeks.


That’s it for this week. See everyone on Wednesday Night!