2017 Bloomington 16″ Softball – Week 4 (Oct. 4)

Updated: October 11, 2017

Entering Week 4, we had 3 Teams that were still Undefeated. As we exit the 4th Wednesday of Games, just AEPi SO/JR remains with Zero Losses.  These guys continue to look great week in and week out and as a result, we finally have a new #1 in the Rankings. We also have 6 Teams tied at 2-2 in the middle of the Standings which makes for a very interesting Rankings and what will be a very important back half of the Regular Season!

Weekly Highlight Video presented by StudentCity!

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Power Rankings

1. Team AEPi SO/JR (Cea Study Abroad) – 4-0

They got another Win in Week 4. This time by the score of 8-6 over Team ZBT SR in what was a well-played Game on both sides. Jonathan Kratz, Spencer Shaev and Justin Margolin all had big days at the plate again. Each got on base 3x. They along with Captain Evan Zisook and Josh Newlander are really powering this Offense. They look to make it 5-0 in Week 5 against #2 ATO.


2. Team ATO (Gourmet Cafe Navy) – 3-1

First Loss of the Season, they’ll be just fine though.


3. Team DTD SR (Biaggi’s) – 2-2

Huge Win over fellow Seniors of the Delts house for the 2016 “All Sports” Champs – Team DTD SR. They really had their bats wake up, scoring 15 runs in this one. Stephen Bola went for 4 for 4 in his debut and scored 3 times. Sam Lauck hit a Home Run and knocked in a few in this one and Sam Storey reached base a few times as well. It was a good night for the entire line-up. They look to keep pushing ahead and get over .500 for the first time this season when they take on Team Phi Psi in Week 5, who is also coming off a big W.


4. Team DTD JR (Gourmet Cafe Coral) – 3-1

Listen, they started the year with 3 straight Wins. It’s a great start. Week 4 did not go well. They Lost 18-2 to #5 Team Phi Psi.. Just one Game though. Joey Lythcke reached base in all 3 of his plate appearances. Ali Moradi had a couple hits as well. They’ll look to bounce back in Week 5 against Team AEPi SR.


5. Team Phi Psi (Chipotle) – 2-2

Huge W for Team Phi Psi who jumps up to #5 this week as a result of their Win over former Undefeated #2 Team DTD JR. They didn’t just Win. They destroyed them, 18-2. Captain Bradley Flink went 3 for 4 and scored twice. Nick Bax also went for 3 for 4 and drove in 4 runs in this one. All Sports Vet Will Brassil also had a nice day at the plate. This may be the Game everyone looks back on and think that Phi Psi really turned the corner here.. They take on #3 DTD SR in what will be the StudentCity Game of the Week in Week 5.


6. Team Sammy (Black Canyon Bakehouse Purple) – 2-2

After getting off to a slow start, Wednesday Night marked the second straight Win for Team Sammy. They are coming on here as the Season gets going and up to #6 in the Rankings. They defeated Team AEPi SR 13-5. Evan Kahn hit a HR in this one and scored a couple runs to help lead the Offense. Addison Jacoby also Homered here. They are looking like they are about to go on a serious run.. Team Phi Sig who also has a 2-2 record is their next opponent.


7. Team ZBT SR (Black Canyon Bakehouse Gray) – 2-2

Team ZBT SR fell to #1 AEPi SO/JR on Wednesday Night 8-6. It was a good Game and they came about as close as anyone has to knocking off the last Undefeated Team in the League. Grant Goodman went 3 for 4 and scored in this one. Zack Davis did the same and knocked in a run as well. These guys are going to be just fine as they are locked into that 2-2 clump with so many other Teams right now. They take on fellow 2-2 squad – Team Delts in Week 5.


8. Team Phi Sig (The Bucket List) – 2-2

Up and into the Rankings at #8 this week is Team Phi Sig who grabbed a huge 22-12 Win over Team DTD SO during Week 4. Captain Matt Roeser went 4 for 6 and knocked in a couple runs on the day. Alex Schneider was 4 for 5 and also really helped the Offense. They all did, scoring 22 runs obviously. Next up for them is #6 Team Sammy who shares the 2-2 record with them.


Rest of the Pack (Alphabetical Order)

Team AEPi SR (Dr. Jacob D.D.S. Blue) – 0-4

They are still winless, but they are going to break through here soon. They fell to #6 Team Sammy on Wednesday Night.  Taylor Smetana went 4 for 5 and Justin Libby went for 4 for 4 including a big Home Run to help pace the Offense. Matthew Lowy had 3 hits and drove in a pair as well. They look to grab their first W of the Season against #4 Team DTD JR in Week 5.


Team Delts (Dr. Jacob D.D.S. Green) – 2-2

Team Delts took a tumble in the Rankings this Week after suffering a 10-run Loss to fellow Seniors – DTD SR. With so many Teams tied at 2-2 in the Standings, they are going to be just fine however. Jake McCarty went 2 for 2 and knocked in a run. Trey Schulte also reached base a couple of times. They will have a tough matchup with Team ZBT SR in Week 5 – another 2-2 club – that should be a good one!


Team DTD SO (StudentCity) – 1-3

Team DTD SO fell to Team Phi Sig 22-12 in Week 4. They just couldn’t stop the Phi Sig Offense on Wednesday Night. Connor Lewis continued his onslaught – as he reached base in all 5 of his plate appearances.. He is now 15 of 16 on the year. That is the most times reached base in the League and he has the best OBP of any Player with 6+ at-bats. Not a bad first month of the season for him. They look to get back on track against Team ZBT SO/JR during Week 5.


Team ZBT SO/JR (SLA Insurance) – 0-3


That’s it for Week 4. Good Luck on Wednesday Night!