2017 Chicago 16″ Softball – Playoff Scenarios (Aug. 20)

Updated: August 22, 2017

Sunday got us one week closer to the Playoffs which will begin on Sunday Sept. 10! We are headed toward the Regular Season Finale this Sunday (Aug. 27) and then we will be off for Labor Day on Sunday Sept. 3.  Then the Double Elimination tourney will begin. Just so everyone is aware.. The Top-2 seeds in the League will earn an extra BYE when the Playoffs begin and Teams seeded 9 and below will have to take part in an extra Opening Round.  So the races for #2 and #8 are vital as we head into the League’s final Sunday! We’ll break down all of the scenarios below.

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Playoff Scenarios


Team Maione (Chipotle) – 10-0

Newsflash… Team Maione can hit and their Offense is what has powered them to a 10-0 start to the Season. They have wrapped up the #1 seed and are playing this weekend just to complete the perfect Regular Season. They could also play spoilers to Team Rhum who are vying for the #2 seed as well. Congrats on the Regular Season title.


Race for #2 (All Tied at 7-3)

Team Holzman (Chicago Trolley)

Team Kramer (StudentCity)

Team Rhum (cea Study Abroad)

All 3 Teams have had great Regular Seasons. All 3 Teams sit at 7-3.  In terms of tiebreakers Team Rhum holds Wins over both Teams Holzman and Kramer.  So, if they Win on Sunday, they are going to finish #2.. The only thing is – they play Undefeated #1 seed Team Maione on Sunday.  So should they lose… Team Holzman holds the tiebreaker over Team Kramer thanks to a W a couple weeks back. Team Holzman plays the 1-9 Team Colmery squad that is going to finish in the #11 spot.. They will be favored and certainly scoreboard watching for the Maione/Rhum Game.. Now, should both Rhum and Holzman Lose, Team Kramer can snag the #2 spot with a big W over a team currently tied for 4th – Team Kaufman. Again, if all 3 Win, Team Rhum earns the #2 spot.. However, if all 3 Lose… it’s still possible that Teams Kaufman and Massel can pull into a tie for 2nd as well.. So continue on to their section.


Technically alive for #2 but Clinched Top-6 (Tied at 6-4)

Team Kaufman (Sunset Foods)

Team Massel (popchips)

As outlined above, the 3 Teams tied at 7-3 (Rhum, Holzman and Kramer in that order) have the inside track at the BYE that is earned with the #2 seed.. However, it is not impossible that all 3 will Lose.. If that happens, it would mean that Team Kaufman would have beaten Team Kramer on Sunday and, thus, gotten to 7-4. Team Massel plays the slumping Team Holstein and will be favored to get to 7-4 as well. There are a TON of tiebreaker scenarios should we get a 4-way or 5-way tie at 7-4. We’d take a combined head to head for all involved parties.. Again, most likely scenario is either Team Rhum upsets Team Maione and clinches #2 or Defending Champs Team Holzman defeat Team Colmery and they are the #2 seeds.. Should that happen, Teams Kaufman and Massel have 2 Games between them and every Team below them in the Standings – meaning each could start no lower than 6th and one of them will be at least the #5 seed for the Playoffs. If both of these Teams wind up alone and tied, Team Kaufman would get the nod, as they defeated Team Massel head to head a couple of weeks ago. So possible finish for them is anywhere from 2-6.


Race for Top-8

Team Holstein (Dr. Jacob D.D.S. Purple) – 4-6

Team Loewenstein (Dr. Jacob D.D.S.) – 4-6

Team Shapiro (SLA Insurance) – 4-6

Team Golembo (Schweitzer Title) – 3-6

While all of these Teams will head into the Playoffs in the bottom half of the Standings, there is still a TON to play for on Sunday.  Two of these 4 Teams will finish 7th and 8th in the Standings and, thus, miss having to play an extra Opening Round Game. You want to put your Playoff lives in jeopardy as least as you possibly can.. The tiebreaker scenario is complicated with this many Teams involved.. This is what we know.. Team Golembo plays a Double Header on Sunday – taking on both Teams Loewenstein and Shapiro. All of those Teams are of course tied with 6 Losses. Team Golembo has played one less Game and, thus, the double dip on Sunday.. Should they sweep that Double Header they are guaranteed a Top-8 bid. Should they lose one of the Games.. The Team that beats them will likely get a Top-8 spot. Team Holstein will take on Team Massel on Sunday.. A win all but locks up a Top-8 seed for them as well, with the other 3 Teams playing each other on Sunday.. Should Team Holstein Lose, it’ll be a complicated multiple Team tie for the 8-seed no matter what.. So lots of scoreboard watching is in store for these 4-Teams and all of them need to bring their A-Game.


Locked In For Opening Round 

Team Colmery (Biaggi’s Black) – 1-9

Team Colmery is going to start in the Opening Round but they can grab some key momentum on Sunday afternoon prior to the Playoffs. Their fate will also be dictated by the Results on Sunday to see who they will need to go through in the early rounds.


That’s it for the Playoff Scenarios! See everyone Sunday!