2016 Suburbs College/Prep – Week 6 (July 13)

Updated: July 14, 2016

Weather erased some of the Week 6 slate which is going to make for a wild conclusion to the Regular Season. We did have 5 Hoops Games still play on Wednesday Night.. Including a 3OT thriller.. We’ll get to that action below.  Before we get to the Power Rankings, we want to give everyone a breakdown of Playoff format..

All 16 Teams will make the Playoffs.  In the Opening Round.. The Top2 Teams will play in a non-Elimination Game and the Winner gets to choose their side of the bracket for the remainder of the Playoffs.   There will also be Opening Round ELIMINATION GAMES between 13/16 and 14/15.. In the Sweet16, starting with the 1 seed down, top seeds will get to pick between playing softball/football..  The Elite8 will be Hoops, the Final4 will be Softball and the Championship will be Flag Football.

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OK Let’s Rank ‘Em!

Power Rankings

1. Team Zisook (First Bank of HP) – Currently in 1st with 95 points.

Another week and another impressive big-time performance from Team Zisook. Jason Beerman, David Sachs and Jordan Krawitz combined for 75 points. They are in the driver’s seat for one of the Top-2 seeds following their Hoops W over Team Baum and as we head into the League’s final week.. The Top-2 finish is crucial as it means that they would a) get a BYE to the Elite8 and b) they would get a chance to play in the Top-2 Game, where the Winner gets to dictate their side of the bracket for the rest of the Playoffs. That’s a huge deal.


2. Team Wellek (Poopie Palz) – Currently in 2nd with 86 points.

With their big W over Team Sutker in Hoops on Wednesday Night and the Loss for Team Herz, they jump up to #2 in both the Power Rankings and the Standings. Tommy Sutker had 21 and Jack Gurvey had 14 in the W.  They will head into the League’s final week with complete control of their own fate.. They are going to have a Softball/Hoops double dip to finish the season and that means they still have 45 points left on the table.. If they continue taking care of business they will be part of the Top2 Game and earn a BYE to the Elite8 when the Playoffs begin.


3. Team Arenson (Spikeball) – Currently in 4th with 67 points.

When Team Arenson looks back on the season.. No matter where they finish.. They will remember this W in Week 6.  Their epic encounter with Team Herz lived up to the CEA Study Abroad Game of the Week billing.. The Game was knotted after 44 minutes. Then they were knotted after 1 OT.  Then they were knotted after 2 OT! In the 3rd and final Overtime (which was Sudden Death), Team Arenson managed to force a Foul and get to the Free Throw line where they Won the Game. It was a marathon and they earned it.  They are still alive for the Top2 Game if they manage to Win next week and a couple of the other top Teams Lose.. Either way they should be looking at one of the top seeds when the Playoffs begin.


4. Team Kauss (TOW caps) – Currently in 6th with 59 points.

Rained Out.


5. Team Herz (StudentCity) – Currently in 3rd with 77 points.

They were the other Team in the 3OT classic from Wednesday Night against Team Arenson.  It was a shame that either Team needed to lose that one.. Carlos Pineda had 21 and Brody Nash had 19 as these guys continue to bring it each and every week.  They are still in great shape in terms of the Standings and if either Team Wellek or Team Zisook falter in the League’s final week they could hop back up into the Top2. No matter what, Team Herz will be one of the favorites when the Playoffs start.


6. Team Fialkow (Baker Boys) – Currently in 8th with 55 points.

Rained Out.


7. Team Sutker (Camp Ojibwa) – Currently in 7th with 56 points.

They were scheduled to have a Double Header coming into Wednesday Night but the weather got a hold of their Softball Game (which will be made up.. again) and, so, they were left with just one Game.. A key matchup with Team Wellek in Hoops. They couldn’t come away with the W but they should remain confident as they continue to look strong every week. Cole Greenberg led with 23 points.  They are one of many Teams in the middle of the pack that are tremendously close in the Standings.  Just 17 points separate 4th and 9th place.. There is a TON that can happen in the League’s final week..


8. Team Sanchez (Sarkis Cafe) – Currently in 5th with 64 points.

Got a big time W on Wednesday Night. A one point victory over Team Gordon in a back and forth Hoops affair that was well-played and fun to watch.  They are right in the thick of it near the top of the Standings and if they can get a W in Softball in the League’s final Week against #2 Team Wellek they are still mathematically alive for a Top2 spot as well.  Big Week upcoming for them..


9. Team Sledd (Sunset Foods) – Currently in 10th with 37 points.

Rained Out.


10. Team Gerszonovicz (Dr. Jacob D.D.S.) – Currently in 9th with 50 points.

Rained Out.


11. Team Kollada (Sushi Kushi Too) – Currently in 14th with 27 points.

Rained Out.


Rest of the Pack (Alphabetical Order)

Team Baum (ALX Salon) – Currently tied for 11th with 33 points.

It would be tough to find a Team with a tougher schedule this season than Team Baum. Not only have they played some of the League’s best: #7 Team Sutker, #5 Team Herz, #3 Team Arenson, #2 Team Wellek and #1 Team Zisook (most recently) but they are also playing them in what most would consider their best sports.. Captain Jordan had 29 in their Hoops L to Team Zisook. It’s just been an uphill battle for them all season and as Rookies you have to feel for them.. That being said, they’ve still managed to accrue points and shouldn’t finish near the bottom of the Standings. In many ways, that’s a very impressive debut season.. They aren’t done yet and will have Softball to close out the Season and potentially jump into the middle of the pack.


Team Gordon (Gordon Bros.) – Currently in 13th with 30 points.

Heartbreaker on Wednesday Night for Team Gordon. The lead changed hands multiple times in their great game against Team Sanchez and in the end Team Gordon just came up a point short. Patrick Scanlon had 20 and Joe Good had 18 in this one. They went 2-1 in Hoops during the year and historically have excelled in Softball. If they can manage a W next week in Softball they may get up high enough in the Standings to choose Softball during the Sweet16 round as well..


Team Maentz (Biaggi’s) – Currently tied for 15th with 6 points.

They too had a Double Header scheduled before Mother Nature put the kibosh on Softball.. They still had a Hoops Game and went up against the always tough Team Randall Pulfer squad. They couldn’t come away with a W but they seem to be getting better as the season progresses. Gabe Krause had 13 in this one. Their double header will end up happening next week and if they can get some momentum going before the Playoffs start they have a chance to really surprise some Teams in August. We’ve seen double digit seeds win this League multiple times throughout the years.. Just keep that in mind.


Team Randall Pulfer (Once Upon a Bagel) – Currently tied for 11th with 33 points.

Finally back on track for Team Randall Pulfer.. They needed a W in the worst way and on Wednesday got one in Hoops against Team Maentz.  Ben Mirman and Jonny Chaiken both had double digits in the W.  They are set for a big time double dip in the League’s final week.. You have to know that all of the Teams in the League are keeping an eye on where they finish.. This is not a group you want to see staring you in the face early in the Playoffs. They are dangerous. No matter what seed they wind up with.  A couple more Ws next week and they can be right into the top half at the start of the Playoffs.


Team Reece Pulfer (Testing Timers) – Currently tied for 15th with 6 points.

Rained Out.


That’s it for this week. Cross your fingers for no more rain on Wednesdays! See everyone next week.