2017-18 THE Chicago Hoops Week 2 – (Oct. 22)

Updated: October 27, 2017

We were back at it on Sunday Night for Week 2… What did we learn?  Well, we are in store for a Season of many ups and downs for all of the Teams… These 16 Teams are extremely even from 1 to 16 (and that order will certainly change each week).. You can tell as through 2 weeks, only 3 Teams made it to 2-0 and I guarantee you, it is not the 3 that any would have picked.. In fact, many people likely wouldn’t have had any of the 3 in their lists.. Teams Hanessian, McNichols and Purimetla are the only groups left with dreams of a perfect Season. There are 10 Teams tied at 1-1. Even-steven. 3 Teams are yet to pick up a Win and those 3 Teams have had a TON of past success.. They aren’t going to stay in the basement.. Each week is going to be compelling.. Let’s Rank ’em shall we…


Weekly Highlight Video presented by Dr. Jacob D.D.S.

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Power Rankings

1. Team Lalez (Hakimian Imports) – East – 1-1

The Defending Champs did what they needed to do in Week 2.. Get back to the Winner’s circle. They defeated last year’s 3rd Place Finishers – Team Malvin – by 20! Captain Benny put the team on his back and scored 31 on the night. He was feeling it from distance. Scott Campbell was his usual self with 26 points. They normally bounce back after a Loss in a big way and this was no exception. They look to start getting on a roll here and next up is #5 Team Hanessian who is 2-0 so far this season. If they Win they grab a share of the division lead.


2. Team McNichols (Chipotle) – South – 2-0

Team McNichols has ascended to the top-tier of THE Hoops League scene. They just have.  We could wait 10 more weeks and say it then, but its just the facts. They are fresh off of a Summer League Crown and playing their best basketball in Franchise history right now. On Sunday Night they defeated Team Hampton (aka Team Kozin) who has been to 3 straight Championship Sundays in this League.  That is a measuring stick game and they passed.  They are 2-0 and in control of the South Division. Mike Kennedy had 18 in his second straight strong showing. Joe Kozak went for 17 as well. They look to get to 3-0 inside the division against Team Max.


3. Team Purimetla (Biaggi’s) – West – 2-0

Up to #3 this week is another 2-0 squad – Team Purimetla. They got their 2nd W inside the West Division on Sunday Night with the latest coming against who many would have considered the favorite – Team Maione. They got an 11 point Win, very impressive. Captain Pete had 22. Newcomer Marquez Brown had 20. Adam Jones had 16 and Paul Katsen went for 14 on the night. That type of production out of 4 scorers should earn Ws each week. They look to make it 3-0 inside their own Division when they take on #11 Team James on Sunday Night.


4. Team Hampton (Crystal Lake CDJ) – South – 1-1

Down a couple spots this week is the 2016-17 Runners-Up, Team Hampton. They fell by a handful of points to new #2 Team McNichols. This was a closely contest Game and both Teams made several big plays during it.. Team McNichols just had a few more shots fall at the end.. Bryant Orange scored 24 on the night to lead them and 4 others were in double figures on the night including Corey Hutchinson with 15. No need to worry about them – they will bounce back quickly – they take on a tough Team Harlander squad, who shares a 1-1 record in the South, during Week 3.


5. Team Hanessian (CEA Study Abroad) – East – 2-0

Team Hanessian has had about as good of a start to the season as you could ask for. It’s not to say that they are a “pleasant surprise” because they have tons of Vets on the squad, and all of them are talented.. However, this is the first couple of times these guys have taken the court together as a unit and normally you see somewhat of a learning curve.. However, in Week 1 Bret Darcy knocked down a 3 in the final seconds to land them a W against last season’s 3rd place crew – Team Malvin. Then, in Week 2, the whole Team was en feugo. Draining 3 after 3 en route to a 102-72 Win over Team Schwartz (who defeated Defending Champs Team Lalez in Week 1).. With the Win they are 2-0 and in control of the East Division, for now.. Kieran Ramsey had a spectacular All Sports Series debut with 30 points. Get used to that name! Reuben Wabomnor scored 22, Michael Halusek had 17 and Breck Mahoney scored 16.  How do you keep up with that firepower? They will look to make it 3-0 against Defending Champs Team Lalez on Sunday Night.


6. Team Maione (The Bucket List) – West – 1-1

Team Maione took an early-season Loss on Sunday evening – something we are not used to seeing – but it likely says more about Team Purimetla’s growth than anything else. They fell by 11 points to the new #3 Team in the League. Captain Bradley Deutsch had a huge night with 34 points, and that was the highest total in the entire League. Kevin Stineman had 20 as well. They were without big man Tellef Lundevall and former MVP Chris Wroblewski, so that obviously played a roll. They look to rebound at hopefully full-strength in Week 3 against Team Massie.


7. Team Harris (Schweitzer Title) – North – 1-1

Team Harris enters the Rankings for the first time this season at #7 following an impressive 70-65 Win over Team Jones that was Ranked #4 a week ago at this time. Big man Eric Handrich went for 24 and was a beast in the paint. Max Unger scored 15 and 3 others were in double figures: Captain Brian as well as Brad Tivin and Mike Goldstein who were both playing in their first Games of the Season on Sunday. These guys have shown time and time again that they can beat the League’s best, just need to do it consistently. Week 3 brings forth the 2015-16 Champs Team Reisner.


8. Team Harlander (SLA Insurance) – South – 1-1

Team Harlander came roaring back from a Week 1 Loss to completely put everyone on notice with their 137 outburst on Sunday Night. 137 against a normally strong Defensive minded Team in Team Max. Get ready here for some serious totals: Connor Grotton and Adam Gwardys both had 30. Calvin Kang – 25. Eric Obeysekere – 24. Right there with just 4 guys they totaled 109 points. Phil McNeal had 17 also. That is some serious firepower and if they have the ability to get that hot – they are going to be serious contenders for the whole thing. Week 3 brings forth last season’s Runner’s Up – #4 Team Hampton in what will be a serious measuring stick Game for them.


9. Team Jones (Rockin’ Refuel) – North – 1-1

Team Jones was Ranked #4 coming out of Week 1 but they fell in Week 2 by 5 points #7 Team Harris. They are closer to the Team that we saw in Week 1 rather than who we saw in Week 2. They’ll bounce back. Captain Gilles Jones had 27 on the night to lead them. Darek Wojewnik had 13 points.  They’ll be higher up by next week’s Rankings. They take on a tough Team Dean squad on Sunday Night.


10. Team Reisner (Chicago Trolley) – North – 1-1

The 2015-16 Champs got their first W of the Season during Week 2 by defeating the impressive Team Dean crew. It was Team Reisner’s type of Game as they are really tough to beat if the scores stay in the 60s range. Their length at all 5 positions really bothers opposing Teams and this Win is reminiscent of how they earned the Crown a year and a half ago.. Marin Kukoc made his 2017-18 debut and had 17 points. Zach McMains also had 17 points. These guys are scary when they get hot.. All 4 Teams in the North are tied at 1-1 through 2 Weeks.. So their Game with Team Harris on Sunday Night will be for a share of the Division lead as we exit the first round of divisional match-ups.


11. Team James (Stanley’s Kitchen) – West – 1-1

Grabbing the final spot in the Rankings this Week is Team James who earned their first W of the Season in Week 2 by a score of 65-59 over Team Massie. Daniel Martian had 17 points in the Win. Corey Lewis added 11 and 7. These guys Win when they play D. Plain and simple. They held Team Massie to 59 points as they were aggressive on the Defensive end. They have the length to bother shooters and that is what they need to do each week. They take on #3 Team Purimetla during Week 3.


Rest of the Pack (Alphabetical Order)

Team Dean (Live Clean CHI) – North – 1-1

Team Dean falls out of the Rankings this Week, despite their strong showing, simply because someone had to.. They lost by 5 to the 2015-16 Champs and current #10 Team Reisner. These guys are going to be just fine. They are tied with the other 3 Teams in their Division at 1-1 and they are likely closer to the group we saw run through Team Harris in Week 1 than the effort in Week 2. Captain Tred had 16 and Courtney Griffin added 14 as well. They have a big matchup with Team Jones on Sunday Night, both of which Won in Week 1 and Lost in Week 2. Neither Team wants to drop two straight.


Team Malvin (Dr. Jacob D.D.S.) – East – 0-2

Team Malvin is going through what many top Teams have experienced over the years. It’s important to note lend too much weight on the opening weeks of the season. They were fantastic a year ago and while they have had some bumps to open up this season, them making it to Championship Sunday was no fluke. No reason to push the panic button. That being said, they’ll need to play better to make it back there, in what is an even more talented group of Teams. Captain Mike had a dozen to lead them in scoring against Defending Champs Team Lalez. Did we mention they Lost to Team Lalez? It happens. They will try to get back on the right track in Week 3 against Team Schwartz.


Team Massie (Theory) – West – 0-2

Team Massie is not off to the start they’d hoped for but there is tons of time to turn it around. They fell in a close one to #11 Team James on Sunday Night. Dylan Kremer had 27 to once again lead the way here. He is a name for everyone to get familiar with come All Star Voting. They are going to take on #6 Team Maione who is also coming off a Loss in Week 2.. Word on the streets is that they are going to have a BIG debut coming this Sunday. Stay tuned.


Team Max (Southview Athletics) – South – 0-2

Team Max exited Week 2, still searching for their first Win. Their schedule has been very tough to start.. They played last year’s 2nd place squad Team Hampton in Week 1 and then Team Harlander who was able to score 137 on Sunday Night. Not exactly a friendly start to the season.. It will get easier and they will Win Games as they do season after season. Max Shulruff was great again, with 29 points. Paul Wirtz debuted with 20. Again, no reason to panic, they’ll take on #2 Team McNichols in an important Game in the seemingly stacked South Division.


Team Schwartz (StudentCity) – East – 1-1

Last but not least this week is Team Schwartz. Remember – this is Alphabetical. They would have been the #12 Ranked Team this week. It was just a week ago that they defeated the Defending Champs and were Ranked #5. They are the same Team.. It’s just that they lost by a wide margin this past Sunday to the sharp-shooting Team Hanessian squad (now #5) and a couple of the 1-1 Teams had to fall out of the Rankings. They will be back in soon. Austin Brown had 14 in this one. They look to rebound against Team Malvin who is 0-2 and desperate for a dub.


That’s it for Week 2. Good Luck to everyone on Sunday. See you there!