2017 Bloomington Hoops – Week 4 (March 5)

Updated: March 9, 2017

We returned from a brief break for Week 4 of the Bloomington Hoops League. Both of our Undefeated Teams.. AEPi FR and Big Cheeze remained unbeaten and both will do so for at least two more Sundays as we go on Spring Break! When we return on March 26 we will have huge clash between our two 4-0 squads.. Only one can get to 5-0!

Here’s a Link to the Weekly Highlight Video! 

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Power Rankings

1. Team Big Cheeze – 4-0

It was their easiest Win of the Season and that says something.. They are scaring Teams away at this point :).


2. Team AEPi FR (Black Canyon Bakehouse Gray) – 4-0 

Team AEPi FR continued their incredible debut season on Sunday evening. They got to 4-0 by defeating Team DTD FR 52-42.  Blake Schwartz was their leading scorer on the night where many guys contributed on the Offensive end. They are going to head into Spring Break feeling great. As they should.. They have a couple weeks to prepare for what will be the biggest Game of the Regular Season.. They will clash with #1 Big Cheeze on Sunday March 26.. Only one Team will leave the StudentCity Game of the Week at 5-0!


3. Team Sammy SR (Dr. Jacob D.D.S.) – 3-1

This group has shown an ability to win close Games over the years.. This is the 3rd season in All Sports Series for the Sammy SR crew and they know it is their last chance as a unit to grab the Crown.. They got down by as much as 16 points against Defending Champs DTD JR/SR on Sunday Night but they wouldn’t quit.  Captain Jake Brody led a huge second half comeback and tallied 17 points in the Win.  Nick Reskin was in double figures as well. Aside from their Game against Big Cheeze they have looked as good as anyone in the League.. They head into the Break at 3-1 and will take on Team Kappa Sig 2 on March 26.


4. Team Delta Chi (Testing Timers) – 3-1

As you can see, there was not much shake-up at the top this Week. All of the Top-5 remained the same, after all of them Won in Week 4.  Team Delta Chi holds tight at #4 as we head into Spring Break following their Win on Sunday against Team Sammy SO. They really controlled the Game and won by 11. Gavin Dyer was the leading point man for them this past week. They will wait a couple of weeks for their Week 5 Game which will be against #5 Evans Scholars.


5. Team Evans Scholars (Madison Taxi) – 3-1

Like the rest of the Top-5, Team Evans Scholars remains right where they were in the previous Power Rankings. They had the second largest margin of victory of the week however and looked really great as we head into Spring Break. Justuss Boice had 20 and Eric Martin went for 15 in the Win over Kappa Sig 2. They now look ahead to a big-time match-up that would normally be the Main Event of the Night.. They take on #4 Delta Chi when we return on March 26.


6. Team Kappa Sig 1 (StudentCity Orange) – 2-2

Team Kappa Sig 1 has now won 2 in a row headed into Spring Break and are looking very strong at .500.  They defeated a good AEPi SO Team and did so by a LARGE margin.. They actually doubled them up and then some 78-34. Chase Casaburo had another big day with 24 points.  Jack Barbera had 16 as well.. As the two of them combined outscored their opponents. They now go into Spring Break and will game plan for a Week 5 battle with the Freshmen of DTD.


7. Team Sammy SO (StudentCity Pink) – 2-2

After winning a couple Games in a row to hop up into the #6 spot a week ago, they fall back a spot to #7 this Week after their Loss to #4 Delta Chi. They hung in there with them but couldn’t get enough buckets late to make a run and over take them.. Ravi Moole had 13 and Jake Bloom scored a dozen points in this one. When we return on March 26 from Spring Break they will take on Rivals #8 Team AEPi SO.. Both Teams will be trying to get up and over .500.


8. Team AEPi SO (cea Study Abroad Gold) – 2-2

They have been one step forward, one step back so far this season.. They didn’t have their best Game on Sunday Night and just ran into a very hot Kappa Sig 1 squad.. Jacob Iden went for 15 to lead them in scoring.  Josh Mehdyzadeh was in double figures as well. They head into Spring Break looking at a Game with Team Sammy SO in Week 5 on Sunday March 26.


9. Team DTD SO (popchips) 2-2

Team DTD SO got a Win over Team ATO on Sunday Night and it got them back to the .500 mark before Spring Break. That will definitely leave them feeling good with the next couple of Sundays off. Ryan Heckaman had 18, Mathew Paligraf scored 17 and Landon Sinnis went for 14 on the night to account for a bulk of their Team’s points. They look to get up and over the .500 mark for the first time all season when we return after Spring Break.


10. Team DTD FR (Black Canyon Bakehouse Black) – 2-2

They faced-off with Undefeated #2 AEPi FR and came up short, just like every Team that has played AEPi FR so far.. Captain Brandon Barthel led them in scoring in Week 4. They are still at .500 even after losing a couple in a row. The Break seemingly comes at a good time for them as they can have some time to just shake-off the past few weeks. When we come back on March 26, they take on the streaking #6 Kappa Sig 1.



11. Team DTD JR/SR (Spikeball) – 1-3

The Defending Champs have had a rough start to the 2017 Hoops season.. If you look at their schedule though to start.. They have lost to #1 Big Cheeze and #3 Sammy SR.. It’s not as if they are playing the bottom of the Standings here.. This crew will be fine.. They have been dealing with some injuries as well and the Break will help them get right. Nick Anthony had 14 and Jack Arends scored 13 on Sunday Night. They will take on the usually tough ZBT squad.


Rest of the Pack (Alphabetical Order)

Team ATO (cea Study Abroad Green) – 1-3

Team ATO took on Team DTD SO in a competitive Game on Sunday Night and they just came up a bit short. Joey Roberts had 27 points to not only lead ATO in scoring on the Night, but he led the League. Captain Jack Klein had 16 as well in this one. These guys are capable of rattling off a few Wins in a row here and getting to .500 before the end of the Regular Season. They will take on Team Theta Chi on March 26 when we return from Spring Break.


Team Kappa Sig 2 (SLA Insurance) – 1-3

Team Kappa Sig 2 took on the strong #5 Evans Scholars squad on Sunday Night and just couldn’t keep up on this night. Evans Scholars is among the League’s best.. Drew Bergwall had 14 and Ryan Haskell was in double figures as well in Week 4. They head into Spring Break awaiting a date with #3 Team Sammy SR in Week 5, which will take place on March 26!


Team Sigma Nu (The Gourmet Cafe) – 0-4

Team Theta Chi (StudentCity Neon) – 0-4

Team ZBT (Biaggi’s) – 1-3


That’s it for Week 4. Please have a safe and happy Spring Break! See you back on March 26!