2017 Chicago Co-Ed “All Sports” Week 2 – (June 19)

Updated: June 22, 2017

Week 2 brought the Co-Ed League to the Dodgeball arena. Teams were ducking, diving and whatever else they needed to do to secure points in the Standings. Unlike Volleyball in Week 1, we saw a handful of Teams “max out” at 15 points to start separating themselves from the pack a bit. Next Week the Co-Ed League with venture outdoors for the first time this Summer — everyone will have Flag Football in Week 3! Scroll down for the Week 2 Rankings.

Weekly Highlight Video presented by Dr. Jacob D.D.S.

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Power Rankings

1. Team Stratton (Chicago Trolley) – In 1st with 27 points

Where to start, but obviously with the Defending Champs who claimed 15 points against Team Castriano on Monday Night. This group showed yet again that they are the Team to beat in just about everything. Last Summer, Flag Football was a particularly strong area for them and that is exactly where they will find themselves in Week 3 against Team Campbell & Co.


2. Team Mortier (The Bucket List) – In 2nd with 24 points

Team Mortier springs up to the #2 spot following their big Week 2 in Dodgeball where they defeated former #3 Team UM Alumni by a score of 7 Games to 1. They got the maximum 15 points on the night and it was a nice statement from a Team that is expected to be one of the prime candidates to knock Team Stratton from the mountain. They take on Team Castriano in Flag Football on Monday Night.


3. Team Gordon (Sandusky Lee) – In 3rd with 21 points 

Team Gordon leaps into the #3 spot this Week after an impressive showdown with Team Leiby in Dodgeball. They got 6 Wins on the Night and, thus, received the maximum of 15 points in the Standings. After the big Week 2 they are in sole possession of 3rd place in the Standings and are in striking distance of the top squads still. Team Reef is up next on the gridiron for Team Gordon.



4. Team Wolter (Rockin’ Refuel) – Tied for 4th with 18 points.

Jumping up to #4 following Week 2 is the 2015 Champs – Team Wolter. They had an impressive showing in Dodgeball going head to head with #5 Team Reef and getting the better of that match-up, securing a 5-3 victory. 5 Wins means they got 15 points and managed to tie Team Reef for 4th in the Standings as we exited Week 2. They look to capitalize on this momentum and get a W against Team UM Alumni in Flag Football next week.


5. Team Reef (Fox in a Box) – Tied for 4th with 18 points

Team Reef falls a few spots following Week 2 but still managed to grab 9 points in the Standings. They faced 2015 Champs Team Wolter in Dodgeball and Lost 5-3 in Games, but again it’s one of those weeks where both Teams can earn points and those really help come Playoff seeding time. They get a chance to bounce back and back up the Rankings after next week when they will take on #3 Team Gordon in an important clash of Flag Football.


6. Team Freeosk (Dr. Jacob D.D.S.) – In for 6th with 15 points

Team Freeosk moves into the Rankings for the first time this Summer after an extremely impressive Week 2. They earned more Dodgeball victories than any other Team on Monday Night. They like a few others, maxed out at 15 points but that was enough to get them into a tie for 6th in the Standings and up #6 in the Rankings as well. They look to grab another W in Week 3 Flag Football against Team Leiby.


7. Team Castriano (SLA Insurance) – Tied for 7th with 12 points

Team Castriano grabbed 9 points on Monday Night and while there are no “moral victories” in All Sports Series, they should leave feeling good that they grabbed 9 against the Defending Champs Team Stratton. As we have seen over the past Summers, Team Stratton’s opponents normally get shut-out of points, so this was a really impressive week for them, even if it doesn’t feel that way. It was enough to get them Ranked for the first time this Summer as well. They will take on #2 Team Mortier in what continues to be a tough start to the season.


Rest of the Pack (Alphabetical Order)

Team Campbell & Co. (Karyn Collection) – Tied for 7th with 12 points

Team Campbell & Co. got their true start to the Summer on Monday Night and despite being short-handed still managed to get 12 points in the Standings. Captain Taylor Schmidt is a vet of All Sports Series – branching off from the UM Alumni squad – and they are off to a nice start in their debut season. They take on Defending Champs Team Stratton in what will be a tough Game in Week 3.


Team Leiby (Chipotle) – Tied for 7th with 12 points

Team Leiby took on a feisty Team Gordon squad on Monday Night and managed to take 6 points on the night. They are now tied for 7th in the Standings after getting 6 points in each of the first two weeks of the Season. They take on Team Freeosk in Week 3 Flag Football in what should be a solid Game between two evenly matched Games.


Team UM Alumni (Spikeball) – In 10th with 6 points

Team UM Alumni took on the tough #2 Team Mortier squad in Dodgeball on Monday Night. They snagged 3 points on the night and fell out of the Rankings after a few Teams passed them in the Standings. While the group has some vets they are still mixing in a lot of new faces and it will take some time to really gel. They get Team Wolter in Flag Football next week!


That’s it for Week 2. Have a great weekend!