2017 Bloomington Hoops – Week 6 – Playoff Preview (April 2)

Updated: April 6, 2017

Well we have made it! The Regular Season has been completed and it is time for the second-season to begin! The Playoff Bracket is set. You can view the Bracket here. Over the next few weeks we will Crown the very first Bloomington Hoops League Champs. All eyes will be on #1 The Big Cheeze. Can they complete the perfect season?  They are 3 Wins away from doing so but they will face some stiff competition along the way!  More on that below in the Playoff Preview!

National Grilled Cheese Day is Wednesday April 12 and The Big Cheeze is Celebrating!

Here’s a Link to the Weekly Highlight Video! 

If you are planning on grabbing Lunch before Games (or anytime) with your Teams, be sure to check out the Black Canyon Bakehouse.  No better spot to grab a meal in Bloomington! For the late night crowd – the best food truck on campus is The Big Cheeze! That’s right not only can they ball but they make unbelievable grilled cheese sandwiches for you when you head home after the bars.

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Playoff Preview

The Bracket is set-up where the Top-4 Teams have already qualified for the Round of 8. Essentially get 2 BYES this coming Sunday.  Teams seeded 5-8 get one BYE to the Round of 12. The Teams seeded 9 and below take part in an extra Opening Round on Sunday Night. Many Teams will play twice on Sunday and some could play a 3rd Game depending on the situation.. We will be left with the Final4 by the end of Sunday Night!


Quadrant 1 (Top-Left)

Round of 12: 8. Team Sammy SO (StudentCity Pink) v. 9. Team DTD JR/SR (Spikeball)

Winner plays 1. Team Big Cheeze

Well the 8/9 match-up should be the most even match-up of the Round of 12.. Both Sammy SO and DTD JR/SR enter the Playoffs at 3-3. They didn’t play in the Regular Season so this will be a first time match-up.  Both Teams will likely be frustrated with their draw as they both know that Team Big Cheeze awaits for whoever the Winner will be but they have to get through one another before that even matters. Captain Jordan Krawitz leads his Sammy SO crew into their first All Sports Series Playoff Games together while on the other side Captain Leland Pew will be leading his Team, a group that won the whole thing this past Fall, in what will be their last ride in Bloomington together as a unit. Many Seniors will be leaving IU after this.. Can either Team get on a roll on Sunday Night and slay the beasts? Both Teams have enough to do so.. It only takes one Game to shock the world..


Round of 8 – 1. Team Big Cheeze v. 8/9

Team Big Cheeze will take on the Winner of Sammy SO and DTD JR/SR.. They will be heavy favorites no matter who their opponent is and not just in the Round of 8 but throughout their Playoff run. It’s no secret that they have been running through everyone.. They have to stay focused though. We have seen powerhouses get up-ended in the Playoffs before and tough Teams await them..


Quadrant 2 (Bottom-Left)

Round of 16: 12. Team DTD FR (Black Canyon Bakehouse) v. 13. Team ATO (cea Study Abroad)

Winner plays 5. Team AEPi FR

These two will be paired up for the first time this Season.. ATO is 1-1 against the other two DTD Teams but they didn’t line-up against the Freshmen who are entering their very first All Sports Series Playoffs. Captain Jack Klein is averaging over 15 a Game and leads his ATO crew into this one where they hope to knock off not just one group of Freshmen but a couple, as the AEPi FR await the Winners here. For DTD FR – Ben Feldman has been their leading scorer this Season including a 27-point outburst a couple weeks back. If he can stay hot, they have a good chance of moving on and setting up an-all FR Round of 12 Game.. Whoever faces #5 Team AEPi FR is going to need a TON of stamina, as the Winner of that Game, then goes on to face #4 Team Kappa Sig 1.. That’s right! The Winner here could play in as many as 3 Games this Sunday! Hydrate!



Round of 12: 5. Team AEPi FR (Black Canyon Bakehouse Gray) v. 12/13

Winner plays 4. Team Kappa Sig 1

As mentioned above #5 Team AEPi FR awaits the Winner of DTD FR and ATO. Captain Jeremy Sernick is their leading scorer and will try to utilize his past All Sports Series experience to guide a mostly-Rookie cast through the Playoffs.  These guys started off 4-0 but stumbled down the stretch and fell to the #5 spot. As a result they missed out on the extra BYE that the Top-4 seeds gain and will have to earn their way into the Round of 12. They will be the favorite over whoever they face in the Round of 12 and if they do Win, will be looking at a second Game.. This time agains the streaking #4 Team Kappa Sig 1.. That Game will send the Winner to the Final4 on April 23!


Round of 8: 4. Team Kappa Sig 1 (StudentCity Orange) v. 5/12/13

Team Kappa Sig 1 will not know their opponents until just before Tip.. They will face the Winner of #4 AEPi FR v. DTD FR/ATO.  Whoever their opponent will be, and AEPi FR is certainly the favorite, will come in riding a wave of momentum into this Round of 8 Game. They will need to quell that momentum and then try to drain whatever their opponent has left in the tank as Kappa Sig 1 will surely be the fresher Team in this battle. Chase Casaburo is their leading scorer and they will certainly need a big night from him to advance to the Final4 on April 23!


Quadrant 3 (Top-Right)

Round of 16: 10. Team DTD SO (popchips) v. 15. Team Theta Chi (StudentCity Neon)

Winner plays 7. Team Sammy SR

Team DTD SO and Team Theta Chi will battle it out for the right to get to #7 Team Sammy SR in the Round of 12.  Team Theta Chi came up just shy of a big-time W over DTD JR/SR in Week 6 and that would have greatly improved their seed in the Playoffs but they need to shake that off and just get ready to play on Sunday.  Sammy SR has made a habit of making runs in the Bloomington League Playoffs so whoever the Winner is here has to be ready for an absolute fight. They also have a chance to actually play a 3rd Game on Sunday Night should the Winner go on to defeat #7 Sammy SR, then #2 Delta Chi will be waiting.


Round of 12: 7. Team Sammy SR (Dr. Jacob D.D.S.) v. 10/15

Winner plays 2. Team Delta Chi

Team Sammy SR knows it is go time. They have been very close for a couple of years now and this is their last chance at the Crown before wrapping up their stint in Bloomington.  They will be favorites over both DTD SO and Theta Chi. They can’t take them lightly but Captain Jake Brody and co. are expected to be able to move on from there and into the Round of 8. If they do take care of business, this is where the night should get very interesting. They would go on to meet #2 Delta Chi — a group they just faced this past Sunday and fell by 6 points. Only this time the roles would be reversed, as they would be competing in their 2nd Game of the Night (last Sunday Delta Chi was finishing up their 2nd Game of a Double Header). This one should be interesting.


Round of 8: 2. Team Delta Chi (Testing Timers) v. 7/10/15

Team Delta Chi will start the Playoffs as the #2 seed and an automatic berth in to the Round of 8.  They will take on the Winner of Sammy SR v. DTD SO/Theta Chi. It will be expected that they will get a Rematch with Sammy SR who they just defeated in Week 6. If that Game was any indication, this Round of 8 possibility may just steal the show on Night 1 of the Playoffs! Derek Otto and Adam Swails lead this crew of what many think may be the best chance at defeating Team Big Cheeze. Of course, that couldn’t happen until the Playoffs.. A lot to play out beforehand!


Quadrant 4 (Bottom-Left)

Round of 16: 11. Team Kappa Sig 2 (SLA Insurance) v. 14. Team ZBT (Biaggi’s)

Winner plays 6. Team AEPi SO

This Quadrant seems sort of loaded when looking at the 4 Teams.. First off, Kappa Sig 2 showed that they are dangerous just 2 weeks ago when they knocked off #7 Sammy SR. That had the League’s attention.. Captain Nick Rhoad leads hist Team into their first Playoff appearance. Then their opponents, Team ZBT. Yes, they are the #14 seed. But this is no ordinary 14 seed. This group has made being Cinderella a habit in each of the past two Bloomington League Playoffs. Both in 2015 and 2016 they went from the Opening Round to the Championship Game, pulling off one upset after another. They are extremely comfortable in this position and Senior Captain Jack Lazar knows this group believes in itself. They have what it takes to shock the world again. We’ve seen it too many times to think otherwise.. Waiting for the Winner is the very tough #6 AEPi SO.. and a potential Round of 8 date with #3 Evans Scholars. As we said this quadrant seems loaded!


Round of 12: 6. Team AEPi SO (cea Study Abroad Gold) v. 11/14

Winner plays 3. Team Evans Scholars

Team AEPi SO has to be content with finishing 6th overall in the Regular Season. They had a 4-2 record and a very strong showing overall. Josh Mehdyzadeh, Josh Newlander, Jacob Iden and Niccolai Golshan are averaging double digits right now. They are going to need that depth to not only take on a dangerous Cinderella — whether it is in the form of 11. Kappa Sig 2 or 14. ZBT — and then to muster up enough to take down #3 Evans Scholars in the same night. If a few of those guys get going, they will be crashing the Final4 party come April 23.


Round of 8: 3. Team Evans Scholars (Madison Taxi) v. 6/11/14

Evans Scholars comes into the Playoffs winning 4 of their final 5 Games and with their lone Loss coming at the hands of.. you guessed it.. Big Cheeze. So they are playing as well as anyone in the field and with just 1 Win can be a part of the Final4. Their opponent is surely going to be tough though no matter who makes it through to face them. If they play their best, they should be the ones left standing in a very talented quadrant. We have to mention Justuss Boice who went for 50 this past Sunday. FIFTY points. That is the highest-scoring total of the Season by any player.. Truly remarkable. If he can get even 60% of that these guys should be in really good shape on Sunday.


That’s it for the Playoff Preview. Good Luck to all Teams!