2017 Champaign – Week 6 (Oct. 25)

Updated: November 1, 2017

Week 6 in Champaign brought us to the gridiron for the first Flag Football week of the Season. We’ll head right back there for the conclusion of the Regular Season as well during Week 7. Wednesday Night was a classic case of the “rich getting richer.” Top Teams in terms of the Standings in both Divisions earned victories and distanced themselves from the pack even further. We’ll break down some Playoff scenarios below!

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Co-Ed Recap

We had two great Co-Ed Games on Wednesday Night in Flag Football. It was likely the most competitive week yet! Current #1 Team GPhi/Sammy’s defeated Defending Champs Tri-Delt/SAE by a score of 28-26 in a Game that truly could have gone either way. Then to close the night, Team Alpha Phi/ZBT earned a W over AOPi/Theta Chi in what was the highest scoring Flag Football Game in Champaign League history.. The final score there was 70-63.  Just craziness. With one week to go in the Regular Season here is what’s at stake.. Momentum. We know what the Playoff Matchups will be in the First Round.. Gphi/Sammy’s have locked up the #1 Seed and will take on #4 AOPi/Theta Chi while Defending Champs Tri-Delt/SAE will go toe to toe with Alpha Phi/ZBT.. We just don’t know who will be seeded #2 and #3 just yet.. Either way, all Teams will want to go into the Playoffs feeling good after a Win. More interesting – those are the matchups to end the Regular Season as well – so we’ll have a ton of familiarity when the Playoffs begin!


Men’s Power Rankings

1. Team Sammy’s 18s (StudentCity) – Currently in 1st with 93 points.

Earning the big Win against Rivals ZBT on Wednesday Night certainly felt good for the #1 Team – Sammy’s 18s. They got scores from Captain Ryan Mass and Andrew Ferdman in this one that helped lock in the W, but their Defense – which allowed just 6 points – was also instrumental here. They are not done with their quest for the #1 seed just yet.. If they can defeat #4 AKL on Wednesday Night then it is all theirs. If they Lose, they could be jumped by both SigEp and ATO.


2. Team SigEp – Currently in 3rd with 77 points.

On Wednesday Night, Team SigEp kept pace with #1 Sammy’s 18s and #3 ATO, who they trail by 16 and 7 points respectively.  They are still a candidate for the #1 seed – not sure if they need it – considering they haven’t dropped a Playoff Game since 2013, but it can’t hurt.. If they Win on Wednesday and then see both Sammy’s 18s and ATO Lose, they are the 1 seed. Win or Lose the worst they can finish is 3rd. Another great year from the 3x Champs.


3. Team ATO (SLA Insurance Blue) – Currently in 2nd with 84 points.

Team ATO still has their eyes on the #1 seed. They throttled #4 AKL by a score of 50-21 during Week 6. Captain Bobby Dunn and Eric Denby each found the endzone three times. Daniel Reinke also scored. This was another impressive showcase for them. If they Win on Wednesday Night – and Sammy’s 18s lose – then they are the #1 seed for the Playoffs. If  they Win, no matter what they’ll finish in the Top-2. If they Lose, SigEp could leap them and they could fall to #3. Big night ahead for ATO to close out the Season.


4. Team AKL (Spikeball) – Currently in 4th with 51 points. 

#4 AKL falls a spot in the Rankings this week following their Week 6 Loss to Team ATO in Flag Football. The score was 50-21. They just couldn’t keep the potent ATO Offense out of the endzone. They need to shake it off quickly though. They have a big Game upcoming with #1 Sammy’s 18s that will allow them to make a statement heading into the Playoffs and play spoilers to Sammy’s #1 seed bid. AKL is looking at either the 4-6 seed range when the Playoffs begin and if they Win. They’ll lock up the #4 seed and avoid playing one of the Top-3 Teams until the semi-finals. Big difference than starting at the #6 seed and beginning their Playoff run against a Top-3 squad!


5. Team SAE 19-21s (CEA Study Abroad) – Currently in 6th with 12 points. 

6. Team ZBT (Chipotle) – Currently in 6th with 31 points. 

ZBT fell to Rivals Sammy’s 18s last Wednesday Night in what was a well-played Game. They have a ton to play for in the final Week of the Regular Season. Right now they sit in 6th which means they’d have to play a Top-3 Team to start the Playoffs. As it currently stands they’d start against 3x Champs SigEp – not where they want to be. However, if they Win on Wednesday Night against Theta Chi and see either Sammy’s 19s or AKL Lose, they can jump into the 4-5 seed range and have a much easier path. Huge Game!


Rest of the Pack (Alphabetical Order)

Team SAE 18s (The Bucket List) – Currently tied for 8th with 0 points. 

Team Sammy’s 19-20s (Biaggi’s) – Currently in 5th with 43 points.

Team Theta Chi (Starr Limo) – Currently in 8th with 9 points. 


That’s it for this week! Good Luck in the Regular Season finale!