2017 Bloomington 16″ Softball – Week 2 (Sept. 20)

Updated: September 27, 2017

Week 2 in Bloomington is in the books and when the dust settled, we were left with just 3 Undefeated Teams: ATO, AEPi SO/JR and DTD JR.  That means we have a jammed middle of the pack right now with 6 Teams tied at 1-1.  Lots of Games still to come. Scroll down for the new set of Power Rankings!

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Power Rankings

1. Team ATO (Gourmet Cafe Navy) – 2-0

Plain and simple. They are the front-runners. These guys are who everyone else is going to chase this Fall. They look to get to 3-0 against AEPi SR on Wednesday Night.


2. Team DTD JR (Gourmet Cafe Coral) – 2-0

Big time Win over a group they really wanted to beat in their younger bros – DTD SO – in Week 2. Matt Feinstein leads the Team with total times reached base with 6 of 9 plate appearances so far this season. Peter Pappas is 5 for 7 in that category as well. Their Offense has been great in both Games and is showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon. They look to make it 3-0 and keep pace with ATO when they take on Team ZBT SO/JR in Week 3!


3. Team AEPi SO/JR (Cea Study Abroad) – 2-0

The final 2-0 Team into the Rankings this week is Team AEPi SO/JR. They got a big time Win over fellow AEPiers.. The Seniors in Week 2. This one will be nice for bragging rights for some time. Captain Evan Zisook leads the League with total times reached base.. He is 8 for 10 on the year thus far. Tyler Tamarkin and Jonathan Kratz are right behind him with 7 of 10. These guys can really put the pressure on opposing Defenses. They will take part in the StudentCity Game of the Week when they take on Team DTD SR in Week 3!


4. Team DTD SR (Biaggi’s) – 1-1

Getting their first W of the season on Wednesday Night was the 2016 “All Sports” Champs Team DTD SR. They took down Team Sammy in a slugfest 13-11 in Week 2. Captain Matt Braschi has been great at the plate totaling 6 for 8 so far this season and James Leyden has reached base on half of his times at the dish going 5 for 10. If they can keep the Offense going this way, they are going to be tough to defeat. Huge Game upcoming in Week 3 when they are in the StudentCity Game of the Week with Undefeated #3 Team AEPi SO/JR.


5. Team Delts (Dr. Jacob D.D.S. Green) – 1-1

Like their fellow DTD SRers, Team Delts led by Matt Torvik also got their first W of the season on Wednesday Night. They defeated last week’s #4 crew Team Phi Psi and leapt up into the Rankings at #5 this week as a result. These guys just needed a Game to get their bearings and are now looking like prime contenders for the Crown. It will be fun to see how fast they can ascend the Rankings in their first All Sports Series League. In Week 3, they will take on #8 Team Phi Sig.


6. Team ZBT SR (Black Canyon Bakehouse Gray) – 1-1

What a difference a week makes.. In Week 1, they took on #1 ATO in a Game they’ve quickly put behind them.. Fast Forward to Week 2 and they were standing in the Winner’s Circle by night’s end. They took down Team Phi Sig and jumped into the Rankings as a result. Grant Goodman, Kenny Casper and Captain Zach Lehrer have all totaled 5 times on-base so far this season. Not a bad start through 2 Games. These guys are going to continue to improve as well. They look to make it two Wins in a row against #7 Team Phi Psi in Week 3.


7. Team Phi Psi (Chipotle) – 1-1

Team Phi Psi suffered their first Loss of the Season at the hands of Team Delts on Wednesday Night. They are a good Team and good Teams have a way of bouncing back quickly so expect them to shake this one off here soon. Tyler Engleman has been great at the plate. He’s reached base in 6 of 8 chances so far in 2017.  They just need to avoid the big inning when on Defense and they are going to be in good shape. They look ahead to Week 3 when they take on #6 Team ZBT SR in a battle of potential Top-5 Teams next week.


8. Team Phi Sig (The Bucket List) – 1-1

Team Phi Sig had a great Week 1 but couldn’t follow-up with another W in Week 2. They fell to Team ZBT SR. Their bats were there again, it was on Defense where they needed to get out of a few jams and just couldn’t – surrendering 11 runs to Team DTD SR in this one.  They look to rebound and get over .500 again with a W over #5 Team Delts on Wednesday.


Rest of the Pack (Alphabetical Order)

Team AEPi SR (Dr. Jacob D.D.S. Blue) – 0-2

Team AEPi SR fell to 0-2 in Week 2 after a Loss to their younger bros. Team AEPi SO/JR.  These guys are All Sports Series vets though and know they have plenty of time to get in their groove. Evan Weinstock and Seth Gilford have been their best hitters through two Weeks. These guys are going to be just fine. They take on #1 Team ATO in Week 3 and have a chance to really make a statement.


Team DTD SO (StudentCity) – 1-1

Team DTD SO fell to their older bros. Team DTD JR in Week 2 and that drops them back down to .500. They Lost 11 to 6 in this one but won’t dwell on it. They have a big Week 3 Game coming up with Team Sammy who is 0-2. A Win will catapult them back into the Rankings and more importantly will get them back over the .500 mark.


Team Sammy (Black Canyon Bakehouse Purple) – 0-2

Team Sammy fell again on Wednesday Night in what was the highest scoring Game of the Night. They Lost to 13-11 to 2016 “All Sports” Champs Team DTD SR.  Their Offense has been great through 2 weeks but they’ll need to avoid giving up crooked numbers on the Defensive side of the ball to start getting Wins. Chase Lauer and Jordan Levine have their best on-base %’s through 2 Weeks. As Week 3 approaches, they’ll look to get their first Win against Team DTD SO!

Team ZBT SO/JR (SLA Insurance) – 0-2


That’s it for Week 2. Good Luck in Week 3!