2017 Chicago Co-Ed Volleyball – Playoffs Week 1 (April 9)

Updated: April 14, 2017

Over the course of the Regular Season we had a few Teams really separate themselves from the pack.. On Sunday afternoon we began the Playoffs.. Some Brackets were busted fairly early on!  We had a host of upsets.. That is why we play the Games folks! More on that below!

Scheduling Note: We are off on Sunday April 16 for the Holiday and will return on Sunday April 23 for Week 2 of the Playoffs!

Here’s the Link to the Weekly Highlight Video! 

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Playoff Review

4. Team Kotvis v. 5. Team Berzon — Winner plays 1. Team Dorfman

#4 Team Kotvis and #5 Team Berzon took part in both of their first All Sports Series Co-Ed Volleyball Matches this past week.. At full strength, it seemed that Team Kotvis was the popular dark-horse pick to really make some moves and go all the way starting from the #4 spot. While that is certainly still possible, Team Berzon had other ideas.. They took Game 1 25-8 and then followed up with the momentum in hand for a 2-Game Win over Team Kotvis. #5 Team Berzon had grabbed some momentum in the final Week of the Regular Season against Team Wolter and it seemed that really flipped the switch for them.. With the Loss, Team Kotvis heads to Elimination Territory on Sunday April 23 will they will need to Win two straight Matches to stay alive for Championship Sunday.. The first will come against #6 Team Wolter.

As for #5 Team Berzon, they had little time to celebrate the huge Playoff W as they were staring directly at their next opponents.. In the form of #1 Team Dorfman.  Momentum is truly a crazy thing. Team Dorfman was 5-1 during the Regular Season. Their only Loss coming in a 3-Game marathon with #2 Team Bohrer. Most would have pegged them to roll along in this one but #5 Team Berzon had been playing their best would continue to do so.. Team Berzon won Game 1 25-22. In Game 2, it was much of the same and for the first time all season #1 Team Dorfman fell in two-straight, losing 2-0.. #1 Team Dorfman now finds themselves in Elimination territory where they will take on #3 Team Massel and will have to win that Match plus another, to make it to Championship Sunday.  With their second win in as many hours, #5 Team Berzon locked up a spot in Championship Sunday. They will take on #2 Team Bohrer on Sunday April 23. If they win, they are in the Championship.. If they Lose, they head to the Semi-Final against whoever makes it through all the Elimination Games on April 23.. What a ride for them!


3. Team Massel v. 6. Team Wolter — Winner plays 2. Team Bohrer

Surely with all of the craziness described above, that would be all for the day, right?  #3 Team Massel had been really stellar all season long and #6 Team Wolter was still searching for their first W all season.. Team Massel went on to Win the first Game, it was close, but a Win is a Win.. 27-25.. Team Wolter led by Veteran Captain Jeff Wolter would not quit though. They weren’t just going to roll over.. They fought back and grabbed a 25-18 W in Game 2.. Setting up a do or die Game 3 with the Winner moving on to #2 Team Bohrer.. This Game may have been the best single Game played this season.. The score ended up 30-28.. In favor of.. #6 Team Wolter!! What a time for them to earn their first W of the Season!  Team Massel now faces an uphill battle. They will take on #1 Team Dorfman in an Elimination Game and then will have to Win another one, even if they do get past the top seed, just to make it to Championship Sunday.. As for Team Wolter.. #2 Team Bohrer was waiting.

To say Team Wolter was gassed after that 3-Game marathon, would be an understatement. That was both a physically and mentally grueling Playoff battle.. #2 Team Bohrer was not sympathetic and they won a well-played Game 1, 25-20, before closing the door shut in Game 2.  So, #2 Team Bohrer moves on and will face #5 Team Berzon to earn a spot in the Championship Game. Either way, they are a lock for Championship Sunday. #6 Team Wolter will take on #4 Team Kotvis in an Elimination Game and if they can get by them, will take on the Winners of 1. Dorfman v. 3. Massel.. One of those 4 Teams will join Teams Bohrer and Berzon on Championship Sunday!


That’s it for this week. What a great Opening day of the Playoffs we had. Enjoy the week off and see everyone back on April 23!