2017 Chicago Co-Ed Volleyball Week 2 – (March 5)

Updated: March 9, 2017

 We were back at it on Sunday for Week 2 of the Chicago Co-Ed Volleyball League. When all was said and done, we were left with two Undefeated Teams.. Team Dorfman and Team Bohrer and as fate would have it.. They will face-off in a huge Week 3 showdown in what will be the StudentCity Game of the Week!  Only one squad will get to 3-0.

Here’s the Link to the Weekly Highlight Video! 

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Power Rankings

1. Team Dorfman – 2-0

Team Dorfman got their second straight 2-0 victory on Sunday afternoon when they took down Team Berzon. They were without Captain Daniel but the rest of the Players including Brother David picked up the slack. They also saw the debut of past-All Sports Series Captain Allison Mazurek who is going to add a lot to their squad this season as they try to get back to the Championship Game.. As was stated at the top.. They take on #2 Team Bohrer in a clash for 3-0.


2. Team Borher – 2-0

Team Bohrer also got to 2-0 on Sunday afternoon as they are neck and neck with Team Dorfman, who they will take on in Week 3! This past Sunday they got a very impressive W over past Champion Landon Massel and co. They actually dropped the first Game of the day and then came back to Win the second and deciding 3rd Games to get that key victory. Team Bohrer has been extremely impressive out of the gates!


3. Team Massel – 1-1

Dropping down a couple of spots this week is Team Massel. They won the first Game of their match against #2 Team Bohrer but couldn’t close out the Win in either of the final two Games to one in the Win column. They are going to have a couple bumps as many of them are learning to play with each other still. Their talent is undeniable though and if they get a Win against #4 Team Kotvis they’ll hop back up to the #2 spot, jumping whoever Loses the Dorfman/Bohrer battle.


4. Team Kotvis – 1-1

Team Kotvis got their first Win of the Season as they saw the debut of many Players in Week 2, including Captain Louis Kotvis, Jake Lorber and Aaron Zucker. They form a very formidable front-line and showed that their squad is going to be a major factor this Spring. They lost their first Game 24-26, but battled back to return the favor and Won Game 2 26-24. They rode that momentum to a decisive Game 3 W.  They will take on #3 Team Massel on Sunday afternoon.


Rest of the Pack (Alphabetical Order)

Team Berzon – 0-2

Team Berzon battled with Team Dorfman on Sunday afternoon. While they couldn’t pick up a Win they can look at their schedule and know that the hardest part of it is behind them.. They started against #1 and #2.. Not an easy thing to do.. They will move on to play Team Wolter on Sunday afternoon where one Team is guaranteed their first Win in the Standings.


Team Wolter – 0-2

Team Wolter suffered a tough Loss on Sunday afternoon to Team Kotvis. They won Game 1 26-24 and then dropped Game 2 by the same score.. They couldn’t come up with the W in Game 3 and, thus, fell to 0-2. This Team has as many past Champions on it as any Team in the Volleyball League and an 0-2 start is not going to shake them. They look to get back in the Win column against Team Berzon in Week 3!


That’s it for Week 2. Good Luck in Week 3!