2017 Chicago 16″ Softball – Playoff Preview (Aug. 27)

Updated: August 29, 2017

The Regular Season, which started all the way back on May 7, has finally come to an end and the final week provided some major shifts in the Standings right in time for Playoff Seeding. We knew that #1 Team Maione was going to start the post-season Undefeated but they had a big hand in determining the #2 seed.. They defeated Team Rhum in a slugfest to finish a perfect season on Sunday afternoon and in doing so they also sent Team Rhum down to the #4 seed while Defending Champs Team Holzman secured the #2 seed with the Win. We are going to highlight all of the Games from the first Sunday of the Double Elimination Playoffs. Just a reminder, we are off this coming Sunday for Labor Day but will return on Sunday Sept. 10 for the Playoffs!

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Playoff Preview

Opening Round 1:

10. Team Golembo (Schweitzer Title) v. 11. Team Colmery (Biaggi’s Black)

Teams Golembo and Colmery will slug it out in the first of two Opening Rounds to get the Playoffs started on Sunday Sept. 10.  We have seen several double digit seeds make a serious run at the Crown in other All Sports Series Leagues and there’s no reason to think that can’t happen here. It all will start for them in this Game though as only one Team can move on to play #7 Team Loewenstein in Opening Round 2 while the Loser will drop to Elimination Game territory. Team Golembo has a world of talent but have been struggling to get their full Team to the diamond as of late.. Team Colmery just needs a W to flip the script. Should be a fun one!


Opening Round 2:

7. Team Loewenstein (Dr. Jacob D.D.S. Gold) v. Winner 10/11

Team Loewenstein will start their Playoff journey off as the #7 seed and take on whoever survives the first Opening Round Game between Golembo and Colmery. Team Loewenstein is coming into the Playoffs with some momentum and the Win came at the perfect time as they leapt over Teams Shapiro and Holstein to finish the Season (based on tiebreakers). If they Win their first Game they will take on Team Holzman in the beginning of the 2nd Sunday of the Playoffs (on Sept. 17) while a Loss would shift them to Elimination Game territory.


8. Team Shapiro (SLA Insurance) v. 9. Team Holstein (Dr. Jacob D.D.S. Purple)

Teams Shapiro and Holstein are both coming into the Playoffs fresh off of Wins in the last week of the Regular Season. Team Shapiro actually has a 3-Game W-streak going.. Both Clubs will battle it out for the right to play #1 Team Maione later in the day and try to shock the world. Both Teams are also very capable of doing just that. First things first though, they must get through one another.. The Team that wins this is going to be the group that makes the least amount of mistakes in the field. Both Teams can hit. Can’t give away extra outs in this one. Team Holstein won the first battle between these two in the beginning of the Summer. There is usually one stunner to start the Playoff campaign and the Winner of this one grabbing a 2nd Win on the day would certainly check that off the list.


Round 1:

1. Team Maione (Chipotle) v. Winner 8/9

They are a perfect 11-0 coming into the Playoffs and have more than earned the #1 overall seed. If they can win 4-more in a row, they will hoist the Crown.  They can’t look too far ahead though as their road is going to be paved with several tough tests.. Whoever Wins the Shapiro/Holstein Opening Round Game is going to be feeling very confident and possesses enough talent to pull off the upset. If Team Maione just plays their Game though and continues to hit bombs, they should certainly advance.


4. Team Rhum (cea Study Abroad) v. 5. Team Kramer (StudentCity)

Team Rhum and Team Kramer is one of the headliners for Day 1 of the Playoffs. While both groups are surely proud to be in The Bucket List Game of the Week — it also means that one of these top-flight crews are going to take an L to start the Playoffs, which is not something that either group would expect.  Both Groups Lost in the Regular Season Finale and as a result, Team Holzman snagged the #2 seed and Team Kaufman snuck in and grabbed the #3 seed, which left these two Teams – both Championship contenders – squaring off in an epic battle on Sept. 10. Team Rhum won the first encounter between these two all the way back in Week 2.  The Winner will likely take on #1 Team Maione in the next round while the loser will have to go to Elimination Game territory and Win 7 in a row, SEVEN, to earn the Crown. Huge Game Folks.


3. Team Kaufman (Sunset Foods) v. 6. Team Massel (popchips)

Team Kaufman got the W in the final week of the Regular Season and it catapulted them into the #3 seed. Not bad for a Team that started 0-3.  They have gone 7-1 since then, including a Win a couple weeks ago against Team Massel.. Team Massel is coming in off of a Loss to Team Holstein in the final week of the Regular Season but this group was in the Championship a year ago. They know how to survive and advance. They have been waiting a year to get back to the ‘ship and this is finally their shot.  Only one Team can move on though, while the other drops into Elimination Game territory and what will be a very tough road.. Huge Game upcoming for these two title-hopefuls.


2. Team Holzman (Chicago Trolley) v. Winner 7/10/11

Team Holzman is the only Team without a Game on Sunday Sept. 10. They will take on the Winner between #7 Team Loewenstein and whoever wins the 10/11 Game. The Defending Champs will take the extra week and begin their prep to go Back2Back.  They are currently 4 Wins (in a row) away from doing just that!


That’s it for the Playoff Preview. Have a great Labor Day and see you back for the Playoffs on Sept. 10!