2017 Bloomington Hoops – Week 2 (Feb. 12)

Updated: February 16, 2017

We got back to action post-Super Bowl on Sunday Night for Week 2 of the Bloomington Hoops League!  When the dust settled just 4 Teams were left undefeated including Team Big Cheeze who will once again be Ranked #1 this week after posting 100+ points for the second straight week.  Along with them are Teams Delta Chi and two freshmen squads: AEPi FR and DTD FR.  It has certainly been an interesting start to the season!

Here’s a Link to the Weekly Highlight Video! 

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Power Rankings

1. Team The Big Cheeze – 2-0

A week after dominating Defending Champs Team DTD JR/SR, Team Big Cheeze took down another set of title contenders – Team Sammy SR – and decisively.. Taylor Wischmeier once again was great.. Going for 26 points on the night. He has the 2nd highest average in the League right now. Brandon McGhee added 16 and Ben Jones put in 15 points. They look to continue their unbelievable start against #3 Team Delta Chi in Week 3. Only one of those Teams can get to 3-0! It will be the StudentCity Game of the Week!


2. Team AEPi FR (Black Canyon Bakehouse Gray) – 2-0 

They came into Week 2 as underdogs as they battled one of the titans of the Bloomington League – Team ZBT – who has finished 2nd in each of the past “All Sports” Leagues in Bloomington. They came out firing though and were not intimidated one bit. Daniel Rodnunsky had 13 points to lead them in scoring in Week 2. It was a well-balanced attack however that saw 4 of them in double figures including Captain Jeremy Sernick. They will take on Team Kappa Sig 2 in Week 3.


3. Team Delta Chi (Testing Timers) – 2-0 

As mentioned above in the #1 Team Big Cheeze section.. Team Delta Chi will get the next chance to knock off the emerging powerhouse that is Team Big Cheeze.. Only one of them can get to 3-0 and it will of course be the StudentCity Game of the Week! As for last week, Team Delta Chi defeated Team Theta Chi by 20+. Adam Swails and Ari Hoffman both had 15 points to lead the charge. Gavin Dyer had 14 as well. These guys can really play and might stand the biggest threat to Team Big Cheeze! We’ll see this Sunday Night!


4. Team DTD JR/SR (Spikeball) – 1-1

Back up and into the Top-4 is Team DTD JR/SR. They are the Defending Champs of the “All Sports” Bloomington League after all.. Despite a rough Week 1 v. Team Big Cheeze they were able to bounce back quickly and get a solid Win over Team Kappa Sig 1 in Week 2. Jackson Eaton had 17 points and Raymond Riley had a dozen. They look to get over the .500 mark for the first time this season against Team ATO on Sunday Night.


5. Team DTD FR (Black Canyon Bakehouse Black) – 2-0

Getting to 2-0 was a whole lot easier than getting to 1-0. They’ll take it!


6. Team ZBT (Biaggi’s) – 1-1

Team ZBT suffered their first defeat on Sunday Night at the hands of #2 Team AEPi FR. They played well but the AEPi FR were just not to be denied in this one. Jack Norman had 17, Captain Jack Lazar had 11 and Austin Hersh was in double figures as well. This is a veteran group and one Loss isn’t going to get them down. They look to bounce back against Rivals #8 Team Sammy SR in Week 3!


7. Team DTD SO (popchips) 1-1

Big Win for Team DTD SO in Week 2. It was their first of the season and likely felt great to get the Win over Rivals Team AEPi SO. This Game went back and forth and really was one of the best played Games of the Night. Each Team was into the 80s in this fast-paced affair. Matt Schultheis led the way for Five of their Players who were in double figures. He had 24. Ryan Ruff had 19 and Landon Sinnis had 15.  They look to make it two in a row against another Sophomore squad.. This time it is #9 Team Sammy SO.


8. Team Sammy SR (Dr. Jacob D.D.S.) – 1-1

They had what has quickly become the most-dreaded assignment in the Bloomington Hoops League.. Going toe to toe with Team Big Cheeze. Those guys are shooting a crazy percentage from 3pt land and there’s really nothing anyone can do at the moment to slow them down. Captain Jake Brody did all he could with a 22 point effort on the night. They now look ahead to a clash with Rivals #6 Team ZBT in Week 3!


9. Team Sammy SO (StudentCity Pink) – 1-1

Team Sammy SO got their first Win of the Season on Sunday Night and with it comes a spot in the Top-10. They defeated Team ATO on Sunday Night in what was a well-played Game from both sides. Sam Forkin had 17 to lead them in scoring and Captain Jordan Krawitz had a baker’s dozen. They look to keep the momentum going when they take on the Sophomores of DTD in Week 3!


10. Team AEPi SO (cea Study Abroad Gold) – 1-1

Team AEPi SO took a step backwards in Week 2 and despite playing well against a very good Team they tumbled down the Rankings as so many Teams around them Won on Sunday Night. Josh Newlander led them in scoring with 36 points while Captain Evan Zisook and long-time running mate Jacob Iden both had 14. Newlander is the Leading scorer in the League right now. They get Team Sigma Nu in Week 3.


11. Team Evans Scholars (Madison Taxi) – 1-1

Up and into the Rankings for the first time with what will be their easiest Win of the Season. Welcome to the Top-11.


Rest of the Pack (Alphabetical Order )

Team ATO (cea Study Abroad Green) – 0-2

Team ATO battled with fellow Sophomores from Sammy on Sunday Night and just came up a bit short in what was a very good Game. Wade Blair led them in scoring in what was a Defensive battle. While they are off to a slow start they have played very good Teams in the beginning of the Season.. Unfortunately for them.. They are going to have another tough test (as the League is very deep) with Defending Champs Team DTD JR/SR in Week 3.


Team Kappa Sig 1 (StudentCity Orange) – 0-2

Team Kappa Sig 2 (SLA Insurance) – 1-1

Team Kappa Sig 2 suffered their first Loss of the Season and fell out of the Rankings as a result following Week 2. In reality though, they would have come in at #12 had we Ranked that many and there’s nothing to be ashamed of in dropping one to the Defending Champs Team DTD JR/SR as they did last Sunday Night. Captain Nick Rhoad led with 17 points and Nate Banet had 11 as well. These guys are very solid and were just missing some key pieces on Sunday Night. They look to rebound against #2 Team AEPi FR in Week 3.


Team Sigma Nu (The Gourmet Cafe) – 0-2

Team Theta Chi (StudentCity Neon) – 0-2

Team Theta Chi was left still searching for their first W after the Week 2 Game against Team Delta Chi. The schedule has not been kind to them as they have already played 2 Teams Ranked in the current Top-5 to start the season.. It will get easier.. Jacob Rolfsen had 14 on the night and Trevor Bechtold went for 13 against Delta Chi. They get Team Kappa Sig 1 in Week 3!


That’s it for Week 2. Good Luck to everyone on Sunday Night!