2017 Ann Arbor – CHAMPIONSHIP Sunday (April 9)

Updated: April 14, 2017

We crowned the 2017 Champions of the Ann Arbor League on Sunday Night! For the first time the Crown is going to the DKE house! It was a wild night with a few upsets and in the end the last team left standing was #6 Team DKE SO who made it all the way back to the Championship Game for the second straight year, but this year they closed it out! We’ll recap all of the Final4 and Championship action but we need to Congratulate not only the Champs but the other competitors from this past Sunday Night.. The last 3 Games of the Season were won by a combined 10 points.  It was a fantastic finish and could have gone several different ways.. Tt really was a perfect ending to a great 2017 in Ann Arbor!

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Playoff Review

Final4 Flag Football

1. Team DKE SR1 (Dr. Jacob D.D.S.) v. 4. Team Sammy (Schweitzer Title)

Each Playoff Game has pressure associated with it but this one held a little extra juice.. Not only was there a spot in the Championship Game on the line but both of these groups are in their Senior Seasons. It was going to be the last hurrah one way or another on this night.. Only one could move on to the Championship Game. These Two Teams met all the way back in Week 1 on the Hoops court and Team DKE SR1 got a W and it helped launch their fantastic Regular Seasons.. Team Sammy had been counting down the days for a chance at retribution and here it was with a spot in final Game at stake..

Both Team flew around on Defense in this one. They both wanted to Win desperately. As a result, there were no “video game numbers” posted in this one.. Very early on, you got the feel that the first team to score 2 or 3 times would be the Winner.. Well, DKE SR1 got 3 scores out of QB Zach Cohen and Team Sammy could only garner 2 of their own.. In the end, it was the #1 seed Team DKE SR1 squeaking by 19-14 in a phenomenal Final4 Game.

For Team Sammy, they have to hold their heads high. They had a great run in All Sports Series this Spring. There was honestly a handful of great Teams and they were one of them. On their final night, they just needed an extra play or two that wasn’t meant to be. As most of this particular Sammy squad is graduating, we hope to be able to see them again in the future. The Sammy house has routinely represented in All Sports Series, and many of the Juniors who are now abroad will return for their second stint in the League a year from now. Good Luck after school and thanks for playing!


2. Team Theta Chi (Chipotle) v. 6. Team DKE SO (Mezes Gold)

We now know that the #1 overall seed Team DKE SR1 would be in one corner of the Championship fight.. Now let’s see who their competitors would be… Just like our first Semi-Final Game above, this is a Rematch from all the way back in Week 1 Hoops. On that night Team Theta Chi secured a Win in what was the Game of the Night. Team DKE SO did not forget about that Game and hoped to be able to redeem that L.. Well, here was their opportunity.. Both of these squads have shown great ability on the grid-iron and while it was the Final4 and not the Championship, in many ways, this figured to be the best played Game of the Night..

Team DKE SO lost Captain Zach Shulman to a collision during this one and his Teammates would have to try and secure the Crown without him for the rest of the night.. Both Teams scored 3x in this one.. In what was a back and forth affair. Captain Cole Greenberg connected with Reid Marks twice and Kyle Slovis once for Theta Chi’s TDs. Meanwhile for DKE SO, Jack Goldman was in the midst of a special Playoff Performance once again (just like last Spring).. He threw a couple TDs in this one and their Defense did the rest returning a Pick-6.  With both Teams scoring 3 TDs, it came down to the Conversions and Team DKE SO would end up gaining an extra point there.. It was their W to have on this night and they’d move on to the Championship Game for the second straight season by a score of 20-19!

For Theta Chi, it was a heartbreaking defeat. There is no way to sugar coat that, but they need to be extremely proud of themselves. For a Team who claimed the #2 seed during the Regular Season and got to the Final4.. That is a fantastic run, especially with the amount of Rookies on the squad. We hope to see them back in All Sports Series soon! For now,  Captain Cole Greenberg will shift his focus to the College/Prep League Crown this Summer. Thanks for playing!


Championship Flag Football –

1. Team DKE SR1 (Dr. Jacob D.D.S.) v. 6. Team DKE SO (Mezes Gold)

So after two thrilling Final4 Games the stage was set for an all DKE Championship! We had the #1 seeded Team DKE SR1 squad playing with the urgency that presents itself in their final season in Ann Arbor. Their opponents were DKE SO, a group that was extremely anxious to get back to this point after a Cinderella ride a year ago to the Championship. They didn’t want to be the Runners-Up two years in a row.. Something had to give here.. Both Teams were entering their second Game of the Night as well.. Fatigue would potentially play a factor..

Much like the Final4 Games — this was a very well played contest.. The same guys who helped lead these Teams to the Championship, stepped up in this one. For DKE SR1 QB Zach Cohen would hit Captain Jake Wise for 2 scores here. Zach Greenspan also scored for them.. For DKE SO, QB Jack Goldman would hit Zachary Blitz a couple of times and also really changed the dynamic of the Game when he picked off a pass and took it to the house! Team DKE SO would find themselves up 22-12 with a couple minutes to go.. DKE SR1 would add a score to make it 22-18, but ran out of time, and that is where the Championship Game would end. #6 Team DKE SO were the Champs!! More on them in just a bit..

For Team DKE SR1, what a ride.. They were the cream of the crop all season long in Ann Arbor. That cannot be lost on them or anyone else here.. They got beat in a great Championship Game but it doesn’t change the fact they were the class of the League for the entire Spring. We wish them all luck after they leave Ann Arbor and hopefully will see some of them soon if they come back to Chicago post-college. Thanks for playing and congrats on a great season!

Now for the #Champs, Team DKE SO!  This was really 2 years in the making. Last year, as Freshmen they needed time to get their footing but eventually shocked the world a few times in route to the Championship Game where they just ran out of gas.. For a year they let that sink in and had to think about getting back to the League’s final Game and on Sunday Night they did just that!  It’s so difficult to get to the Championship Game once, let alone twice in a row.. It is a testament to their depth. Captain Shulman had to be thrilled to learn of his Team’s achievements on Sunday evening. The rest of this group will be able to know that they are finally THE Team in Ann Arbor.. For another 365 at least.. Can they go Back2Back???


That concludes a great season in Ann Arbor! Thanks again for everyone who has played and Good Luck with Finals!