2017 Champaign – Week 3 (Oct. 4)

Updated: October 11, 2017

During Week 3 the Champaign Men’s & Co-Ed Leagues moved back inside for Men’s Hoops and Co-Ed Dodgeball for the 2nd and final time during the Regular Season! We saw some squads pick up their first Wins of the Season and as a result we have some very close Teams in the Standings as we are coming up to the half-way point of the season!

Weekly Highlight Video presented by StudentCity!

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Co-Ed Recap

The Co-Ed League ventured back to Dodgeball for a round-robin style affair on Wednesday Night. We once again saw Defending Champs Team Tri-Delt/SAE pick up some major points, as they finished the night in first place. Winning the most Games by a wide margin. Alpha Phi/ZBT came in 2nd on the night as they fell to Tri-Delt/SAE but they were able to pick up a Win over newcomers AOPi/Theta Chi. They took home 9 points for their efforts. The debuting AOPi/Theta Chi did not go home empty-handed on Wednesday Night as their 3rd place finish still netted them 3 points. These Teams in addition to GPhi/Sammy’s will compete in Volleyball next Wednesday!


Men’s Power Rankings

1. Team SigEp – Currently in 4th 30 points.

Team SigEp got right back up from being knocked down in Week 2 and it must have felt nice for the 3x Champs to get instant Revenge against Sammy’s 19-20s on the Hoops court. They won by 25 in an impressive showing. Ryan Phillips led again, this time with 23 points. Duane Farrington had 14. They along with the rest of the Men’s League will have Volleyball in Week 4!


2. Team ATO (SLA Insurance Blue) – Currently tied for 1st with 55 points.

Woah. What a night for #2 ATO. They put up 103 on Wednesday Night! One Hundred and Three Points! They played against Team ZBT and the final was 103-60. These guys can ball. Both Brent Gasparich and Cris Klos had 31 points. They combined for 62 and again ZBT had just 60. Wow. They look to keep up the momentum in Week 4 with Volleyball!


3. Team Sammy’s 18s (StudentCity) – Currently tied for 1st with 55 points.

Keeping pace with #2 ATO for a tie for 1st in the Standings is Team Sammy’s 18s who just continue to wrack up the Wins week after week and year after year. They defeated the younger SAE crew 78-47 in a really nice game for them. Sean Katz had 24 while Captain Ryan Mass and Ziggy Levin each had 14 in the Win. These guys now move on to Volleyball in Week 4 with the rest of the Men’s Division. Can they stay hot?


4. Team Sammy’s 19-20s (Biaggi’s) – Currently in 3rd with 40 points.

Team Sammy’s 19-20s took one on the chin a bit on Wednesday Night. Not their faults.. They poked the bear, really. In Week 2, they dealt Team SigEp their first head to head Loss in what seemed like years on the Softball Diamond. It was a season-making Win for the younger Sammy’s club. A week later, due to some shifts, they found themselves head to head with the 3x Champs yet again – this time in Hoops – and it just didn’t go so well this time around.. Either way they are still in 3rd in the Standings. Drew Favekeah had 16 in this one to lead their Team. They turn to Volleyball with the rest of the Men’s League in Week 4.


5. Team AKL (Spikeball) – Currently in 6th with 15 points. 

AKL got off the schnide in a big way during Week 3. They picked up a Hoops W over the SAE 18s by almost 20 points, and they can now breathe a sigh of relief. Captain Dana Torres had 23 points and Chris Josephs had 15 to help lead the way. Like we said in Week 1, they are a really good Hoops Team – just went up against an even tougher one in ATO during Week 1. They look to keep the points streak alive this Wednesday with Volleyball!


6. Team ZBT (Chipotle) – Currently in 5th with 25 points. 

Team ZBT fell in Week 3 to a really great Basketball Team in #2 ATO. They just were overmatched and couldn’t get stops, allowing 103 points. John Shleesher went for 23 in his All Sports Series debut. Robby Nardini contributed 16 as well in the Loss. These guys are resilient and bounced back in Week 2 after a Week 1 Hoops Loss, no reason to think they can’t do so again in Week 4. Historically the ZBT Teams have been very good at Volleyball!


Rest of the Pack (Alphabetical Order)

Team SAE 18s (The Bucket List) – Currently tied for 7th with 0 points. 

Team SAE 19-21s (CEA Study Abroad) – Currently tied for 7th with 0 points. 

Taking the two SAE Teams together this week. Both took Hoops Ls on Wednesday Night and both are searching for their first Wins of the 2017 campaign. Tons of time! Kevin Wenzel had 19 in his Game and Brandon Wyeth had 17 in his. These guys have fared well in past Volleyball Weeks over the years and you can expect them to grab their first points of the Regular Seasons in Week 4!


Team Theta Chi (Starr Limo) – Currently tied for 7th with 0 points. 


That’s it for Week 3! Go Cubs!