2017-18 THE Chicago Hoops Week 1 – (Oct. 15)

Updated: October 20, 2017

Welcome to THE 2017-18 Chicago Hoops League!  We are entering our 5th year of this League and over the past few years it has become the single most competitive League that All Sports Series has, and likely in Chicago anywhere. The level of talent on display this past Sunday Night it exhibit A for that. This year we have launched a couple of weeknight Leagues and a few Teams from the bottom-tier last season have moved over to those Leagues.. We are left with 16 Teams and each and every one of those clubs has a chance to hoist the Crown this year. There will be no easy Ws this Season.

The Teams looking to ascend to the Championship level will of course be trying to knock off Defending Champs Team Lalez, who are back and looking to add a 4th Championship to their mantle. It would be 4 in 5 years. They are already a Dynasty but if they were to rattle off 2 Back2Backs in the first 5 years of the League, they may never be matched.. Just to show how competitive the League is this year.. Team Lalez fell in Week 1.  Joining the Champs this Season will be last year’s Runners-Up Team Hampton (f.k.a. Team Kozin) who will now be Captained by PG Randall Hampton. The 3rd Place finishers from last year – Team Malvin – are back as well. Both they and Team Hampton who made it to the final night have added some new pieces, hoping to find the right recipe to dethrone the kings.

Then we have the elite Teams that have knocked on the door many times before.. Team Maione is back, with some off-season shake-ups and this year they are Captained by Bradley Deutsch.  Team Massie (f.k.a. Team Wong) is also back with a couple new pieces.. We have not yet mentioned the 2015-16 Champs – Team Reisner (f.k.a. Team Gutman).  We have a few 2nd year Teams that are looking to make the leap this season.. Teams Jones, Purimetla and McNichols (fresh off a 2017 Summer League Crown) are back and seemingly even better than a year ago.  Veteran squads such as Team Schwartz, who really made a splash in Week 1, Team Max (f.k.a. Team Sternberg), Team James and Team Harris all return for a season with more depth than a year ago.  The final 3 Teams – Dean, Harlander and Hanessian – are all comprised of  and Captained by All Sports Series vets, but have formed virtually brand new Rosters for the upcoming season. These 3 Teams are immediately in the top-half from a talent perspective.. Check the Week 1 Results for proof.  So there are the 16 Teams.. Not a weak-link among them.. This is going to be some ride..

The format for Schedule in the Regular Season, Divisions and Playoff Seeds are below for you to read through as well.

Quickly, for those Playing in their first All Sports Series League.. Here’s what to expect from the weekly Power Rankings.. Each week we’ll take a statistical look at the Teams and Rank them 1-11 with the UnRanked Teams listed alphabetically..  Also, if you have ever want to find any info on the League.. Go to Chicago Leagues > THE CHI Hoops League.. Everything you’d need from Stats to Schedules to Standings etc. will be found there..

Weekly Highlight Video presented by Dr. Jacob D.D.S.

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Regular Season and Playoff Formats:

1. Each Team will play 18 Games in the Regular Season.

1a. The 16 Teams will be split into 4 Divisions of 4 Teams.

1b. Each Team will play the Teams in their Division 2x and all other Teams 1x in the Regular Season.

2. All Teams make the Playoffs.

3. If a Team who finishes 2nd in their Division, finishes with the 2nd or 3rd Best Record in the League, they will be seeded above the Division Winners with worse Records.

3a. Note: This can only happen twice so the lowest a Division Winner can be Seeded is #6.

4. Teams will compete in a modified Triple-Elimination Tournament where Teams seeded #13 through #16 start the Playoffs with 1-Loss already assigned to them.


Power Rankings

1. Team Lalez (Hakimian Imports) – East – 0-1

How do you start the 2017-18 Rankings anywhere but with the Defending Champs? They have won 3 of 4 titles dating back to the inaugural 13-14 campaign.  Did they fall in Week 1? Yes. Did they look a touch rusty – sure. But it was banner night – the Warriors lost too. It happens. They have earned the right to Lose and still be #1 for a week. Now, if they fall in Week 2 – they’ll get leapfrogged.. Off-season wise. They have mostly stayed intact.. They did lost Brennan Keller but have welcomed back Ben Lazarov who moved back to Chicago. They fell in a close one on Sunday Night to Team Schwartz. That right there tells you all you need to know with how deep the League is. Usual suspects Scott Campbell and Dave Gershenzon led the way with 26 and 19 points respectively. They get last year’s 3rd place finishers Team Malvin – and one of those two Teams will start 0-2 inside the Division.


2. Team Hampton (Crystal Lake CDJ) – South – 1-0

The Runners-Up from a year ago and a group that has made Championship Sunday for three straight years (2nd or 3rd place finishes in each) start the new Season at #2. Deservedly so.  Captain Randall Hampton takes the reigns from Jason Kozin and these guys have made a couple acquisitions as well. Bryant Orange and Corey Hutchinson are on as full-time members to bolster what is already a fantastic core. They got the Week 1 Win in a tough contest with familiar foes Team Max by a score of 77-71. Josh Davis had a nice opening night to lead them in scoring with 18 points and 10 boards. Bryant Orange had 17 in his debut. These guys are going to be favorites for the Crown all season once again and they seem to have an extra bit of determination in 2017-18. They take on #8 Team McNichols in Week 2.


3. Team Maione (The Bucket List) – West – 1-0

Starting the year #3 is Team Maione. Taking the reigns from the newly married Anthony Maione (Congrats!) is Captain Bradley Deutsch. They had quite the off-season.. They have added all-everything talent Dylan Richter, sharp-shooting Kevin Stineman and have welcomed back potentially the biggest off-season acquisition of the year – Tellef Lundevall is back for Team Maione. He provides them with even more size and athleticism everywhere on the court. He led the League in scoring in Week 1 with 33 points and added 9 boards as well. The guy plays at the rim. With all of the shooting they possess – they are going to be terrifying. We haven’t even mentioned All Star Chris Wroblewski who will miss the first couple weeks of the Season for his honeymoon (Congrats!). They try to take a commanding lead over the Division against #7 Team Purimetla.


4. Team Jones (Rockin’ Refuel) – North – 1-0

Starting at #4 this Season is a Team that was seeded 6th in last year’s Playoffs and made it to what would be considered the Quarterfinal Round.  Captained by Gilles Jones again, they have added a couple new pieces to what was already a really fantastic core. All Sports vet Darren Angell (who has Championship gold with Team Lalez back in the day) and newcomer Michael Sommer made serious impacts in their debuts with Team Jones. These guys had the largest margin of victory from Night 1. They defeated 2015-16 Champs Team Reisner by 28 points. Sommer had 26 points, Captain Gilles Jones had 22 points and Garrett Staniec had 15 and 8. They look to get to 2-0 against the always dangerous Team Harris.


5. Team Schwartz (StudentCity) – East – 1-0

This is the highest Team Schwartz has ranked in THE Chicago Hoops League in a couple of years.. You know what though? It is well deserved. You come in on Opening Night and knock off the Defending Champs? They controlled the 2nd half, played with that fire we are used to seeing from them but stayed within their Games and got a gigantic W to start the campaign. Austin Brown had 24 in Week 1 and Jason Vismantas went for 19. Jon Sider took a bit to get going but ended with 15 and Jermaine Johnson who is a permanent member of the Team this year really helped them with their pace – he had 14. That’s 4 guys in double figures. Captain Matt Schwartz had is family in attendance, obviously good luck, and they will be required cheerleaders the rest of the way..   You can expect a strong year from these guys. They take on Team Hanessian in Week 2 and the Winner will lead the East Division through 2 weeks.


6. Team McNichols (Chipotle) – South – 1-0

Team McNichols enters at #6 and they are the only squad coming in off of a Summer League Crown (they won the Thursday League).  While this is clearly a step-up in talent level – they showed the ability to navigate through a really tough field of Teams and get Wins with their backs against the wall. Last season, in THE Chicago Hoops League they were knocking on the door of being one of the elite Teams. It seems like they may have kicked that door down in 2017-18. They defeated a very good Team Harlander squad by 7 on Opening Night. Newcomer Mike Kennedy scored 19 in his debut and 13 boards. Romeo Magloire started with 16. They look ahead to Week 2 when they play #2 Team Hampton in The Bucket List Game of the Week.


7. Team Purimetla (Biaggi’s) – West – 1-0

Starting at #7 is Team Purimetla who got earned a big Win in their Opening Night contest. They got a 20pt W over Team Massie on Sunday Night.  Captain Pete Purimetla, Kevin Matos and Josh Blackwell return from a Team that was very good a year ago — they have since added some new pieces as well. Marquez Brown had 19 points in his All Sports Series debut. Blackwell went for 18 and 10 while Captain Pete and Matos were also in double digits in scoring. They will be a part of one of the headliners of the Week 2 slate when they go toe to toe with #3 Team Maione.. The Winner will be ahead in the West Division.


8. Team Dean (Live Clean CHI) – North – 1-0

Captain Tred Dean is a familiar name to all of those in the All Sports’ Hoops League scene. He has played in THE Chicago Hoops League for the past few years but started Captaining squads in our Spring and Summer Leagues earlier in 2017. Turns out that he is not only a great PG but a really strong GM.  He put together a group that won a Spring League Championship in May and a few of those faces are debuting in THE CHI Hoops League this Fall. They earned a 20pt W over Team Harris on Sunday Night to get started on a very strong note. Wole Aregbesola made his presence felt with 22 points and big man Courtney Griffin had 13. That is a name everyone should get familiar with. He has been a standout in other All Sports Series Leagues and this is his first run in THE League. They get 2015-16 Champs Team Reisner in Week 2.


9. Team Hanessian (CEA Study Abroad) – East – 1-0

Team Hanessian comes in at #9 – which is a great spot – for a virtually new Team.  Captain Ben Hanessian has been a part of THE CHI Hoops League for years and he has been a Captain before. The UC Booth Teams that have had a ton of success over the years is his doing.. He has joined forces with some impactful Players from other Teams last year and the mixture has created a really formidable squad. Mike Halusek, from last year’s Runners-Up Team Hampton (aka Kozin) is on the squad, along with Captain of Team Darcy who may be the best Hoops Team to not play in THE Hoops League – Bret Darcy is on the squad. Max Boton of Team Zimmerman is in tow. Reuben Wabomnor who has played in the past is back as well. These guys are going to be tough all season long and they showed how good they can be with a Win over last year’s 3rd place Team – Team Malvin on Sunday Night. Bret Darcy hit a 3 with just 2 seconds left to secure the Week 1 W! They play #5 Team Schwartz in Week 2, for the right to be in 1st for the East Division.


10. Team Malvin (Dr. Jacob D.D.S.) – East – 0-1

Team Malvin made it all the way to Championship Sunday last season.  These guys know what it takes to get there and Captain Mike made some off-season acquisitions to hopefully put them over the hump. They did take a Loss on a last second shot from Bret Darcy of #9 Team Hanessian – but it is not odd to see a strong Team from the past year – struggle a bit early when working in new pieces. The Defending Champs lost on Sunday too after all. Rodney Clark who shined in the Playoffs a year ago – picked it up where he left off – with 29 points. Newcomers Tom Garvin and Max Needle were both in double figures during their debuts. These guys will be just fine. They look to bounce back against Defending Champs Team Lalez in what could steal the show on Sunday. One of those Teams are going to start 0-2. Huge Game.


11. Team Max (Southview Athletics) – South – 0-1

Captain Tyler Max and Co-Captain Jesse Pollans have assumed the reigns here from Sam Sternberg who has moved to FL for work. These guys are always competitive with everyone and tend to “play up” to the competition when facing the very best in the League. In Week 1, they did just that, sticking with Team Hampton who was in the Championship a year ago.. They eventually fell by 6 points. All Sports vet Max Shulruff had 27 (3rd most in the League) and Josh Schur had 16 after missing last season living in Boston. Robbie Georgevich is a name many know in THE Hoops League scene – he is a great add for them – providing length and athleticism – he had 14 on the night. These guys look to grab their first W of the season Team Harlander on Sunday Night.


Rest of the Pack (Alphabetical Order)

Team Harlander (SLA Insurance) – South – 0-1

Captain Connor Harlander is an All Sports Series vet. He was a member of Team Apuli a year ago in THE Chicago Hoops League. He also has had a ton of success in the Summer Leagues and has brought a few of his Teammates from those Teams along with a few Rookies into best League around. Calvin Kang who some will know from the Summer (the guy can go for 40 on any night) scored 20 in Week 1. Phil McNeal who was a member of Team Silver a year ago went for a dozen on Night 1. Eric Obeysekere and Ademilola Jr. Adekoya were both in double figures for their All Sports Series’ debuts as well. These guys can really play. They fell by 7 to a really strong #6 Team McNichols squad – fresh off a Summer League Crown – but they will get into the Winner’s Circle (and Rankings) soon enough. Week 2 they get #11 Team Max.


Team Harris (Schweitzer Title) – North – 0-1

Team Harris has been a staple of THE Chicago Hoops League scene for years. They have had seasons of being a Top-4 seed but are still searching for that first Crown.  A year ago, they fell back a bit in the Standings and entered the Playoffs as the #12 seed. Most of that came as a result of having a short-bench for most Games. They just couldn’t get their full Roster to many Games together. It was much of the same this past weekend in their Loss to Team Dean. They just had 5 guys and ran out of steam. Big man Eric Handrich did have 16 and 11 in Week 1. They also welcomed back Sam Shiner who was over in England for last season. He started the year with 14.  Captain Brian was in double figures as was Max Unger. They can beat anyone in the League with their whole group. Their Roster includes Brad Tivin, Tony Rizzo, Mike Goldstein and likely the best shooter in the League Zack Novak. All 4 of those guys play at an All-Star caliber level. They will be just fine but need everyone.  In Week 2 they look to get to 1-1 against #4 Team Jones.


Team James (Stanley’s Kitchen) – West – 0-1

Team James is back in 2017-18 and once again Captained by veteran Christian James. He has brought back his old-running mate from the Team Hernandez (13-14 season) days in Dave Altman who has been apart of the Team Zimmerman Franchise for the past few years. Altman had 16 points in Week 1 against #3 Team Maione in a losing effort. As did Corey Lewis and Captain Christian. Each with 16. They just need to get more stops on D, that will come in time. They try to prevent the 0-2 start against Team Massie who will be in the same boat on Sunday Night.


Team Massie (Theory) – West – 0-1

Team Massie (f.k.a. Team Wong) is Captained by Brock Massie this season. Former Captain Jon Wong (who had 10 points in Week 1) is still on the squad as well. This group was a Top-3 Team in the Regular Season a year ago and while it didn’t land them into Championship Sunday – they had a great Season. The Roster has been reshaped a bit and it will take them some time to work out the kinks.. They are very talented however. They Lost to Team Purimetla in Week 1 but saw a great debut from Dylan Kremer who had 26 points and 13 rebounds. He was everywhere. They look to bounce back in Week 2 against Team James.


Team Reisner (Chicago Trolley) – North – 0-1

Remember, this section is alphabetical.. So this is not a “last but not least” scenario.. The 2015-16 Champs are flying under a new name this Season. They won the Championship as Team Gutman 2 seasons ago and decided to run the name back even with former Captain Michael Gutman in NYC. It’s a new year now and Captain Jordan Reisner is taking over the naming rights. They were shorthanded to start the season and took one on the chin against a great Team Jones squad. Just too much talent to play at under full-strength on Sundays. They will be fine moving forward. Andy Marks started the season strong with 23 points and Chris Kozloff had 19.  They face a fast-paced Team Dean crew in Week 2!


That’s it for Week 1! Good Luck in Week 2! We are back!