2017 Bloomington 16″ Softball – Week 6 (Oct. 25)

Updated: October 31, 2017

The rain caught us again this past Monday Night but we were able to get Games in last Wednesday and move one step closer to the Playoffs. We’ll wrap-up the Regular Season on Wednesday Nov. 1 (hopefully) before getting to the Playoffs on Monday Nov. 6 and Cr0wn Champs on Wednesday Nov. 8 (again weather pending). Teams seeded 1-5 will automatically qualify for the Elite8 while the other Teams in the League will have to compete in an extra Opening Round contest to compete for the last 3 spots in the Elite8! We’ll go through some Playoff scenarios below!

Weekly Highlight Video presented by StudentCity!

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Power Rankings

1. Team ATO (Gourmet Cafe Navy) – 5-1

ATO finally reclaims the #1 spot after a few weeks of chasing.. They are now 5-1 as we head into the final week of the Regular Season. They are going to finish the Season w/ a Top-3 seed and their Game on Wednesday will determine if they are the #1 seed heading into the Playoffs. They take on the other 5-1 group – Team AEPi SO/JR and the #1 seed will be on the line!


2. Team Phi Psi (Chipotle) – 4-2 

Team Phi Psi moves up into the #2 Ranking after their incredible performance last Wednesday when they dished former #1 (and now #3) AEPi SO/JR their first L of the Season. They are tied for 3rd right now with ZBT SR and should be safe for a Top-5 finish. They have lost to Delts and ZBT SR head to head though and those Teams are right around them in the Standings.. If they can defeat DTD SR they’ll finish as high as 2nd.. A Loss could see them finish in 6th though and that means an extra Game for them come Playoff time.


3. Team AEPi SO/JR (Cea Study Abroad) – 5-1

These guys can avoid the burden of shouldering an Undefeated record going into the Playoffs, and truthfully it may be for the best. They lost to new #2 Team Phi Psi in Week 6 and now have the same 5-1 record as their Week 7 Opponent – Team ATO. Not only will that Game be for the #1 seed but it will be the StudentCity Game of the Week! With a Loss, they could fall to as low as 3rd.. Either way they are going to be in very good shape come Playoff time.


4. Team ZBT SR (Black Canyon Bakehouse Gray) – 4-2

Team ZBT SR continues to roll lately. They won 19-4 over Sammy on Wednesday Night and they have won 4 of their last 5 Games. With a Win over Team Delts on Wednesday Night they could finish as high as the #3 seed (they hold a head to head tiebreaker over Phi Psi who is also 4-2). A Loss would see Team Delts jump them and open themselves up to potentially falling down to the #6 seed which will mean that they have to play an extra Game come the Opening Round of the Playoffs. Definitely don’t want that. Again, huge night of Games upcoming.


5. Team Delts (Dr. Jacob D.D.S. Green) – 3-3

Team Delts got a nice W over Rivals DTD SR by a score of 10-3 on Wednesday Night. Now, they moved up to the #5 spot just ahead of their Week 7 clash with #4 ZBT SR.  A win for them would be huge.. Not only would they lock up a Top-5 seed but they’d advance to the Elite8 as a result. Now, if they Lose, there is a good chance they are going to get jumped by a Team or two and would likely fall into the 6-11 seed territory. That means an extra Game in the Opening Round. Huge stakes for them on Wednesday.


6. Team AEPi SR (Dr. Jacob D.D.S. Blue) – 2-4

After starting 0-4, these guys have finally awoken and are playing their best ball of the Fall at exactly the right time. At 2-4, they’ll need some help to climb over the 3-3 Teams to finish in the Top-5 (and get the automatic bid to the Elite8) but it is possible. A win from them against DTD JR would mean that they just need a Loss from Team Delts – the other 3-3 Team – to force a crazy tie at 3-4 for the 5th spot.. Now, if they Lose they will likely be looking at playing the “Underdog” role against a higher-seeded Team come the Opening Round of the Playoffs.


7. Team DTD JR (Gourmet Cafe Coral) – 3-3

Team DTD JR fell for the 3rd week in a row in Week 6. They were 3-0 and just need to re-gain that form. They take on Team AEPi SR in Week 7. That group sits just a Game Back of them. If they Win on Wednesday Night they have a good shot to finish with the #5 seed (and a spot in the Elite8).. They’ll be hoping for a Delts Loss to ZBT SR as well. Now, if they Lose on Wednesday – they are basically assured to be in the 6-11 seed range and sporting a 4-Game L-streak coming into the Playoffs. Not what they want. Big Game upcoming…


8. Team DTD SR (Biaggi’s) – 2-4

DTD SR won the whole thing in the Fall of 2016. Of course, that was a different League format, but these guys know how to gather up Playoff Wins in Bloomington. They could seemingly get into a big tiebreaker for the #5 spot if both Delts and DTD JR Lose.. That would mean at least a 5-way tie for 5th at 3-4 with AEPi SR plus the Winner of Sammy/Phi Sig as well.. So there’s a chance that they could automatically be in the Elite8. What’s more likely based on the amount of Teams that they’ll need to jump is that they will be in the 6-11 seed range. They’ll have an Opening Round Playoff Game and hopefully can build some momentum before attempting to knock out a top-seed in the Elite8.


Rest of the Pack (Alphabetical Order)

Team DTD SO (StudentCity) – 1-5

These guys are going to finish in the 6-11 range somewhere. Right now they are in 11th but trail 4 Teams by just a Game in the Standings so they definitely can move up still. They want to just get some momentum going in the Regular Season Finale on Wednesday Night.


Team Phi Sig (The Bucket List) – 2-4

Team Sammy (Black Canyon Bakehouse Purple) – 2-4

Taking these last two Teams – Phi Sig and Sammy together.. A) They are tied at 2-4 right now. B) They play each other on Wednesday Night. The Winner will move to 3-4 and have an outside shot at the #5 seed if both Delts and DTD JR Lose on Wednesday Night.  Again, the Top-5 automatically qualify for the Elite8, while the Teams seeded 6-11 play in an extra Opening Round.  Now, the Loser is surely starting in the 6-11 range and it will be more like the 8-11 range realistically, which means they’d need not one but two upsets on the first night of the Playoffs to survive. Their Game on Wednesday Night has a ton of significance!


That’s it for Week 6. Good Luck in the Regular Season finale!