2017 Ann Arbor – Week 7 – Playoff Preview (March 26)

Updated: March 30, 2017

..and we are officially down to 9!  Here it is, everyone, the moment we have been waiting for.. The Playoffs are upon us! The Top-9 Teams in the League have qualified for the Playoffs and below we are going to preview all of the match-ups!  First, you can view the Bracket above and here’s a breakdown of how the Playoffs work:

  • The Top-9 Teams qualify.
  • Teams seeded 8 and 9 play in an Opening Round.
  • Team seeded 1-7 are in the Elite8 automatically.
    • The Opening Round and Elite8 will be Basketball on April 2.
  • We will be left with 4 Teams on the League’s final night.
    • The Final4 and Championship will be Flag Football.


Here’s a Link to the Weekly Highlight Video!

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Playoff Preview

Opening Round Hoops –

8. Team Delta Sig (StudentCity Orange) v. 9. Team AEPi (Mezes Navy)

Winner plays 1. Team DKE SR1 (Dr. Jacob D.D.S.)

We have seen Teams pull major upsets in the past in All Sports Series. You can look no further than a year ago when the #11 seeded SIG SRs knocked off then #2 seed Team Sammy to tip-off the Playoffs.. It happens.. So, the Winners of this Opening Round Game between Delta Sig and AEPi will of course have a very tough task ahead of the with #1 Team DKE SR1 but crazier things have happened. First things first, they need to get past each other before thinking about tackling #1. These Teams didn’t meet head to head during the Regular Season so no real edge there.. Whoever wins will need some serious depth to be able to win their 2nd straight and shock the world into the Final4.


Elite8 H0ops –

1. Team DKE SR1 (Dr. Jacob D.D.S.) v. Winner of 8/9

As mentioned above team DKE SR1 is the #1 seed and will take on the Winner of Delta Sig and AEPi.  They were able to lock up the #1 seed after Week 6, and actually took a stumble in the final Week, losing in Flag Football by a score of 6-0 to Team DKE SO.  Will that rattle their confidence? Likely not. Justin Schnell is their leading scorer in Hoops. He and Captain Jake Wise will do everything in their power to get their Team ready and a trip to the Final4 is at stake!


4. Team Sammy (Schweitzer Title) v. 5. Team DKE SR2 (Ella Designs Jewelry)

This may be the premier match-up of the first night of the Playoffs.  They didn’t meet head to head this season and both have eyes on the Crown. Both #4 Sammy and #5 DKE SR2 have a legit shot at winning the Championship, but only one of them can even move on to the Final4. Captain Matt Fidel leads his team in scoring for Hoops and Matthew Benedict has had big nights for DKE SR2 on the Hoops Court. Both will be called upon by their squads here. Can’t wait for this one.


2. Team Theta Chi (Chipotle) v. 7. Team DKE FR2 (StudentCity Gray)

Team Theta Chi leapt into the #2 seed following two huge Flag Football Wins to close the season. The most recent was actually against #7 Team DKE FR2.. So we are in store for a Rematch here, only we are switching the venue as this Elite8 match-up will take place on the Hoops Court. Connor Jackett and Reid Marks lead the #2 seed in scoring while Jeffrey Solomon is the leading scorer for DKE FR2. Both Teams can go on an extended run here and neither would necessarily consider Hoops their best sport.. We saw the #2 seed go down early last year.. Will history repeat itself?


3. Team DKE FR1 (SLA Insurance) v. 6. Team DKE SO (Mezes Gold)

Last but not least we have an Elite8 match-up that may just steal the show on Sunday!  We have the upstart #3 seeded DKE FR1 squad led by Ben Wellek.  They are lined-up against familiar foes of theirs.. #6 Team DKE SO, who made a run to the Championship Game a year ago as Freshmen. In many ways these Teams will see a lot of each other in one another.. DKE FR1 is definitely more comfortable on the Hoops court as DKE SO would rather take to the gridiron.. Sherwin Soroush, Adam Margolis and Ben Wellek will provide the scoring punch for the Freshmen while Josh Bender and Matt Chasin will fill it up for the Sophs. This one should be great.


That’s it for this week. Good Luck to all in the Playoffs!