2017-18 THE Chicago Hoops Week 11 – (Jan. 14)

Updated: January 19, 2018

“The Bizarro Chicago Hoops League” is how I would describe Week 11. Facility game clock malfunctions, forfeits, buzzer beaters, and a few blowouts are just a few things that went down in our Week 11 action. With everything that went down last Sunday, we still had some great ball games and a few surprises to finally shake some things up in our Power Rankings this week. As we all know, the second half of the season is underway, and it’s a great time of year to see where the league is and where it might end up. Last week we wondered if any turnarounds would get started in Week 11 and I think we finally got some answers…

Weekly Highlight Video presented by Dr. Jacob D.D.S.

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Power Rankings

1. Team McNichols (Chipotle) – South – 11-0

No shakeup here. Team McNichols is continuing to control their own destiny. With a 78-71 victory over Team James, Team McNichols has now started the 2017-18 season undefeated at 11-0. Looking ahead to this matchup you may have thought the final score could have been a little more lopsided, however Team James was no cake walk this week. They battled until the end against a McNichols squad that had three different players put up 20 points. Joe Kozak, Lorenzo Fiol and Romeo Magloire all had 20 and huge nights all around to hold down the W and help them stay undefeated. On Sunday, Team McNichols gets to tip off against a Team Malvin squad that is coming off a nice victory themselves and will be looking to make it two wins in a row. If Team McNichols can rip off their 12th straight victory on Sunday night, they’ll just be one step closer to a historic season. BUT before we hand these guys any type of crown, don’t forget who is right below them…an 11-0 Team Hanessian crew that also won last week to also stay undefeated (when do these 2 teams play each other again?)!


2. Team Hanessian (CEA Study Abroad) – East – 11-0

You heard me right. We have two teams that are still undefeated eleven weeks into our season. Team Hanessian did it again this past Sunday making it 11 straight with a blowout victory over Team Harris by a final score of 110-72. MVP candidate Sterling Williams had a MONSTER game putting up 40 points and grabbing 12 boards. Team Hanessian controlled play the entire game and never really gave Team Harris a chance in this one. Steve Logan and Michael Halusek both had 18 and Dom Slezas added 15 to balance this offensive explosion. These guys will really need to bring it again on Sunday night as they have a prime time massive match-up against a 9-2 Team Harlander squad that will looking to make it 9 wins in a row. This will no doubt be our week 12 Game of the Week!


3. Team Harlander (SLA Insurance) – South – 9-2

If not for the two crazy 11-Game W-streaks, Team Harlander’s current 8-Gamer would be the longest in the League and likely the talk of the crowd. They were able to make it 8-straight this week by beating Team Maione 98-86. All five of their starters had 12+ points on a night when they went for almost a hundo burger. Calvin Kang paced the squad with 27 points. They keep doing what they have seemingly done all season (except for the first couple weeks of the season) and that is Win and stay somewhat under the radar. Their ascent up the Rankings and solid hold on the #3 spot may do a bit to put them on people’s radar (if it has not already) but for whatever reason they aren’t getting the buzz they deserve. On Sunday they get their chance to create their own buzz by taking on an undefeated Team Hanessian squad in what is sure to be an instant classic! One thing is for certain, someone’s amazing streak will be coming to an end this week.


4. Team Lalez (Hakimian Imports) – East – 8-3

In what was a first this season, Team Lalez won on Sunday by forfeit. Unfortunately, Team Reisner, who they were scheduled to play against, did not have enough players available to field a legal team. This win now makes it 4 in a row for Team Lalez and moves them up one spot in this week’s Power Rankings. They will be hoping that this extra week of rest will get them ready and focused to take on a Team Hampton squad. With identical 8-3 records, this should be a great battle with the #4 spot up for grabs and the potential to be our Game of the Week.


5. Team Hampton (Crystal Lake CDJ) – South – 8-3

Any time a team moves up a spot in our weekly Power Rankings, that obviously means someone had to take a step down. That team was Team Hampton this week. By the final score of 83-74, Team Hampton lost a close game to a very tough Team Massie squad. The loss snaps Team Hampton’s two-game winning streak and puts a real dent in their regular season title hopes. In this loss, Bryant Orange had a huge game posting 31 points, 6 assists and grabbing 3 rebounds. Joshua Davis also did his part by putting in 26 of his own but unfortunately, they did not get much out of anyone else. These guys never stay down for long, but they will need to shake this one off quickly as they get their chance to reclaim the #4 spot this week with a date against #4 Team Lalez. Another loss here for Team Hampton could potentially see them take a further tumble down our Power Rankings.


6. Team Schwartz (StudentCity) – East – 7-4

Slowly but surely, Team Schwartz continues to rake in the wins and has steadily climbed our weekly Power Rankings. With an 85-72 victory over Team Jones, Team Schwartz has now piled up 3 wins in a row to take their record to 7-4. While they did not move up in the rankings this week, they certainly did their job to hold onto their #6 spot and give them a great opportunity to move up a few spots over the next couple of weeks. 5 different players scored double digits to lead their balanced attack in this game against a Team Jones squad who was looking to snap their 9-game losing streak. The team’s leading scorer on the season, Jermaine Johnson, led the way with 22 points, 5 rebounds and 2 assists. Coming up on Sunday Team Schwartz gets to tip off in a big match-up against an angry 5-6 Team Max squad who will be looking to avenge their heartbreaking loss from this past weekend.


7. Team Purimetla (Biaggi’s) – West – 6-5

In a great battle between two .500 clubs that came down to the wire, Team Purimetla won a memorable one by beating Team Max 75-73. In what was one of the best games on the season, Adam Jones had an unbelievable 34-point performance to lift his squad to victory and up one spot to #7 in this week’s Power Rankings. What we got on Sunday Night out of this game was a prime example of how good the league is. Two teams that are hovering around the .500 mark and both fighting desperately to get over the hunch and above .500, battle their guts out down to the wire. Everyone in this league has talent. The League is as good as it’s been, and anyone can win or go down on any given night. Team Purimetla will have to stay focused and not celebrate this victory too much if they want to continue this winning momentum against a 1-10 Team Jones squad who will be giving everything they got to snap their current 10-game losing streak.


8. Team Max (Southview Athletics) – South – 5-6

When looking back on a season, there is always that one game that you will always remember. If we only did this, if we only did that, then…Unfortunately for Team Max, that might have been their week 11 game this past Sunday evening. Falling to Team Purimetla 75-73, it was a Game that they could have and maybe should have won. The loss drops Team Max back below the .500 mark and 1 spot in this week’s Power Rankings. Captain Max led the charge for his squad putting up 20 huge points and hitting crucial shots throughout the game. Paul Wortz also put in 16 points and grabbed 6 big rebounds but ultimately Team Purimetla’s timely makes is what was the difference in this one. The scheduling gods will show no mercy to Team Max this week as they have setup a match-up with a 7-4 Team Schwartz squad looking to make it 4 straight. This will be a critical match-up for both teams.


9. Team Massie (Theory) – West – 5-6

After dropping a couple of heartbreakers in a row, Team Massie was able to rebound nicely in week 11 with a huge victory over Team Hampton by a final score of 83-74. They got off the schneid on Sunday Night as they had brought in a 3-Game Losing-Streak into their Game with Team Hampton. The league’s second leading scorer, Dylan Kremer had 28 points, 5 boards and 4 assists to lead the way once again for Team Massie. Jeff Dirkin also had 17 big points to help put this game away. They will take on a 4-7 Team Reisner squad in another important Game on Sunday Night. The game with teams surrounding you in the Standings are so crucial come Playoff time. Big time players make big time plays in big games. Who will come up big in this one on Sunday?


10. Team Malvin (Dr. Jacob D.D.S.) – East – 4-7

Back from the depths of the non-ranked. Back into the Winner’s Circle. Back into the Power Rankings and back to feeling a bit more confident for Team Malvin. Team Malvin is week 11’s biggest mover in this week’s Power Rankings with a solid 57-49 victory over Team Dean. With the win, Team Malvin improves their record to 4-7 and moves up to our #10 spot this week. Sometimes you just need one thing to break your way before getting back to normal. Yes, it’s just one win but they looked very good on Sunday Night, especially on the defensive end. Rodney Clark had 22 big points to help turn their season around. They will have to pull out some magic this Sunday though if they plan on guaranteeing their spot in the ranks next week, as they have an extremely tough match-up against #1 and undefeated Team McNichols.


11. Team Reisner (Chicago Trolley) – North – 4-7

Unfortunately, Team Reisner did not have enough players available to field a legal team last week and had to take a forfeit loss. This loss makes it two straight for Team Reisner and moves them down two spots in this week’s Power Rankings. They will look to bounce back on Sunday with a crucial match-up against Team Massie next up on the calendar. A third loss in a row with surely see Team Reisner fall out of our rankings. A win can shoot them right back up. Big game this week.


Rest of the Pack (Alphabetical Order)

Team Dean (Live Clean CHI) – North – 3-8

Team Dean fell to Team Malvin on Sunday Night in a very close game. No shame in that. They have enough talent to go on a serious run. They just cannot afford to have offensive performances like they did on Sunday night. Team Dean was only able to muster up 49 points and unfortunately that just won’t get it done most nights. If they dig down deep and get their offense to click simultaneously with their good D, then they are going to get wins and a lot of them. Plain and simple. Courtney Griffin did his thing by putting up 23 of his teams 49 points but they got little contribution from anyone else on the offensive end. They will get Team James on Sunday Night and the opportunity to move up into the ranks.


Team Harris (Schweitzer Title) – North – 2-9

After getting their first taste of victory in almost 3 months, Team Harris fell back into the losing column falling to undefeated Team Hanessian 110-72. Team Harris had no answers for a Team Hanessian squad that looked dominate in all phases of the game. Team Harris didn’t play their best Game and ran into a very hungry Team Hanessian on Sunday Night. It was a recipe for disaster really. They know what they are capable of when they are at full-strength. They will be fine and will bounce back from this tough loss. Mike Goldstein had 21 and Brad Tivin had 23 to do most of their damage on the offensive end. They will take on the 3-8 Team Maione squad on Sunday Night who they are looking right above at. This is a game that they want/need for the Standings right now. As they continue to look to move up the standings and rankings in the second half of this season, they need to inch their way up one game and with one win at a time.


Team James (Stanley’s Kitchen) – West – 1-10

Team James lost to the #1 team in the league on Sunday night, falling 78-71 to Team McNichols. No shame in that. These guys came into this game huge underdogs but fought every second and battled the entire game. They have enough talent to go on a serious run in this second half. It just must come on the Defensive end. If they dig down deep and give 100% on D they are going to get Wins. Captain Christian James did what he always does and scored 20 plus points, dropping 24 in this one. Cory Davis also did his best by contributing 20 points and 4 boards, but they fell just a little short. They will get a 3-8 Team Dean on Sunday Night. They are just two games back of them in the Standings and this is game that they will need/want to win.


Team Jones (Rockin’ Refuel) – North – 1-10

We’ve mentioned it before, but their record doesn’t tell the whole story here. These guys can and are playing good basketball. A loss to #6 Team Schwartz by a final score of 85-72, especially in a game which the final score doesn’t necessarily indicate the whole story, is a good sign. They are still competing and having their Captain Gilles Jones carry them. He once again had a nice week putting up 24 points. They will have another very tough test with #7 Team Purimetla on Sunday Night. Right now, their record isn’t the concern. They just want to continue growing and playing good ball. The wins will eventually follow.


Team Maione (The Bucket List) – West – 3-8

Team Maione has dropped two straight games and have seen their record slip to 3-8. The loss has also dropped Team Maione out of our weekly Power Rankings. In an extremely tough match-up against #3 Team Harlander, Team Maione went down by a final score of 98-86. They got nice performances from Chris Wroblewski who put in 25 and Tellef Lundevall who put in 24 of his own. Sadly, they couldn’t do much on the defensive end to contain a high-octane Team Harlander offense. Team Maione will need to shake this L off quickly as they have a big match-up on tap with Team Harris, a squad that sits just a game behind of them in the Standings.


Good luck to all on Sunday!