2016 Suburbs College/Prep – Weeks 3 and 4 (June 26 & 29)

Updated: June 30, 2016

It has been action-packed week in the College/Prep League!  On Sunday afternoon we had Volleyball (Week 3) and then this past Wednesday Night we had both Hoops and Flag Football (Week 4).. Some Teams even had a Double Header this past Wednesday Night to make-up their rain-outs from last Wednesday Night. So a TON is in store for the Power Rankings and Video this week! Here’s a Link to the Weekly Highlight Video!  

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OK Let’s Rank ‘Em!

Power Rankings

1. Team Kauss (TOW Caps) – Currently in 1st with 59 points.

Team Kauss is once gain atop the College/Prep League Power Rankings.. It’s the first time back since last season (when playing as Team Nelson) when they held down the top spot for much of the Summer.  They won not one but TWO Flag Football Games this past Monday Night and in doing so, leapt to the top of the Standings as well as we turn the page on June.  Ryan Bender is putting up MVP like numbers through the opening stretch of the season.. Andy Nelson (get better soon!) had a heck of a night as well before getting banged up. Matthew Talbot dazzled as QB for two consecutive Games as well.  They look almost untouchable in Hoops and Flag Football right now. Good Luck everyone else! A showdown with #2 awaits in the cea Study Abroad Game of the Week next Wednesday Night!


2. Team Zisook (First Bank of HP) – Currently in 7th with 43 points.

Team Zisook holds down the #2 spot once again this week even after the shake-up at the top. They are looking like their usual impressive selves as we head into July.  They managed to scrape together some points in VBall which has never been their strong suit and followed up with a big Flag Football W on Wednesday Night over Team Sledd.  Jacob Iden had a hand in all 3 scores for these guys.  They now look ahead to a clash with #1 Team Kauss in both Teams’ top spot of Hoops. It will be an absolute clash of the titans. The #1 spot will be on the line and it’s a key contest in the Standings as we start seeing the Playoff picture take focus.. However, they have to get through Team Reece Pulfer in Flag Football earlier in the night.. Double Header time!


3. Team Herz (StudentCity) – Currently tied for 2nd with 55 points.

Team Herz is at the highest we’ve ever seen them Ranked in their two years of All Sports Series and for good reason! They won their VBall Group on Sunday afternoon and managed to follow that up with a HUGE W over Rivals Team Sutker in Hoops on Wednesday Night. Brody Nash has been absolute force all season long and that continued this past Wednesday when he went for 22 points. Ari Hoffman added 14.  These guys are for real and it’s time everyone else takes notice. They can hold the Crown at Summer’s end. They have a big showdown with #8 Team Sanchez next week!


4. Team Wellek (Poopie Palz) – Currently tied for 5th with 49 points.

Up a spot after their Hoops W on Wednesday Night is Team Wellek. They defeated Team Maentz in an impressive contest.  They also grabbed 2nd in their VBall Group on Sunday and find themselves embedded in the top 5 of the Standings as well. Tommy Sutker led the way with 13 points and the returning Jeremy Levin had 9 for his squad as well. They’ll have a showdown with Team Baum in Flag Football on Wednesday Night.


5. Team Fialkow (Baker Boys) – Currently tied for 2nd with 55 points.

Rounding out the Top 5 this week is Team Fialkow. They started off Sunday by winning their VBall Group and picking up a big 18 points in the Standings.  Then, they had a double header of Flag Football on Wednesday Night which they managed to split.  They defeated Team Gordon and then fell to #1 Team Kauss.. No shame in that. Jake Santellano combined for 5 TDs on the night as QB (and a pick-6) to help get his group one W on the night.  They are going to take on a very hungry and anxious Team Kollada aka the Defending Champs in Hoops on Wednesday Night. That should be a great game!


6. Team Gerszonovicz (Dr. Jacob D.D.S.) – Currently in 4th with 50 points.

Not often we’ll see a Team leap outside of the Rankings all the way to the #6 spot but it’s also not too often we’re going to see a group sweep a Double Header of Flag Football either! That’s exactly what these guys did on Wednesday Night. First they defeated Team Gordon and followed that up with a 14-12 W over Team Kollada that came down to the final ticks.  They turned away a 2pt Conversion in the final minute to prevent Team Kollada from knotting the Game up.  Ryan Mass combined for 4 TDs on the night to lead the way and Matt Lowy had 3 as well. These guys can really play Football and with the way the Playoffs are setup they could make a magical run..


7. Team Arenson (Spikeball) – Currently in 10th with 30 points.

Team Arenson is quickly becoming one of the more feared Hoops squads to face in the League. They won against #8 Team Sanchez last week and then defeated Team Baum in Week 4 as well. Team Baum by the way is full of great ballers.. They are the Deerfield HS Team who just made a real run at State and are very accomplished.. This was a tremendous W for Team Arenson as they move into July. Justin Busiel was electric with 26 points. Jack Byrne had 14 and Mitchell Talbot had a dozen to help secure the W.  They are going to get a chance to avenge their Week 1 Flag Football L next Week when they take on Team Maentz on the gridiron.


8. Team Sanchez (Sarkis Cafe) – Currently tied for 5th with 49 points.

Up a couple of spots from last week is Team Sanchez. They got 2nd in their VBall Group on Sunday afternoon and then won their Hoops Game on Wednesday Night to pull into a tie for 5th in the Standings.  We have to add that they defeated Team Randall Pulfer, that despite their slow start, are a favorite for the Crown. That group has played in the College/Prep Championship before.. They are the real deal and Team Sanchez took them down in one of their better sports.. Looking ahead to next week, Team Sanchez takes on #3 Team Herz in Flag Football. Game with big implications.


9. Team Sutker (Camp Ojibwa) – Currently in 8th with 34 points.

This Team was Ranked 4th last week and then went in and got the job done on Sunday afternoon.. They grabbed 2nd place in their group during VBall, earning 12 points. So what happened? They dropped a barn burner on Wednesday Night to Rivals Team Herz and more importantly, many Teams had double headers and capitalized on those opportunities..  They are still in the top half of the Standings and have more points possible remaining than many others in front of them. They are in fine shape and truthfully have a legit gripe with their Ranking this week.. Someone had to fall though..  Cole Greenberg led the way Wednesday with 16 and Hallvard Lundevall was incredible with 31.  They are going to have a hungry Team Randall Pulfer in Flag Football on Wednesday Night. This Game may steal the show next week.


10. Team Kollada (Sushi Kushi Too) – Currently in 13th with 12 points.

So the Defending Champs have fallen quite a bit since the last set of Rankings.. They did grab a 2nd place in VBall on Sunday so they have 12 points to their names right now..  However, they are 0-2 in Head to Head Games so far this Summer.  They have a gigantic target on their backs each time they take the field/court and it will take them a bit of time from transitioning from the upstart Rookies they were a year ago to the most hunted Team in the League.. That being said, they’ve also had a very, very hard schedule to start.. Team Zisook is a top-3 hoops squad and Team Gerszonovicz is likely the same when it comes to Flag Football.. This group won the whole thing a year ago after upsetting multiple teams.. Their seed won’t matter. They just want to start getting on a roll.. They have a chance to do just that this coming Wednesday Night with a Double Header of Hoops v. #5 Team Fialkow and Flag Football against Team Sledd.


11. Team Baum (ALX Salon) – Currently in 9th with 33 points.

These guys are among the best Hoops Teams in the League this Summer. It’s without question.. But that doesn’t mean they are immune to Losing on the hardwood.. They dropped one on Wednesday Night to the always tough Team Arenson in a Game that could have gone either way.  Captain Jordan had 25, Jordan Sherman had 18 and Jeremy Sernick had 14 yet it wasn’t enough. They did Win their VBall Group on Sunday afternoon though and definitely are in good shape moving forward! They have Flag Football against #4 Team Wellek next Wednesday Night!


Rest of the Pack (Alphabetical Order)

Team Gordon (Gordon Bros. ) – Currently in 12th with 15 points.

Had a very tough task of two Flag Football Games in one night on Wednesday Night and it was against two very formidable opponents. First they faced #5 Team Fialkow and then played #6 Team Gerszonovicz.. Not many Teams would come away looking great with that Schedule.. Patrick Morrisey and Grant Rushing combined for a score in their All Sports Series debuts. They will tussle with Team Reece Pulfer next Wednesday Night in Hoops. Can Team Gordon make it two in a row on the hardwood?


Team Maentz (Biaggi’s) – Currently tied for 14th with 6 points.

Team Maentz got their first points in All Sports Series in VBall on Sunday afternoon. They grabbed 3rd place and it was enough to earn 6 key points in the Standings.  This past Wednesday they fought valiantly with Team Wellek in Hoops but couldn’t come up with a W. Carter Raith led the scoring with 15 points and Gabe Krause had 13.  They have the streaking Team Arenson in Flag Football next Wednesday Night. A perfect opportunity to jump into the Power Rankings and jumpstart their season.


Team Randall Pulfer (Once Upon a Bagel) – Currently in 11th with 18 points.

One of the biggest surprises so far this season is that Team Randall Pulfer is 0-2 in Head to Head Games so far this Season. They did Win their VBall Group on Sunday afternoon to earn 18 important points but it’s definitely been a slower start than we thought we’d see from one of the front-runners.. Here’s the thing though.. This group has made it to the Championship before and as a #9 seed.. They don’t need a top seed to get all the way.. They do need to start playing their best though.  They have a very tough Game with Team Sutker on Wednesday Night. They usually thrive in these situations. Expect them to start the turnaround now..


Team Reece Pulfer (Testing Timers) – Currently tied for 14th with 6 points.

Team Reece Pulfer, similarly to Team Maentz above, got 3rd place in their VBall Group on Sunday afternoon and it was enough to earn their first 6 points in their All Sports Series careers.  These guys are among the youngest in the League and it’s going to take longer than a couple of Games for them to really find their footing. They had maybe the toughest assignment of any Team in the League on Wednesday Night facing off with Team Kauss in Flag Football.. Justin Garfinkle did manage to connect with Captain Reece for a TD though.  They have a Double Header this coming Wednesday Night.. First they’ll face #2 Team Zisook in Flag Football and then get Team Gordon in Hoops.. Can they turn things around!?


Team Sledd (Sunset Foods) – Currently in 16th with 0 points.

Team Sledd took on Team Zisook on Wednesday Night in Flag Football and are still searching for their first W of the Season. This is a talented bunch that is going to break out and likely sooner than later.  They take on #6 Team Gerszonovicz in Hoops in the first Game of a Double Header on Wednesday Night. A group that they match up well with in basketball.. Then they will get the Defending Champs Team Kollada in Flag Football to end the night!


That’s it for this week. Everyone have a safe and fun 4th of July and see you next Wednesday!