2017 Ann Arbor – Week 4 (Feb. 19)

Updated: February 23, 2017

Hoops took center stage once again in Ann Arbor during Week 4. It was our second go-around on the basketball court and our final set of Games before we pause for Spring Break. We need to mention Connor Jackett of Theta Chi, right off the bat.. He went for 44 on Sunday Night!  When the dust settled on Sunday Night we were left with a total mess in the Standings. The Top-6 Teams are separated by less than 25 points and that is exactly how much Softball will be worth when we return post-Spring Break.. There is a ton left to decide in the second half of the Regular Season…

Here’s a Link to the Weekly Highlight Video!

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Power Rankings

1. Team DKE FR1 (SLA Insurance) – Currently in 2nd with 48 points.

Jumping up to the #1 spot in the Power Rankings this week is Team DKE FR1.  They along with their bros on DKE FR2 have really been the story of the first month of the season. Normally Freshmen Teams start a little slow adjusting to everything.. That hasn’t been the case here and the fact that the pledge class has not one but two Teams in the current Top-4 is just awesome. They defeated DKE SO on Sunday Night behind a big effort from Sherwin Soroush who had 21 and David Kimmel who had 20. After Spring Break, they will take on #2 Team Sammy in the StudentCity Game of the Week!


2. Team Sammy (Schweitzer Title) – Currently tied for 3rd with 36 points.

Holding firm at #2 this week is Team Sammy following their big Win over Delta Sig in Hoops. Captain Matt Fidel led the way with 16 points in his second straight Hoops Game. He is a real presence down low on both ends of the floor. They now look ahead and eye that #1 spot in the Power Rankings (and potentially the Standings).. When we return from Spring Break, they will go toe to toe with Team DKE FR1 in Softball with the #1 Ranking on the line!


3. Team DKE SR1 (Dr. Jacob D.D.S.) – Currently in 1st with 51 points.

4. Team DKE FR2 (StudentCity Gray) – Currently in 4th with 33 points.

As we mentioned in #1 Team DKE FR1’s section, what the Freshmen of DKE (both squads) are doing has been quite remarkable. It is not often that we see Freshmen groups jump out as a part of the elite tier to begin a season. They have done just that thought. DKE FR2 defeated AEPi on Sunday Night in a game where they played very well. Jeffrey Solomon had 21 to lead the Team and they got 14 from Mathew Iacone. Following Spring Break they will take on their older bros – #7 DKE SO.


5. Team Theta Chi (Chipotle) – Currently in 5th with 30 points.

Theta Chi rounds out the Top-5 this week following their second Hoops win of the year. They have shown that they are among the League’s best when it comes to the basketball court which bodes well for their future Playoff run.. Basketball is the first segment of the Playoffs. As mentioned at the top Connor Jackett went for 44 points – easily the highest amount of the season in Ann Arbor! Ryan Tooker added 14 in their Win against #6 Team Pi Kapp. After Spring Break they will look to get their first non-Hoops W of the season in Softball against Delta Chi.


6. Team Pi Kapp (Biaggi’s) – Currently tied for 7th with 21 points.

Team Pi Kapp ran into the buzzsaw that is Theta Chi and more specifically Connor Jackett on Sunday Night. Sometimes a Player is just feeling it and there’s nothing you can do.. Jackett’s 44 perfectly summarizes that.. Aidan Slavin went for 28 on Sunday. They have had a strong first half though and are firmly entrenched in the middle of the pack where a Win in Softball could do a ton to elevate them in the Standings. They will face Team TKE in Softball after Spring Break!


7. Team DKE SO (Mezes Gold) – Currently tied for 7th with 21 points.

DKE SO ran into their little bros. on Sunday Night and took the L. They have to be proud of the DKE FR1 and FR2 squads in a way.. Last year, while they got off to a slowish start, they showed what Freshmen squads are capable of as they grabbed Cinderella’s slipper and danced all the way to the Championship Game.. They might have instilled too much confidence though in future Freshmen.. Anyways, Matt Chasin had 17 and Zachary Blitz had 13 in this one. After Spring Break, they will get their shot at the other DKE FR.. #4 DKE FR2.


8. Team DKE SR2 (Ella Designs Jewelry) – Currently in 6th with 27 points.

Rest of the Pack (Alphabetical Order)

Team AEPi (Mezes Navy) – Currently tied for 10th with 3 points.

Team AEPi battled Team DKE FR2 in well played Game on Sunday Night but just came up a bit short.. Alec Sandberg made an impressive All Sports Series debut going for 34 points to keep his Team in it. They have shown improvements over the past few weeks and look to utilize that growth in a strong second half. They will take on #8 Team DKE SR2 in Softball following Spring Break!


Team Delta Sig (StudentCity Orange) – Currently in 9th with 12 points.

Team Delta Sig was in it for the entire Game with #2 Sammy on Sunday Night but just couldn’t come away with the W. Ian Cosgrove went for 16 points in this one as did Captain Ethan Lutz. This is a Team that has enough ability to get hot in the second half and come into the Playoffs with a great seed. They will take on #5 Theta Chi in 16″ Softball when we resume play following Spring Break!


Team SAE (cea Study Abroad) – Currently tied for 11th with 0 points.

Team TKE (Mezes Lime) – Currently tied for 11th with 0 points.


That’s it for Week 4. Have a fun and safe Spring Break (hopefully with StudentCity)!