2017 Ann Arbor – Week 6 – Playoff Scenarios (March 19)

Updated: March 22, 2017


What a weekend in Ann Arbor!  The NCAA Tourney has provided plenty of Madness for UM and just after Michigan punched their ticket to the Sweet16, the Ann Arbor League took to the gridiron at Mitchell Field for a great evening of Flag Football! We have a shake-up at the top of the Power Rankings.. More on that below.. We are headed into the final week of the Regular Season, so let’s go over how the Playoffs work!

  • The Top-10 Teams qualify.
  • Teams seeded 7-10 play in an Opening Round.
  • Team seeded 1-6 are in the Elite8 automatically.
    • The Opening Round and Elite8 will be Basketball on April 2.
  • We will be left with 4 Teams on the League’s final night.
    • The Final4 and Championship will be Flag Football.


Here’s a Link to the Weekly Highlight Video!


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Power Rankings

1. Team DKE SR1 (Dr. Jacob D.D.S.) – Currently in 1st with 96 points.

Team DKE SR1 catapulted into the #1 spot after finishing another Week on top of the Standings. They are a lock for not just the Playoffs but the #1 overall seed come the Playoffs!


2.  Team Theta Chi (Chipotle) – Currently in 2nd with 75 points.

With their Win on Sunday over #4 Team Sammy, Team Theta Chi leapt into 2nd place in both the Standings and the Power Rankings. Captain Cole Greenberg helped lead his crew to victory accounting for several TDs in this one. He has been one of the more dynamic Flag Football Players for years in All Sports Series and it’s no surprise to see these guys come out with a W on Sunday. Alex Raskind also found the endzone twice. They will face Team AEPi on Sunday in Week 7. If they Win, they are the #2 seed.. If they fall, then they could finish in 3rd or 4th. Either way they will enter the Playoffs among the favorites.


3. Team DKE FR1 (SLA Insurance) – Currently in 3rd with 68 points.

Team DKE FR1 got back to their Winning ways on Sunday evening. David Kimmel had a pick-6 and a QB-sneak for TDs and that was enough to get them the W. They go into the final Week in 3rd place of the Standings and with a Win can jump as high as #2 in the Standings (if Theta Chi Loses).  A Win means they finish in at least 3rd. Now, if they lose, they could get jumped by Team Sammy and finish in 4th. They take on Team DKE SR2 in what should be a great Game to close out the Regular Season.. In fact, that is the StudentCity Game of the Week!


4. Team Sammy (Schweitzer Title) – Currently in 4th with 61 points.

Team Sammy took on an impressive Theta Chi Flag Football crew on Sunday and came up a bit short.  Andrew Krowitz accounted for a TD in the Loss. They come into Week 7 sitting in 4th for both the Standings and Rankings. They play Team Pi Kapp on Sunday evening. With a Win, they can get as high as #2 for the Playoffs.. They’d need Theta Chi and DKE FR1 to Lose.. A Win will lock them into a Top-4 seed though.. If they fall to Team Pi Kapp, they could be jumped in the Standings by Team DKE SR2 and fall into the 5 spot.. In that event, they would actually take on DKE SR2 in the 4/5 match-up in Elite8 Hoops. Sammy is one of the favorites to take the whole thing.


5. Team DKE SR2 (Ella Designs Jewelry) – Currently in 5th with 47 points.

DKE SR2 jumps into the Top-5 for our last version of the Rankings. They are now sitting in 5th in the Standings as well following their Win against Delta Sig on Sunday evening. Matthew Benedict ran in a couple of scores and passed for a couple more including one to Captain Jake Bogart.  These guys are clicking at the right time! They will take on Team DKE FR1 in the League’s final Week. With a Win, they finish at least in the Top-5.. If they lose, they can fall to 6th, should DKE FR2 Win on Sunday.  Big week ahead for them.


6. Team DKE FR2 (StudentCity Gray) – Currently in 6th with 33 points.

7. Team DKE SO (Mezes Gold) – Currently tied for 7th with 21 points.

Team DKE SO came up a bit short against Team DKE FR1 on Sunday. They played a great Game but just couldn’t get the ball in the endzone enough.  They currently sit in 7th.. The race for 6th is on. They will take on #1 DKE SR1 on Sunday evening.. If they Win and see DKE FR2 Lose, then they can avoid the extra Opening Round.. Keep in mind, this group went on a Playoff tear as a Cinderella a year ago.. An extra Playoff Game won’t scare them!


8. Team Delta Sig (StudentCity Orange) – Currently in 9th with 12 points.

Team Delta Sig fell to DKE SR2 on Sunday.  They played hard but couldn’t get enough stops. They will look to bounce back this week against #6 DKE FR2.. While they can’t jump into 6th (they are back 21 points and Football is worth 20), they can get some momentum and potentially leap into 7th which would provide a somewhat easier rode come Playoff time! Big week coming!


Rest of the Pack (Alphabetical Order)

Team AEPi (Mezes Navy) – Currently tied for 10th with 3 points.

Team Pi Kapp (Mezes Gold) – Currently tied for 7th with 12 points.

Team SAE (cea Study Abroad) – Currently tied for 11th with 0 points.

Team TKE (Mezes Lime) – Currently tied for 11th with 0 points.


That’s it for Week 6. Good Luck to UM Basketball and see everyone on Sunday for Week 7!