2017 Bloomington Hoops – Playoffs Week 1 (April 9)

Updated: April 14, 2017

We started the night with 16 Teams and by night’s end we were left with our Final4. Some you would have guessed while others are crashing the party.. It was an unpredictable evening full of surprises and we are going to recap everything below. To Teams who finished up their Season on Sunday — thank you for playing!

Scheduling Note – We are off on Sunday April 16 for the holiday and will return for the Final4 and Championship on Sunday April 23.


Here’s a Link to the Weekly Highlight Video! 

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Playoff Review


Quadrant 1 (Top-Left)

Round of 12: 8. Team Sammy SO (StudentCity Pink) v. 9. Team DTD JR/SR (Spikeball)

Winner plays 1. Team Big Cheeze

We talked about it in the Preview last week.. The 8/9 match-up on paper is the most even of the night. Both Teams came into this one with 3-3 records and would have to deal with the reality that the Big Cheeze was waiting for whoever made it out alive.. One thing separated these two Teams in a big way entering this Round of 12 Game.. Leland Pew and the DTD JR/SR have had significant post-season experience and success. They are the 2016 “All Sports” Champions after all. Team Sammy SO on the other hand was about to play in their first Playoff Game as a unit in All Sports Series. The experience won out here.  Francisco Bento led the way for the DTD JR/SR squad and helped get them yet another Playoff W for their mantle.. He had 19 and off to the Round of 8 where the Big Cheeze awaits for DTD JR/SR.

As for the Sammy SO, they had a very nice debut season. It’s tough to go .500 in a talented league such as this one and they more than held their own. They suffered a very tough draw with both past Champs and the favorites for the whole thing in their quadrant. We likely will see them back next year with some experience under their belts. Thanks for playing!


Round of 8 – 1. Team Big Cheeze v. 9. Team DTD JR/SR (Spikeball)

Team Big Cheeze entered as the #1 seed and the overwhelming favorite to hold the Crown when all was said and done later this Spring.. Team DTD JR/SR are the Defending Champs and have worn the Crown in Bloomington for the past 4 months or so.. If anyone was going to shock the world it would be the DTD JR/SR.. At half time it was just a 4 point Game.. The closest we had seen any Big Cheeze contest to date.. Brendan Thomas had 28 points to keep the DTD JR/SR squad in it.. In the second half, Big Cheeze went one of their runs, the kind we are used to seeing.. By the Game’s end, it was not a blow out but they got the double digit W once again.. Ben Jones had 31 for Big Cheeze and helped them advance to the Final4! They will take on #4 seeded Kappa Sig 1, the highest remaining seed standing in their way of the Crown..

As for #9 Team DTD JR/SR.. What a career for these Seniors. They leave Bloomington with a Crown, something not very many people have the opportunity to tout. The Juniors will be able to carry on the much heralded name for another season and look to add to their mantle this coming Fall when they look to go Back2Back in the “All Sports” League.  It was pleasure having you in the League and thanks for playing!



Quadrant 2 (Bottom-Left)

Round of 16: 12. Team DTD FR (Black Canyon Bakehouse) v. 13. Team ATO (cea Study Abroad)

Winner plays 5. Team AEPi FR

This Round of 16 Game would prove to be one of the best of the Night.. Both Teams wanted desparately to move on and you could tell by the final score, which was very low, the Teams were giving it their all on D. Ben Feldman had 15 to shoulder much of the scoring for DTD FR and Wade Blair got into double digits for ATO in this one. When the final buzzer sounded, it was #12 DTD FR moving on with the 3pt W.. They would take on fellow FR, #5 AEPi FR in the Round of 12.

For Team ATO, they have had a very nice year in total with All Sports Series. This group had a couple of Teams in the Fall “All Sports” League and followed up with some highlights this Spring. This group is now chalk full of experience and you can look for them to take a step up next year as Juniors. We will likely see many of them taking part in Summer All Sports Series Leagues in Highland Park shortly as well. Thanks for playing!


Round of 12: 5. Team AEPi FR (Black Canyon Bakehouse Gray) v. 12. Team DTD FR (Black Canyon Bakehouse)

Winner plays 4. Team Kappa Sig 1

#5 AEPi FR stormed out to a 4-0 start before tumbling a bit to the #5 seed down the stretch. After earning their spot just moments before, #12 DTD FR had their sights set on the classic 12 over 5 upset. Only AEPi had other ideas. Sam Schwartzben had 20.  Blake Schwartz had 19. Daniel Rodnunsky had 15.  Those 54 points from the 3-headed monster of AEPi FR outscored the tired DTD FR 54-53.. When factoring in the other AEPi crew, they won by a wide margin.. They were off to try and get their second W of the night against #4 Kappa Sig 1 with a spot in the Final4 on the line!

For DTD FR, to come away with a Playoff W in your first All Sports Series season is something to be very proud of. There were a lot of strong Teams in the Bloomington Hoops League this Spring, and many exited Sunday Night without a W. This is something for them to really build upon when they return next Fall! This is a Team on the rise. Thanks for playing!


Round of 8: 4. Team Kappa Sig 1 (StudentCity Orange) v. 5. Team AEPi FR (Black Canyon Bakehouse Gray)

Last week in the Playoff Preview, when discussing #4 Kappa Sig 1, we said this: Whoever their opponent will be, and AEPi FR is certainly the favorite, will come in riding a wave of momentum into this Round of 8 Game. They will need to quell that momentum and then try to drain whatever their opponent has left in the tank as Kappa Sig 1 will surely be the fresher Team in this battle.

Well, as fate would have it, #5 AEPi FR did their part and qualified for the Elite8.  Kappa Sig would in fact need to drain the momentum that AEPi FR had built.. What ensued was one of the candidates for Game of the Night.. Both Teams fought incredibly hard for their spot in the Final4. Daniel Rodnunsky had 16 in his second big performance of the night and Sam Schwartzben went for 15, for AEPi FR. Meanwhile for Kappa Sig 1 – in their first All Sports Series Playoff Game – Connor Haxton had 18 points to lead all scorers in the Game.  Joe Michel had 13 points as well. These guys, on both Teams, really came to play.. In the end Kappa Sig 1 would make that one extra play and came away with the 50-49 W. They would move on to the Final4 and try to slay the giants #1 Team Big Cheeze.

For Team AEPi FR – what a debut season. They were among the leaders in the clubhouse for much of the opening month of the season. Storming out to a 4-0 record is pretty special. They were able to make it to the Elite8 round – finishing in the Top Half and coming a bucket away from the Final4 – as Freshmen mind you.. These guys could have a future Crown in their careers. We look forward to seeing them again soon. Thanks for playing!



Quadrant 3 (Top-Right)

Round of 12: 7. Team Sammy SR (Dr. Jacob D.D.S.) v. 10. Team DTD SO (popchips)

Winner plays 2. Team Delta Chi

This one ended with a few minutes to go. Team DTD SO got the W and would move on to play #2 Delta Chi in the Elite8.

For Sammy SR, it was not the way they pictured the final night as a unit in All Sports Series.. Many of them will leave Btown now and hopefully we will see some of them in Highland Park or Chicago this Summer. Thanks for playing.


Round of 8: 2. Team Delta Chi (Testing Timers) v. 10. Team DTD SO (popchips)

#2 Delta Chi closed out the season strong and were likely among many people’s favorites to get all the way to the Championship Game. They may have been expecting #7 Sammy SR, but #10 DTD SO kept their season alive in the Round of 12 and made it to the Elite8. Playing with momentum the DTD SO played some of their best ball of the season. Ryan Ruff led with 23 points. Braden Straub went for 14 points for Delta Chi. DTD SO never really slowed down and Delta Chi could never really stop their momentum.. When all was said and done, it was #10 DTD SO pulling off one of the major upsets on the night and knocking out #2 Delta Chi. #10 Team DTD SO will take on #6 AEPi SO in a clash for a spot in the Championship Game on April 23.

As for Delta Chi, Sunday Night did not go as planned. That does not take away from the things they accomplished this Season. When looking at the season in a nut-shell, they finished first among non-Big Cheeze Teams in a stacked 16-Team League. That is an extremely big-time accomplishment. These guys have what it takes to win the whole thing some day and that’s exactly what they will look to do in the Fall. Thanks for playing!


Quadrant 4 (Bottom-Left)

Round of 12: 6. Team AEPi SO (cea Study Abroad Gold) v. 11. Team Kappa Sig 2 (SLA Insurance)

Winner plays 3. Team Evans Scholars

AEPi So and Kappa Sig 2 both had their eyes set on the Elite8 and a match-up with #3 Evans Scholars. Only one Team could advance though. We had talked of AEPi’s SO depth during the Playoff Preview. They went 4-2 during the Regular Season and had 4 scorers average double digits in scoring during the Season. They were a very impressive bunch that lost on some tiebreakers or would have been seeded higher. 3 of those 4 that we just mentioned had big performances in this one.. Josh Mehdyzadeh led with 23. Josh Newlander had 19 and Niccolai Golshan had 13 to help guide AEPi SO to the 15 point W in this one. They’d move on to face #3 Evans Scholars right away..

For Team Kappa Sig 2, they ran into a difficult test in AEPi SO on this night. It was their first go-around in All Sports Series and Captain Nick Rhoad and co. have something they can build on in future seasons. He had 16 points in their final Game and Danny Cameron had 15. These guys will be back and stronger next Fall. You can count on it. Thanks for playing!


Round of 8: 3. Team Evans Scholars (Madison Taxi) v. 6. Team AEPi SO (cea Study Abroad Gold)

In many ways this was the one we had hoped for. It had all the makings of a high-scoring, fast-tempo Game and that is exactly what we saw on Sunday Night. Team Evans Scholars had a terrific Regular Season and to keep it going into the League’s final night they’d have to get past #6 AEPi SO who was fresh off a big-time Playoff W themselves. Both Teams filled it up on Sunday.. Justuss Boice scored 26 and Eric Martin had 25 for Evans Scholars while for AEPi SO –  Josh Newlander notched 32 and led all scorers the entire night with that total. Josh Mehdyzadeh poured in 22, Nathan Rosen had 18 and Justin Wallis had 12. Once again, the story was AEPi SO’s depth.. They come at you in waves and are so difficult to guard when at full strength. They would eventually earn the Win and a trip to the Final4 where they will take on #10 DTD SO in a Rivalry Game where the Winners continue to the Championship Game!

For Evans Scholars, and much like #2 Delta Chi above, they need to remember the extremely strong Regular Seasons they had and dwell on this one Playoff Game. This group was among the League’s best, anchored by Justuss Boice and on this night they just couldn’t get a couple key stops. This is a group that has enough to win the whole thing in the future. Thank you for playing!


That’s it for Week 1 of the Playoffs! Thanks again for those who finished up on Sunday and Good Luck to our Final4, we’ll crown the 2017 Spring Hoops Champs on Sunday April 23!