2017 Chicago Co-Ed “All Sports” Week 1 – (June 12)

Updated: June 16, 2017

All Sports Series has officially begun it’s 8th Summer and our 7th in Chicago. This is the 6th edition of the Chicago Co-Ed League and there are 10 Teams vying for that Championship! Returning are the 2016 Champs – Team Stratton as well as the 2015 Champs Team Wolter. We have another handful of returning Teams hungry for some revenge as well as a few Rookie squads looking to make an impact! More on all of the Teams below!

Quickly, for those Playing in their first All Sports Series League.. Here’s what to expect from the weekly Power Rankings.. Each week we’ll take a statistical look at the Teams and Rank them 1-7 with the UnRanked Teams listed alphabetically.. You can also count on a Link to the Weekly Highlight Video (<– Click right there!)   Also, if you have ever want to find any info on the League.. Go to Sport Summer Leagues > Chicago Co-Ed “All Sports” League.. Everything you’d need from Stats to Schedules to Standings etc. will be found there..

Weekly Highlight Video presented by Dr. Jacob D.D.S.

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Power Rankings

1. Team Stratton (Chicago Trolley) – In 1st with 12 points

The 2016 Champs are wasting no time asserting their dominance in the young 2017 season. Week 1 saw them go 4-0 in volleyball and spring them back to their familiar territory atop the standings. Team Stratton will once again be a force to be reckoned with.. Last year, they broke out to a similar fast start before running away with the #1 seed.. It was one of the more impressive Rookie seasons in All Sports Series’ history!  They were the only Team to win 4 Games on Monday Night in VBall and the driver’s seat is theirs.. They will take on Team Castriano in Week 2 Dodgeball.


2. Team Reef (Fox in a Box) – Tied for 2nd with 9 points

Captain Leor and co. are back this Summer with a new improved and roster! They come in at #2 to start the Summer. After a very impressive Rookie Season, Team Reef stormed the courts en route to a 3-1 night against Team UM Alumni (last season’s runners-up). Watch out for this team going forward, especially now that they have more experiences under their belts. They will take on 2015 Champs Team Wolter in Week 2 Dodgeball.


3. Team UM Alumni (Spikeball) – Tied for 6th with 3 points

Team UM Alumni is back for their 3rd Summer in 2017 and this time they are being Captained by Laura Zeligman. They got so close in 2016.. All the way to the Championship Game before falling to Team Stratton. Team UM Alumni did not get off to the start they were hoping for in 2017. However, a rough 1-3 week in volleyball should not discourage them and that is evidenced by their #3 Ranking to start the season. This team is a dangerous one. They get #4 Team Mortier in Week 2 Dodgeball in what is The Bucket List Game of the Week!


4. Team Mortier (The Bucket List) – Tied for 2nd with 9 points

Team Mortier is back again this Summer and once again led by Captain Emily. She has re-tooled the Roster in the off-season and put together a cast of All Sports Series vets who have one goal in mind – the Crown.  They were able to avenge their Volleyball Playoff Loss a year ago and grab hold of 9 points in the Standings on Monday Night. This is a group that can play with anyone in any sport. They have a big-time Dodgeball match-up looming in Week 2.. They will take on #3 Team UM Alumni, last season’s Runners-Up, in an early season showdown.


5. Team Leiby (Chipotle) – Tied for 4th with 6 points

Captain Topher Leiby has branched off from the Team Wolter franchise to create his own squad for 2017. While many of his group are Rookies, they do have some Championship experience on their crew which is not to be underestimated. They had a very impressive first night against some of their old running-mates Team Wolter.. They won 2-1 and got 6 points in the Standings. This is a group that will only improve as the Summer moves on and they gain more chemistry together. Dodgeball is up next and they will take on #6 Team Gordon in a Rockin’ Refuel primetime match-up!


6. Team Gordon (Sandusky Lee) – Tied for 4th with 6 points

Team Gordon is back again in 2017 and once again Captained by Carly Gordon. She has brought back some of her Teammates from a year ago on the Girls side but they have completely revamped the Guys side of the squad.. All Sports Series vets Frank Maione, Zach Ryan, Brad Marks join the cast looking for their first C0-Ed Crown.  After getting ousted in the first round of the Playoffs in 2016 (by the 2015 champs Team Wolter), Team Gordon showed up to play some quality volleyball, with the revamped roster. They won a few games but also lost a couple on the evening. They wound up tied for 4th in the Standings which is a great start for a squad still getting to know one another. They face Team Leiby in Week 2 Dodgeball.


7. Team Wolter (Rockin’ Refuel) – Tied for 6th with 3 points.

Team Wolter won the 2015 Championship. They stormed through the League that Summer in what was a fantastic Rookie season.  They had somewhat of a Championship hangover last year and just couldn’t regain their Championship form in 2016, as they watched Team Stratton, as Rookies basically repeat their year en route to the 2016 Crown.  Now, with less of a target on their back they return to try and grab their 2nd Crown in 3 Years. A feat that not too many Teams have accomplished. They managed to go 1-2 against former running-mates Team Leiby on Monday Night but still they grabbed some points and that is a good start to the Summer. They will take on #2 Team Reef in Week 2 Dodgeball.


Rest of the Pack (Alphabetical Order)

Team Campbell & Co. (Karyn Collection) – Tied for 9th with 0 points

Team Castriano (SLA Insurance) – Tied for 6th with 3 points

Team Castriano is led by the returning Ali Castriano who played in our Madison Co-Ed League.  She bring with a host of Rookies on her squad in addition to a couple of vets Nick Block and Jordan Greenberg. They are a talented crew but will need a bit of time to get used to everything. What they do have on their side – in each of the past two Summers a Rookie squad has won the Crown.. Can they make it 3 years in a row? They will take on Defending Champs Team Stratton in Week 2 Dodgeball. This will be a great measuring stick Game for them.


Team Freeosk (Dr. Jacob D.D.S.) – Tied for 9th with 0 points

Last but not least (remember this is Alphabetical in this section) is Team Freeosk. All Sports Series vet and past Champ Tara Steinbauer has returned to this Summer with a brand new cast as she looks for her 2nd Crown. This crew has some nice athletes on the roster but will need some time to get the lay of the land. They will be just fine going forward. They will take on Team Campbell and Co. in battle of the “work teams” during Week 2 Dodgeball!


That’s it for Week 1. Going to be a great Summer!