2017 Austin Football/Softball – Playoff Preview (April 23)

Updated: April 27, 2017

On Sunday afternoon we completed the Regular Season with a beautiful day for some Softball and Football action.  We now turn the page and look toward the Playoffs!  The Bracket is posted above and just as a reminder on Format for everyone..  The #1 Seed Team Rosen will get a BYE to the Final4.. The other 7 Teams will battle it out to try and earn the other 3 spots in the Final4. The Top seeds for this coming Sunday were allowed to pick between their preference for Softball/Football and that will make for some interesting dynamics come Sunday!


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Playoff Preview

Opening Round

7. Team ZBT FR (Dr. Jacob D.D.S.) v. 8. Team ZBT SO (cea Study Abroad) – Softball

Winner plays 2. Team ZBT JR in Football

These two clubs will battle it out for a spot in the Elite8.  Softball can truly break anyone’s way as both Teams look to pick up their first W of the season and it won’t come at a better time.. The Winners here will move on to face fellow-ZBTers in the form of the ZBT JR squad and #2 overall seed in Flag Football. That will be a tall order for whoever makes it out alive!



2. Team ZBT JR (SLA Insurance) v. Winner 7/8 – Football

#2 ZBT JR led by Brent Rubin elected to go for Flag Football in their Elite8 Game and that is no surprise as they have shown the ability to absolutely light it up on the grid-iron this Spring. They will take on whoever Wins among the ZBT FR and ZBT SO.. Either way Team ZBT JR will be heavily favored over their younger bros in this one.. They are certainly expected to reach the Final4 come next week!


3. Team SAE SO (StudentCity Pink) v. 6. Team ZBT SR (TOW Caps) – Softball

One of the more interesting match-ups we’ll get in the Elite8 is right here.. SAE SO and ZBT SR did not lock horns in the Regular Season so this will be a first-time matchup on the Softball diamond. The SAE SO club led by John Hurley elected to go with Softball and it is likely that Cobey Koretz and co. with the ZBT SR were not mad at their decision. Both Teams will feel comfortable in Softball and this one is truly a toss-up.. Only one can make it to the Final4!


4. Team Fat Sal’s v. 5. Team SAE FR (StudentCity Red) – Football

Without a doubt the most-even Elite8 matchup we’ll have is between #4 Fat Sal’s and #5 Team SAE FR. These two teams just played in the final Week of the Regular Season — there Team Fat Sal’s got a dominating Softball W but this time they will play on the Flag Football field where both Teams can certainly feel confident. The Winner here will move on to face Team Rosen in the Final4 on Sunday May 7!


BYE to Final4 – 1. Team Rosen (Spikeball)

The only Team that can feel comfortable coming into this weekend is Team Rosen.. As the #1 overall seed they have locked up a BYE to the Final4 and can sit back and relax until May 7 where they are just two wins away from Winning the Crown! They will have a big say in the League’s final day.. They will get to choose which sport they play in the Final4 while the other Semi-Final will play the other sport.. If they Win in the Final4, as the top-seed they will also get to pick the Sport for the Championship as well!


Lot’s to figure out and a big week coming! Good Luck to everyone on Sunday!