2017 Chicago Co-Ed “All Sports” Week 4 – (July 10)

Updated: July 13, 2017

The weather got the best of the Co-Ed league this week as two softball games got rained out. Luckily, 3 of the games were inside the very dry Windy City Fieldhouse. Continue reading to see how the action unfolded on the basketball and indoor soccer courts…

Weekly Highlight Video presented by Dr. Jacob D.D.S.

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Power Rankings

1. Team Stratton (Chicago Trolley) – In 2nd with 47 points

The 2016 Champs can beat other teams, but they can’t beat weather. They got rained out in Week 4.


2. Team Mortier (The Bucket List) – In 3rd with 44 points

Team Mortier also got rained out in Week 4. Look for them to come back in Week 5 with a vengeance against Mother Nature.


3. Team UM Alumni (Spikeball) – In 1st with 51 points 

Team UM Alumni is off to a great start this season and is in first place with 51 overall points. They had a big win against Team Castriano scoring 7 goals and holding their opponent to 1 in this weeks soccer match. Jeff Hollingsworth, Michael Dent, and Sydney Schneider all led the team with 2 goals each. Next week they face Team Gordon in Softball.


4. Team Wolter (Rockin’ Refuel) – In 4th with 43 points

Team Wolter is just one point behind Team Mortier for 3rd place in the standings after this week’s victory. They had a huge 9-1 win over Team Campbell in soccer during Week 4. Their Captain Jeff Wolter scored 4 goals to lead them to the W! Next week they look to move up the power rankings ladder with a softball game against Team Freeosk.


5. Team Gordon (Sandusky Lee) – In 5th with 41 points

Team Gordon had a very close basketball game this Monday against Team Freeosk, but fell short in the last couple minutes. They were led by Frank Maione who put up 31 points in the loss. Next week they face Team UM Alumni in Softball.


6. Team Freeosk (Dr. Jacob D.D.S) – In 6th with 35 points. 

Team Freeosk came out victorious in a nail-biter in Monday night hoops. The score was 57-50 against Team Gordon. They were led by the unstoppable Tara Steinbauer who had 19 points. She was lights out from behind the arc all night. Next week they face Team Wolter in Softball.


7. Team Leiby (Chipotle) – In 7th with 32 points 

Team Leiby got rained out this week. They look to make a splash in the standings (pun intended) next week in Hoops.


Rest of the Pack (Alphabetical Order)

Team Campbell & Co. (Karyn Collection) – Tied for 9th with 12 points

Team Campbell & Co. is off to a slow start this season. They had a tough loss to Team Wolter in their Week 4 soccer match. Despite the loss, Gus Spellman put up an impressive goal during the game. Next week they face Team Reef in Volleyball.


Team Castriano (SLA Insurance) – Tied for 9th with 12 points

Team Castriano is also off to a slow start this season and is tied with Team Campbell & Co. in last place. They suffered a rough loss to the first place Team UM Alumni in soccer during Week 4, but their Team Captain, Ali Castriano, scored a great goal. Next week they hope to improve their record against Team Leiby in Volleyball.


Team Reef (Fox in a Box) – In 8th with 18 points
Rained out this week. Volleyball is up next for them.

That’s it for Week 4. Hoping for clear skies all of next week.

-Holden and Jonah