2017 Chicago Co-Ed Volleyball – Playoffs Week 2 (April 23)

Updated: April 27, 2017

Sunday was a huge day for the Co-Ed Volleyball League.. We saw Teams get knocked out for the first time and we also saw 2. Team Bohrer punch their ticket to the Championship Match/es! We’ll recap everything from last Sunday below!

Here’s the Link to the Weekly Highlight Video! 


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Playoff Review

2. Team Bohrer v. 5. Team Berzon

This one was really important.. The Winners head to the Championship (and need just one more Win for the Crown) while the Losers will have to Win 3 in a row on Championship Sunday to win the whole thing. Team Berzon shocked the League in the first weekend of the Playoffs by Winning two-straight over higher-seeds. Could they keep the momentum alive? Game 1 was close but Team Bohrer was able to squeeze out the Win.. In Game 2, they had the momentum and propelled themselves to a 2-0 victory over Team Berzon to cruise in to the Championship! Will Team Berzon get their chance for redemption on Sunday?



4. Team Kotvis v. 6. Team Wolter

Team Wolter had been playing better down the stretch and Team Kotvis had the talent to win the whole thing at full-strength.. Only one Team could continue their season!  Team Wolter took Game 1 25-17 and then went on to Win Game 2 as well to pick up another Playoff W! They would move on to another Elimination Match later in the day against #1 Team Dorfman.

For Team Kotvis, they were very short-handed on the final day. They have enough to win a League someday, just need the full roster to in tact to do it. Thanks for playing!!


1. Team Dorfman v. 3. Team Massel

This one had the makings of being a very special match. Championship Rematch from a year ago.. Only one Team’s season could continue on.. The Winners would face #6 Team Wolter later in the day.  Both Teams were also coming off what they would consider surprising Losses to open the Playoffs a couple weeks ago.. Team Dorfman were the aggressors early and won the first Game 25-15. Team Massel was unable to turn it around and Team Dorfman would Win Game 2 by the same score.. They’d move on to face Team Wolter right away..

For Team Massel, they had a very good season. Finishing in 3rd in the Regular Season was no joke. They ran into some injuries late in the season and that really did them in. Hopefully they can continue to play together and we’ll see them next Spring! Thanks for playing!


1. Team Dorfman v. 6. Team Wolter

Both Teams had to Win their way into their second Game of the day and now the Winner here would move on to Championship Sunday where they will face #5 Team Berzon in the Semi-Final. The Loser sees their Season end..

Team Dorfman wasted little time grabbing the lead in Game 1.. They would end it quickly. For the third straight Game they won by a score of 25-15. They were really locked in and went on to sweep the set 2-0 and move on to Championship Sunday for the second straight season! They’ll need 3 straight Wins on the final Sunday of the Season to Win the Championship but if anyone can do it, it is them!

For Team Wolter, they came into the Playoffs as Underdogs but delivered 2 big Wins during the second-season. They finished in 4th place.. Not bad as they started out in 6th. Much of this roster will now turn their attention to the “All Sports” Co-Ed League this Summer where they won the Championship back in 2015. Can they make it 2 out of 3? Always great to have them in the League. Thanks for playing!