2017 Bloomington 16″ Softball – Playoff Preview (Nov. 6)

Updated: November 8, 2017
We have arrived! In the next week (weather pending) we’ll Crown the first ever Bloomington 16″ Softball League Champs! 11 Teams have qualified for the post-season and with 10 Games left to be played, only 1 Team will be left standing and CROWNED the 2017 Champs! We’re going to Preview all of the Games for the Playoffs below!
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Playoff Preview

Open. Rd.: 7. Team DTD JR (Gourmet Cafe Coral) v. 10. Team DTD SR (Biaggi’s) 

This is the battle of two DTD squads who showed a lot of promise but both have been sliding into the Playoffs. Both are capable of winning this whole thing – they just need to get hot here. The Winner will move on to face #2 AEPi SO/JR for a spot in the Final4. DTD SR are the 2016 Champs – and they won’t go down easily – yet the Juniors have played better this Fall. This should be a fun one!


Elite8: 2. Team AEPi SO/JR (Cea Study Abroad) v. Winner 7/10

#2 AEPi SO/JR knows they will take on a DTD club – but not sure which one it will be and won’t know until just before Gametime. They have had a great season and truly earned the #2 seed. They are the chief threats to #1 ATO and it they are the most likely Championship contender to ATO when all is said and done. They can’t over look the early Games though as Bloomington has been home to many early round upsets over the years. They need to take care of business round by round and then they will be in good shape!


Open. Rd.: 6. Team Delts (Dr. Jacob D.D.S. Green) v. 11. Team DTD SO (StudentCity)

Team Delts has aspirations of going far into the Playoffs as this is their last spin in Bloomington. Standing in their way are a younger DTD club – the SOphs. Both Teams have hitters capable of getting hot and leading their Teams to Wins here.. The Winners will advance and take on #3 ZBT SR during the second night of the Playoffs. Can’t look ahead though – they need to just focus on the task at hand. This could be the Game of the Night on Wednesday!


Elite8: 3. Team ZBT SR (Black Canyon Bakehouse Gray) v. Winner 6/11

While ZBT SR will actually be off during the first night of the Playoffs, they have plenty to look forward to. They get a bit of time to relax and scoreboard watch to open the Playoffs. They will face the Winner of the #6 Delts v. #11 DTD SO Game!


Open. Rd.: 8. Team Sammy (Black Canyon Bakehouse Purple) v. 9. Team Phi Sig (The Bucket List)

The 8/9 Game is always a fun one. Team Sammy and Phi Sig both want to add a Playoff Win to their mantle. They know that #1 ATO awaits the Winner in the Elite8, but they will both do everything in their power to be the Team to get to take on ATO later in the night and Cinderella. This Game will likely be a high-scoring affair and whoever can get more timely hits will be the eventual Winner. This has the potential to be the StudentCity Game of the Week!


Elite8: 1. Team ATO (Gourmet Cafe Navy) v. Winner 8/9

Team ATO is the overwhelming favorite going into the Playoffs. They have destroyed almost everyone in their path and it seems like they are not slowing down anytime soon. They are 3 Wins away from the Crown. They will take on the Winners of #8 Sammy and #9 Phi Sig.  These guys just need to their thing and if they do – they are going be the final Team standing. Some Team is going to have to play the Game of the Year to defeat them – it’s possible, but not likely.. 3. More. Wins.


Elite8: 4. Team Phi Psi (Chipotle) v. 5. Team AEPi SR (Dr. Jacob D.D.S. Blue)

This Game will not be played during the first Week of the Playoffs and the Teams can catch their breathe before their Playoff journeys begin. Both are Championship contenders and the Winners here will look at a likely Final4 match-up with #1 ATO. More to come on this Game in the next Preview!


That’s it for the Preview. Good Luck in the Playoffs!