2017 Champaign – Week 2 (Sept. 27)

Updated: October 4, 2017

On Wednesday Night the Champaign League moved outdoors for the first time this Fall as the Co-Ed League ventured to Kickball and the Men’s League had 16″ Softball. On the Co-Ed side we saw the debut of Team Alpha Phi/ZBT this past Wednesday.. The big headliner on the Men’s side from Week 2 was SigEp went down on the diamond. Scroll Down to see what that all means for the Rankings!

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Co-Ed Recap

Team Alpha Phi/ZBT which is once again Captained by Jay Lehrman got on the field for the first time in 2017 and actually had a Double Header to make up for missing Week 1. They first took on Defending Champs Tri-Delt/SAE and they came out on top by a score of 3-2! They would have little time to celebrate however, as Team GPhi/Sammy’s was waiting for them right after for another Game. In Game 2, GPhi/Sammy’s picked up a 1-run W and ascended to the top of the Standings as a result. These 3 Teams will be joined by a new Franchise in Week 3 – Team AOPi/Theta Chi when they return to the Dodgeball court! Good Luck!


Men’s Power Rankings

1. Team SigEp – Currently in 5th 15 points.

So yes, they lost for what seems like in the first time in forever. They took on Team Sammy’s 19-20s in Softball and just couldn’t find a rally before falling 6-2. These are the 3x Defending Champs – they don’t get bumped from the #1 spot after one Loss. It will be interesting to see if they can rebound right away from this? Odds say yes – as they head back to the Hoops court and will play those same Sammy’s 19-20s in an instant Rematch. No need to wait for Revenge! This Rematch is the StudentCity Game of the Week!


2. Team ATO (SLA Insurance Blue) – Currently tied for 1st with 40 points.

They stay at #2 and are tied for first in the Standings before a big week coming up on the Hoops court against #5 Team ZBT!


3. Team Sammy’s 18s (StudentCity) – Currently tied for 1st with 40 points.

Team Sammy’s 18s followed up a strong Week 1 with a really impressive Week 2 on the Softball diamond. They gritted out a 3-2 W over Theta Chi to close out their 2nd W of the Season and keep a share of first place in the Standings. Brett Werner, Ziggy Levin and Daniel Fabian all went 2 for 3 on the night. They now look ahead to a Hoops match-up with SAE 19-21s. Can they make it 3 straight Wins to open 2017?


4. Team Sammy’s 19-20s (Biaggi’s) – Currently tied for 1st with 40 points.

Team Sammy’s 19-20s have burst onto the scene here through a couple weeks and quite frankly they may deserve to be even higher in the Rankings. They are tied in the Standings for 1st place with ATO and Sammy’s 18s – very impressive. More impressive – they defeated Team SigEp in Week 2 in Softball. The same SigEp Team that usually just runs through everyone in their path. The same SigEp squad that are 3x Defending Champs of the League. These guys are the real deal. Ross Agins had a big day at the plate for them. They look to continue their fantastic start in Week 3 Hoops against Team SigEp (yes, again).. Can they make it two weeks in a row? We’ll find out in the StudentCity Game of the Week!


5. Team ZBT (Chipotle) – Currently in 4th with 25 points. 

Earning their first W of the 2017 campaign during Week 2 was Team ZBT. They have done very well in Softball historically so it is no surprise to see them get the W on Wednesday Night against Team AKL. The win launched them into 5th in the Rankings and 4th in the Standings. They go back to the Hoops court in Week 3 where they will get a chance to knock off #2 Team ATO. A win would mean that they tie them in the Standings as well!


6. Team AKL (Spikeball) – Currently tied for 6th with 0 points. 

Team AKL fell to Team ZBT in Softball on Wednesday Night but still did enough to hold down the #6 spot in the Rankings. Austin Kim had a nice day at the dish – going 2 for 3. The leave Week 2 still searching for their first W. Back to Hoops they go in Week 3 and they’ll take on the SAE 18s. Another group that is looking to get their first points on the season. The Winner will surely be Ranked at this time next week.


Rest of the Pack (Alphabetical Order)

Team SAE 18s (The Bucket List) – Currently tied for 6th with 0 points. 

The SAE 18s fell to Sammy’s 19-20s on Wednesday Night in Softball. They haven’t gotten out to the fast start that they hoped for but still plenty of time to make moves. Captain  Peter Melville went 2 for 3 in this one. They look ahead to Week 3, where they take on AKL in Hoops. One Team is guaranteed to leave Week 3 with their first W of the season in that one.


Team SAE 19-21s (CEA Study Abroad) – Currently tied for 6th with 0 points. 

Team Theta Chi (Starr Limo) – Currently tied for 6th with 0 points. 

Team Theta Chi came so close to grabbing their first Win of the Season over #3 Team Sammy’s 18s in Softball. They fell 3-2 in what was a really great Game. They are a talented Team and will look to move into the Rankings here shortly. They’ll play #2 ATO in Hoops during Week 3, and hopefully pull an upset!


That’s it for Week 2! Good Luck in Week 3!