2017 Bloomington Hoops – Week 1 (Jan. 29)

Updated: February 6, 2017

..and we’re back!!  On Sunday Night we tipped-off our very first Spring League in Bloomington! For the past few years we have had “All Sports” Leagues in BTown and now in 2017 we have added the Spring Hoops League! We have 16 Teams vying for the Bloomington Hoops League crown and all of them will have eyes on the 2016 All Sports Champs – Team DTD JR/SR. Many Teams from the Fall have returned including AEPi, ATO, Sammy, Theta Chi, ZBT and DTD. We also are welcoming new groups such as Kappa Sig, Delta Chi, Evans Scholars and the first #1 Team of the Season – The Big Cheeze!  It is going to be a fun ride!

Quickly, for those Playing in their first All Sports Series League.. Here’s what to expect from the weekly Power Rankings.. Each week we’ll take a statistical look at the Teams and Rank them 1-11 with the 5 UnRanked Teams listed alphabetically.. You can also count on a Link to the Weekly Highlight Video (<– Click right there!)   Also, if you have ever want to find any info on the League.. Go to Campus Leagues > Bloomington League.. Everything you’d need from Stats to Schedules to Standings etc. will be found there..

Here’s a Link to the Weekly Highlight Video! 

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Power Rankings

1. Team The Big Cheeze – 1-0

Team The Big Cheeze just had one of the most impressive debuts we have ever seen in All Sports Series. We aren’t just talking the Bloomington League here.. We are talking anywhere.. This is one of the few true Rookie Teams.. On top of that, they are taking on the squad that just won the Championship in Bloomington this past Fall in Team DTD JR/SR.  If you saw the score 107-61 you would just assume that they took a hard loss in their first ever All Sports Series Game.. Welp, not the case!  They were amazing on Sunday.. Check out their alley-oop to start the Highlight Video above.. Taylor Wischmeier had 34 to lead all scorers on Sunday Night. Chase Spreen added 27 of his own and  Brandon McGhee had 17.  So impressive. When we return after the Super Bowl they will take on #4 Team Sammy SR!


2. Team AEPi SO (cea Study Abroad Gold) – 1-0

Other than the 2016 Champs – DTD JR/SR – the only group with Bloomington Championship blood on the Team is Team AEPi SO led by Evan Zisook. These guys won the very first “All Sports” League in Bloomington in the Fall of 2015.  They have always relied on a strong basketball squad to propel them to their All Sports success and now they can enter themselves as true favorites this Spring. Captain Zisook knows full well how to run a successful Team as he has done so for years. All Sports Series vet Josh Newlander led with 20 points in Week 1 to help them defeat Team ATO. When we return from the Super Bowl they will go head to head with DTD SO.


3. Team ZBT (Biaggi’s) – 1-0

There are a few Teams that have been in All Sports Series for years and are entering their final run (at least in Bloomington).. Team ZBT led by Jack Lazar have gone to back to back Championship Games in 2015 and 2016 but they haven’t been able to grasp the Crown just yet. They have a real chance to do so this Spring with the roster they have compiled. They got a Week 1 Win against a tough Sammy SO squad.. Cooper Weisman had 14 and Matt Siegel was also in double figures during the win. Team AEPi FR is up next for them when we get back from the Super Bowl break.


4. Team Sammy SR (Dr. Jacob D.D.S.) – 1-0

What was mentioned just above about ZBT can be echoed here about Sammy SR. They are entering their third season together in Bloomington and have been so close to the Championship in each of their first two seasons. Captain Jake Brody has played more All Sports Series Games than any other Player playing in Bloomington this Season and he desperately wants to leave IU with a Championship on the resume. They had a well balanced attack in what was a defensive battle against Team Kappa Sig 1 on Opening Night.. They get their chance at new #1 The Big Cheeze when we return on Sunday Feb. 12.


5. Team Delta Chi (Testing Timers) – 1-0

If not for The Big Cheeze and their super impressive W over Defending Champs DTD JR/SR.. Then Team Delta Chi would have been the Rookie darlings of Week 1. Derek Otto Captains this squad and they had a tremendous first night in All Sports Series to show everyone that they are here to be taken seriously and win the whole thing.. Gavin Dyer had 31 to lead them.. Adam Swails had 21 as well. These guys are the real deal and will look to make it 2-0 against Team Theta Chi when we get back after the Super Bowl.


6. Team DTD JR/SR (Spikeball) – 0-1

Time for the Defending Champs led by Leland Pew. Was it their finest night?  No.  We have seen ring ceremonies go south though before.. These guys are going to be among the Teams vying for the Crown later in the Spring and a bad Week 1 won’t affect that. We did learn a few things though.. Team Big Cheeze is really really really good.  It said more about them than the Defending Champs. These guys won the Championship just a few months ago.. That wasn’t an accident. They dominated. They will be just fine. Brendan Thomas had 25 and Jack Arends had 17 in the defeat. They look to pull even at 1-1 after the Super Bowl against Kappa Sig 1.


7. Team DTD FR (Black Canyon Bakehouse Black) – 1-0

The theme of the evening was Rookie squads getting off to great starts. Team DTD FR was another group that really showed out in their debut. Led by Captain Brandon Barthel who had 10 points and Patrick Mangano who had 24.  Ben Feldman also had 20. These guys really controlled their Game against Team Theta Chi on Opening Night. They will look to get to 2-0 when we get back after Super Bowl.


8. Team AEPi FR (Black Canyon Bakehouse Gray) – 1-0

The Freshmen really played well on Sunday Night and there are a few groups we are talking about.. None were thrown to the fire more so than AEPi FR led by Jeremy Sernick. These guys gave up a last second 3 at the end of regulation to allow DTD SO to tie it up and force OT. However, they were not rattled.. They gathered themselves and went on to Win in OT. Something that is very hard to do and extremely tough for a group playing their first All Sports Series Game together. Captain Jeremy had 21 to lead his Team in scoring and they had 3 more in double figures as well: Blake Schwartz, Steve Levine and Tanner Harmon. They will be pushed with #3 ZBT when we get back after the Super Bowl.


9. Team DTD SO (popchips) 0-1

Many of the DTD SO are holdovers from their squad this past Fall where they had a really successful first season in All Sports Series. They are back to do even better this Spring as Grant Miller takes the reigns. Ryan Ruff  had 19 points and Charlie Coffman had 15 in Week 1. We normally will point who Lost the Game of the Week in Week 1.. That without a doubt would be this group.. They forced OT at the buzzer but came up just short in the extra session. These guys will be fueled by this all season long. They get the #2 AEPi SO in Week 2 on Feb. 12.


10. Team Kappa Sig 1 (Gourmet Cafe) – 0-1

They battled #4 Team Sammy SR the entire way and came up just a few buckets shy of a Week 1 win.. David Northey led the Team and was in double digits on the night. This squad is Captained by Ryan Brennan as Kappa Sig enters its first All Sports Series season. Looking ahead they will try to get their first Win over 2016 All Sports Champs – DTD JR/SR.


11. Team Kappa Sig 2 (SLA Insurance) – 1-0

Team Kappa Sig 2 is led by Nick Rhoad and they are another Rookie Team to All Sports Series that got off to a nice on Sunday Night. Captain Nick had 15 and Noah Coonan was the leading scorer with 19. They will take on Team Evans Scholars when we return after the Super Bowl and look to get to 2-0 then.


Rest of the Pack (Alphabetical Order)

Team ATO (cea Study Abroad Green) – 0-1

Team ATO has been apart of All Sports Series for years and are always in the fray for the Crown. Jack Klein is once again leading the way for this crew of mostly Sophomores. Both he and Wade Blair had 16 points in Week 1 against AEPi SO. It was a very solid performance they just couldn’t hit enough shots late. This is a group that will win a bunch of Games this season. They are solid and have great depth. They’ll hop into the Rankings shortly. Week 2 brings Team Sammy SO their way.


Team Evans Scholars (Madison Taxi) – 0-1

Another Rookie Team in the Bloomington Hoops League this season is Team Evans Scholars led by Michael Hanrahan. They took on the very strong #5 Team Delta Chi in Week 1 and while they didn’t get the W, they do have a nice base to work with going forward. Thomas Gnadt led the way with 13 points on Opening Night. They look to get back to .500 in Week 2 when we return after the Super Bowl on Feb. 12.


Team Sammy SO (StudentCity Pink) – 0-1

Team Sammy SO is entering their first season as a unit in All Sports Series however they are led by a couple All Sports Series vets in Jordan Krawitz and Marc Leonard. These guys have had serious runs in past All Sports Series Leagues and Marc Leonard is a past Champion. These guys battled with #3 Team ZBT in one of the highlights of Week 1 but they came up just a bit short. Bryan Brooks scored 10 to lead them in scoring. They draw Team ATO in Week 2.


Team Sigma Chi (StudentCity Orange) – 0-1

Team Theta Chi (StudentCity Neon) – 0-1

Theta Chi is entering their second All Sports Series campaign this season.. They debuted last Fall in the “All Sports” League. They are led by Captain Maxwell Heeren. They fell in Week 1 to DTD FR but showed a lot of potential. Jake Pierzchala was their leading point-getter with 15 points.  They will have Team Delta Chi in Week 2.


That’s it for Week 1. We’ll see everyone back here in Week 2 on Feb. 12!